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Ex-NHL Enforcer Donald Brashear To Make MMA Debut

Donald Brashear to fight in MMAWhere do former NHL goons go after they drop their last pair of gloves? Well to MMA of course. Former NHL enforcer Donald Brashear is going to give it a go in the MMA world. One of the greatest enforcers in NHL history will make his MMA debut on June 4 at Ringside MMA 11.

You knew it was coming didn’t you? With all of the former NFL players jumping into the MMA ring, ex-hockey players in MMA sounds like a natural fit doesn’t it? Unless I am missing someone, Brashear will be the most well known ex-NHL player to fight in MMA. Man, if only Marty McSorley were 10 years younger. reports that Brashear has not gotten his license yet to compete in MMA. According to the story, Brashear still needs to pass a medical exam. It is expected that all should be fine and Brashear will be ready to go.

[adinserter block=”2″]Brashear will take the Bobby Lashley road to glory in MMA and fight a relative journeyman fighter. The big difference is that this is Brashear’s debut whereas Lashley is still fighting these guys a couple of years into his career. Brashear will fight Martin Trempe on June 4 in Quebec City in a heavyweight fight. Trempe is 0-2, quitting between rounds in one fight and losing via TKO in another.

Brashear stands 6-foot-3 and weighs in at about 237. Brashear last played in the NHL during the 2009-2010 season with the New York Rangers. Brashear is regarded as one of the nastiest enforcers of his era, once named “Enforcer of the Decade” by The Hockey News in 2010. The article noted that while Brashear didn’t lead the NHL in number of fights, he would have been involved in more if he wasn’t so feared. Yes, this guy is made for MMA!

Brashear does have some experience in combat sports. Like NFL player Tom Zbikowski who picked up boxing during the NFL lockout, Brashear dabbled in boxing during an NHL lockout. Brashear trained under former heavyweight boxing champion the legendary Joe Frazier and competed in amateur boxing fights. Brashear went 2-1 in his short boxing career.

Ringside MMA told MMA Fighting that they have signed a one year contract with Brashear. According to the article, Brashear and Ringside MMA can part ways at any time after his first fight.

[adinserter block=”1″]Donald Brashear earned a total of 2,634 penalty minutes in 1,025 NHL games from 1993-2010. Brashear was often regarded as one of the toughest and most feared players in the NHL throughout his career.

I think this is a pretty big deal, although the timing couldn’t be worse. I think Ringside MMA and Brashear would have gotten a lot more mileage out of this if they waited until after the Stanley Cup playoffs to make the announcement.

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