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Inside The Wheelhouse: NFL Week 12 Thoughts

The Atlanta Falcons are the team to beat in the NFCLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out to me in from Week 12 in the National Football League!

– Really enjoyed the Thanksgiving games this week and was lucky enough to watch all three of the games on Thanksgiving. For the most part all the games were entertaining with the Saints-Cowboys winning my pick for the game of the day on Thanksgiving. Lions/Patriots was poised to appear to be the game of the day from the get go until Detroit forgot there was a 4th quarter in Football.

I still believe that the NFL should disband the tradition of Detroit and Dallas having games on Thanksgiving in favor of potential Super Bowl or AFC/NFC Championship games. Give the fans a game in which all Football fans can enjoy rather then having background noise in their house or watching Football just because. Thanksgiving games should be the biggest games on the NFL calendar in the regular season in my opinion, so treat it as such.

– Speaking of the Thanksgiving games, thanks to their victories on Thursday it looks like the New England Patriots/New York Jets this coming week could be the biggest game of the season so far in the NFL. Both teams are looking at not only the AFC East lead, but the title of the best team in the AFC as we draw closer to the playoffs. Many people feel that New England is the superior team still with the Jets getting lucky on most of their wins. It will be a very fun game to watch for all Football fans alike in Week 13.

[adinserter block=”2″]- The Atlanta Falcons have officially become the team to beat in the NFC thanks to a great game against the Green Bay Packers in Week 12. The game lived up to what people thought it would be with the game being decided in the final seconds of regulation. The win puts the Falcons in the driver seat for NFC home field advantage in the playoffs barring any late season injuries and losses. Atlanta is shows the potential that many people thought they would have done last season.

The loss for Green Bay puts them in a bad spot as they fall behind the Chicago Bears in the NFC North and on the outside looking in for the playoffs. Green Bay at this point will be fighting for a Wild Card position still with a tough schedule ahead where they play Chicago again, as well as the New England Patriots. Despite the injuries this season Green Bay has still been competitive and is still a contender in the NFC.

– How about the Andre Johnson/Cortland Finnegan fight from the past Sunday? It was out of character for Andre Johnson to throw a punch or blow his lid during a game but man did he lay in a couple good shots to Finnegan. The fight clearly shows the frustrations both teams are having this season as both were primed to be playoff contenders this season only to watch their seasons collapse throughout the year.

The Texans were one of my picks to be a surprise playoff team this season and win at least 10 games this year. It clearly looks like now that is an outside chance of happening and Houston will probably be looking at a head coaching change at the end of the regular season. Talented team that isn’t playing like the talented squad many people thought they would be.

As for the Titans there season continues to go down the tubes due to more off the field troubles. Ever since Randy Moss came to the Titans the team hasn’t done anything to showcase the explosive offense we all thought they were going to be. The Titans went from AFC Championship Contender to not even a pretender at this point. I foresee this team continuing to collapse as the season continues to roll on.

– Phillip Rivers is my pick for the NFL MVP right now and I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on why he shouldn’t be. He is on pace to make a run at over 5000 yards passing in a season and has literally put the San Diego Chargers on his back. This is his team now with L.T. and Shawne Merriman out of San Diego.

Many skeptics believed this would be a down year for the Chargers as they rebuild their franchise without key players’ part of the equation anymore. They appeared to be heading that way at the start of the season but once again the 2nd half push the Chargers are doing is amazing. They play in a weak AFC West division and look to be the team to keep an eye on as the season draws to a close. If the Chargers make the playoffs there is no doubt Phillip Rivers wins the NFL MVP award.

[adinserter block=”1″]- What has happened to the Indianapolis Colts this season? They appear to be looking like what happened to the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball this season with all the injuries slowing down their regular season progression. Peyton Manning is typically Superman in a Colts jersey but it looks like even Superman can’t get this 6-5 team out of the hole it’s in right now. While there is plenty of season still left to be played the Colts bad loss on Sunday night doesn’t look to make them appear like playoff contenders.

– Which Baltimore Ravens team are we going to get this season? They continue to win but not in decisive fashion at all. I believe right now this is a team that can be under the radar for the regular season but then surprise us come the playoffs similar to the 2007 New York Giants. Defense wins championships and we know they have the defense to do it.

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