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Nick Cave Confirms Eldest Son Jethro Lazenby’s Death

Australian singer and songwriter Nicholas Cave, popularly referred to as Nick Cave has come up with shocking news. The Wings of Desire actor has revealed that his son has died at the young age of 31. Nick’s son Jethro Lazenby was born in Melbourne in 1991 and was a model by profession. He was also a photographer.

The shocking revelation by Nick comes exactly a day after his son Jethro was released from prison. Just yesterday, Jethro was released from prison as he was in police custody for a considerable period. Jethro was arrested instead in an assault case.

Surprisingly, Jethro was alleged to have assaulted his mother, and not only that, he hurt her physically too. Above everything, he left her bleeding with a lot of bruises on her. Subsequently, an FIR was registered against Jethro and he was arrested.

The news broke in when Nick revealed the same in an interview. “With great regret, I can report that my son, Jethro, has died away,” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds vocalist stated in a statement on Tuesday. At this time, we would want family privacy,” Cave wrote. The body of Jethro was found in Melbourne only in a hotel.

However, the cause of death behind the unfortunate death of Jethro is still unclear. Further, it has been confirmed by the department that no brutality was inflicted on him concerning his custody. This is not the first time Nick has lost a son. In 2015 too, Nick one of the twin sons died in an accident.

His son fell from a cliff at the age of 15 when he had also taken the psychedelic drug LSD. Jethro was the eldest of the four sons, Nick has admitted to committing criminal assault and violating court restrictions. According to the newspaper, he was released from a detention facility on Thursday under severe bail restrictions.

He was sentenced to two years of substance abuse treatment and no contact with his mother by a magistrate. He was scheduled to be sentenced for the attack and stealing from a convenience store in June. In 2018, Lazenby was sentenced to prison for abusing a girlfriend.

Last month, his lawyer informed a magistrate that his client had long been diagnosed with schizophrenia. In 2012, Lazenby told the London Evening Standard that he first met his famous father when he was 7 or 8. In 2008, Cave told the British newspaper The Guardian that he would always regret his lack of touch with his son as a child.

“However, I now have a wonderful relationship with him,” Cave explained. “It was challenging at the moment, but it all worked out in the end.” Luke Cave, Lazenby’s younger half-brother, was likewise born in 1991 and survives him.

The musician’s second kid was born in Brazil to his then-wife Viviane Carneiro, a Brazilian fashion designer, and journalist, only days after his first. Arthur’s twin, half-brother Earl Cave, also survives Lazenby. In the year 2000, the twins were born.



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