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Inside The Wheelhouse: NFL Week 11 Thoughts

Minnesota is on Brad Childress or Chilly WatchLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out to me in from NFL Week 11 in the National Football League!

In last week’s blog I said the following:

“- I’m predicting Brad Childress to be fired after Week 11 when the Packers beat the Vikings. That is all I’m saying about this story.”

[adinserter block=”2″]- In Week 11 Brad Childress is finally fired from the Minnesota Vikings after a crushing defeat from the Green Bay Packers that saw them lose 31-3. The firing puts Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frasier in as the Interim Coach of the Minnesota Vikings. One of the worst coaches in the NFL is finally gone and he can thank the 3-7 play of the Vikings for his pink slip. Talk about a titanic ship of a franchise. From penthouse to outhouse in one year’s time!

– I’m predicting Brett Favre will remain as Quarterback for the rest of the season for the Minnesota Vikings. Why? Because Tarvaris Jackson’s time in Minnesota left once Brad Childress was fired. Only one person believed in Jackson and he is now fired. Hopefully Jackson bounces back and finds a home in 2011, if the NFL plays.

I expect the Vikings to use their First Round pick on a Quarterback in the 2011 NFL Draft, most likely the quickly falling Jake Locker of the University of Washington. Locker has had a tough season coming back to the Huskies and would have been the #2 QB overall behind Sam Bradford had he entered last season. He held onto another college season thinking he’d get #1 draft pick money. A terrible season and Andrew Luck becoming the best QB in college later made for a mistake in Locker’s money career.

– I feel like a broken record when I say the New York Jets are a lucky team. For the 3rd week in a row they did it again in the final seconds of a game. The Jets are the worst 8-2 team in the league, but luck may be on their side.

– Oh how the mighty have fallen and the ashes have risen all in one week.

The New York Football Giants went from being the potential best team in the NFC two weeks ago to falling out of the playoff picture in Week 11. Two tough losses against a revived Dallas Cowboys team and red hot Philadelphia Eagles team do not bode well for the long run of the G-Men. Are we seeing the same record playing twice in a row after the Giants started hot last season and went ice cold to end the year?

While on the other side of the coin the Philadelphia Eagles are emerging as a solid NFC contender lead by of all people, Michael Vick. While I believe the MVP chatter about Michael Vick is a little to premature right now, I do have to admit that the guy has made that team much stronger then if Kevin Kolb was at center. That intangible is a definite characteristic of MVP material.

– Speaking of Vick I’m tired of the “redemption song” angle the media is trying to grasp at. What he did was incredibly wrong and he isn’t redeeming himself just yet. While the player makes people happy, the person has a long way to go to win my vote as someone who has redeemed himself.

– The San Diego Chargers are making another late season push towards the playoffs and becoming my favorite to win the AFC West. While people mention Michael Vick as a potential MVP candidate for what he has done in Philly, the same could be said for Phillip Rivers. He has literally taken that team on his back and is making a push to put San Diego back into the playoffs. Should get very interesting as we get closer to the end of the season!

– Sad to see the Tennessee Titans get bit by the “drama bug” that has struck the Vikings, Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys this season. It appears Vince Young’s season is over and possibly is career as a Titan as well. After a reported huge blow up in the locker room with Head Coach Jeff Fisher and walking out on the team, his time in Tennessee could be over.

While we see Vick try to regain his Football career, we see Young lose it. Amazing how much these two players careers have paralleled when you look at on the field performance and their off the field problems. Both were credited at one time as potential trendsetters to change the way the Quarterback position would be played coming out of college.

– Speaking of the Titans what the heck has happened to Randy Moss? He has had a pretty quiet two weeks so far. Guess he was serious about not speaking to the media after all. Had Vikings management gotten rid of Childress earlier it’s safe to say that Moss would still be a Viking right this second.

– I still think the Chicago Bears are one of the worst teams in playoff contention in the entire league. I feel like they are all “smoke and mirrors.”

[adinserter block=”1″]- Sad to see that one of the good coaches in the NFL, John Fox, probably lose his job at the end of the season. The Carolina Panthers are a rebuilding franchise after parting ways with Jake Delhomme and losing Julius Peppers to free agency. Steve Smith is getting older and they may night have their quarterback of the future in Jimmy Clausen as the jury is still out on the youngster.

Good coach but bad timing for John Fox. I look for Fox to be rumored replacements in Dallas if they don’t bring in Garrett and of course Minnesota. I feel like the best fit for Fox overall will be in San Francisco though. Young talented team and a underrated defense, Fox can do wonder for the Niners and bring them back to their glory days if hiring in San Fran.

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