Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Or Retirement For Nick Diaz


The AARP must be tired of hearing from Nick Diaz. Diaz has retired and un-retired more in the last 2 years than Terry Funk has in a decade. According to the latest report Diaz is indeed retired, unless of course the UFC offers him their two biggest guns.

[adinserter block=”1″]Diaz announcing his retirement is not a new thing. Diaz has been using this retirement chip to get what he wants going back to when he retired in Strikeforce to become a boxer only to sign with the UFC for a fight with Georges St-Pierre. Diaz is playing this hand again and like last time, will come out of “retirement” for a fight with GSP or Anderson Silva.

MMA journalist Ariel Helwani broke the news on UFC Tonight. Helwani talked directly to Diaz’s attorney Jonathon Tweedale who told Helwani that his client is retired but maybe not for the right price.

Right now Nick is retired, unless he gets rematch with Georges St-Pierre or the big Anderson Silva fight. Apparently if he doesn’t get those, he’s going to remain retired.

What makes this a bit different from Diaz’s other retirements is that a) he is going public with his demands and b) they aren’t coming from Diaz. Quite frankly it is almost an identical play off of the WWE angle where Paul Heyman announced Brock Lesnar was retiring but would come back for a match with Triple H.

I am a Diaz fan, always have been, but I have to admit that he lost me after the GSP fight. He talked a lot of trash for the last several years about what he would do and how he would do it to St-Pierre. I paid my $60 and I watched a guy come into this fight uninspired and dominated for a great deal of the fight. It is one thing to go down fighting. It is another thing to go down uninspired. I won’t get fooled again.

Unfortunately Diaz’s demands come at a time where I think the majority of the MMA world feels as I do. When Diaz teased his retirement before, we all wanted to see the GSP fight and begged the UFC to make the fight. I don’t know about you but I have zero interest in a rematch here. There was nothing to this fight that left me wanting to see more. I am not saying it was a bad fight. I am just saying it was a decisive fight, Nick had his shot, and it’s time to go earn another one.

This is also coming from a guy that openly mocked the idea that he may not even pass the drug tests coming out of the fight with GSP. That was another deal that lost me. I will root for Diaz in the octagon and I think he did have a bit of a case with his first suspension. But when you tell me two days before the biggest fight of your life that you aren’t even sure you’ll pass the drug tests, well I no longer have your back as a fan.

Diaz received what will be by far his biggest payday ever as a fighter for his last fight. For a guy that has done nothing but complain about money for the last three years, I don’t know why he would walk away during his prime earning time as a fighter. Those windows don’t last long if you don’t win and he is now 0-2 in his last two fights. I won’t even get into the idea that the guy may or may not owe a boatload of money on back taxes.

[adinserter block=”2″]Timing is also everything here. UFC fans don’t want to see GSP or Silva fight Diaz in the immediate future. Both fighters have bigger opportunities and fans are licking their chops at either a mega fight between the two, Silva vs. Jon Jones, and even Johny Hendricks vs. GSP. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to see Diaz vs. GSP or Silva jump to the front of that line. In other words unlike last time, the UFC will have zero public pressure to acquiesce to Diaz’s demands.

Is Diaz serious? I don’t think so. All the guy has ever done is fight. I don’t see him walking away from a loss and calling it a career. I think this is a Hail Mary that he has little to no shot at completing.

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