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Inside The Wheelhouse: NFL Week 10 Thoughts

Todd Haley and Josh McDaniel did not see eye to eyeWeek 10 in the NFL is in the books and what a week it truly was. If you’re like me and like to pick the winners of each game in the NFL then you did not have a good week because it was such an unpredictable week of Football. Let’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out to me in Week 10 in the 2010-2011 NFL regular season!

– You can’t start discussing Week 10 in the NFL without discussing the performance of Michael Vick on Monday Night. Yes I am in the same group of people that detest everything that he did a couple of years ago that earned him a jail sentence. Yes I am part of the group of people that believes he should have never been allowed back into the NFL. Yes I also believe in 2nd chances in life. But I am a sports fan as well and he had an amazing Football performance this past Monday night.

To be responsible for six touchdowns is pretty good. It’s probably the best single game performance from any player so far this season. If Michael Vick wants to continue to win over people he needs his play on the field to match the one off the field. He still has a lot of character building to be done but if you’re a fan of redemption like story then you were happy for Michael Vick on Monday night.

[adinserter block=”2″]- So that’s the Dallas Cowboys everyone was talking about during the preseason! It took the Dallas Cowboys a total of ten weeks and one coaching change to actually wake up in the 2010-2011 NFL regular season to show us what they were made of. Remember that according to Vegas betting odds this Dallas Cowboys team was supposed to be the NFC favorite to be the conference’s representation in this year’s Super Bowl, thank god I don’t listen to the Vegas odds.

Jason Garrett’s debut game as head coach of the Cowboys looked good and promising. Maybe that’s what the team need the whole time, a little fire to get under them and carry them to a victory. Obviously the Cowboys will be under a microscope for the rest of the season now with Garrett in as head coach.

– I will say it time and time again. If you read my NFL blogs last year on Camelclutchblog.com then you know that I was a year behind in my prediction. But it looks like in Week 10, not only are the best team in the NFC, but they may be the best team in the NFL this year. Yes, I am talking about none other then the Atlanta Falcons.

“The Dirty Birds of the South” are coming off of a great primetime win over another Super Bowl contending team and a preseason favorite to be an AFC representation in the Baltimore Ravens. The Atlanta Falcons had many question marks going into this game, people didn’t know how their offense would match the Ravens defense, and people didn’t know if their defense could run with the Ravens D & hold the Ravens powerful offense. Well Atlanta did, and they proved that at this point in the season, they are in fact the team to beat in the entire NFL right now.

– While the Falcons are the best team in the NFC, I think it’s safe to say we all know who the best team in the AFC is right now. After a great Sunday Night victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, in Pittsburgh, it is without a doubt the New England Patriots. They came off of a horrible Week 9 loss that had me and many other wondering if this team was for real or not and they came out in Week 10 to prove all of us wrong.

Tom Brady was fired up, probably the most fired up we have seen him all this season and he helped carry the Patriots to a convincing victory on the road against a very tough AFC opponent. This part of the Patriots schedule was going to be their true test and so far they are holding up very well. Should it continue they will overtake the Falcons as the best team in the NFL this year for sure!

– Just like in Week 9, the New York Jets are the luckiest football team in the NFL. We could have been looking at a team that lost two straight games against the Lions and Browns but instead we have a team that beat the both of them in overtime in back-to-back weeks. What is it with these New York Jets?

Is god on their side? Is he all of a sudden a Jets fan? Whatever the case may be the Jets is the luckiest team by far to be where they are at this point in the season. Obviously they are looking more like a pretender then the contender we thought they were in the start of the season. They need to bear down and show us from here on out if they are the Super Bowl favorites everyone earmarked them to be at the start of the year.

– The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made me a believer in their 2010-2011 run this season. They are a team that will most likely make the playoffs in a weak division and possibly play spoiler throughout the playoffs. Nobody believes in this team except themselves. I feel like they could be the San Francisco Giants of Football as we speak. Watch out for the Bucs.

– Let’s face it. Todd Haley should have shaken Josh McDaniels hand after the Chiefs/Broncos game this past Sunday. Did the Broncos run up the score? Yes. Could your team have stopped them if it bothered you so much? Yes. If you don’t like it Haley do something about it, this is the NFL, not pee wee football.

[adinserter block=”1″]- I don’t understand the Donovan McNabb contract extension like most people. I have been a McNabb supporter since he’s been in the NFL because I never understood why Philly hated a quarterback that helped raise their franchise out of the ashes. Despite my enjoyment of him as a player, I believe it’s a bonehead move for Washington to invest the next 5 years and $40 Million dollars of it being guaranteed, to a 34 year old quarterback. This is a team that should be looking/developing a QB of the future.

– I’m predicting Brad Childress to be fired after Week 11 when the Packers beat the Vikings. That is all I’m saying about this story.

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