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NFL Week 9 Thoughts – Inside The Wheelhouse

Eli Manning New England PatriotsLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Week 9 in the National Football League!

– First off let me apologize to everyone here on the Camel Clutch Blog for not having a blog for Week 8 last week. I was unfortunately without power from Saturday October 29th till about Thursday November 4th which meant I didn’t watch a lick of Football so writing a blog on Week 8 would be pointless. Thankfully though I was able to watch all of Week 9!

– The early games for Week 9 were pretty dreadful to watch, none of the matchups lived up to the potential (Saints/Bucs & Jets/Bills) but thankfully the afternoon & evening games saved Week 9 from being in the Week 6 & 7 zones.

[adinserter block=”2″]- By the looks of the way the Jets are celebrating their victory over the Bills this past Sunday you’d figure they just won the Super Bowl or at least AFC East. It was a big win as they are now in a three-way tie for the AFC East but the true test is in Week 10 against New England. Hold your horses on the success of the Jets just yet.

– This appears to be the end of the success for the Bills. Sad to see it but they are an 8-8 team at best. I hope they continue to be a pesky foe for the Jets & Pats though.

– Sure it was a victory against the Seattle Seahawks but it looks like the Dallas Cowboys may be onto something right now with the victory in Week 9. If Dez Bryant can breakout this is a dangerous team.

– Hey look Marshawn Lynch remembered how to play Football!

– Atlanta gets a victory over Indianapolis as did the Junior Varsity team who was on the field against the Colts prior to this game. Not a big victory for the ATL but a win is a win, not sure if Atlanta is NFC Champion material anymore.

– Indianapolis looks to make it 10 straight in their “Suck for Luck” campaign this season next week!

– The Miami Dolphins win on Sunday over the Chiefs but probably piss off their fan base in the process as the “Suck for Luck” days appear to be over in Miami. Reggie Bush must have been so excited that Kim K. was single again that he decided to play football on Sunday.

– Kansas City was looking like a sleeper in the AFC West until Week 9; I think we get what we get with the Chiefs for this season. Could they still win the division? I guess so, but it won’t be much longer for them to be competitive this season.

– New Orleans gets a big victory over the Bucs and does so in a pretty convincing fashion. Here comes the start of the NOLA just pulling away in the NFC South.

– Ya think the Texans are inconsistent? Look at this Bucs team! They could be playoff bound if they just played consistent!

– I don’t know what to make of when it comes to this San Francisco 49ers team, I really don’t. I want to take them seriously at 7-1 but I can’t when Alex Smith is the QB. I still believe it’s only a matter of time before we get the Alex Smith we know and love.

– It’s a shame that this Redskins team is no longer competitive. They should have done what the Colts did and just sucked for luck.

– There is the Texans team we expect on a week-to-week basis. This is a first round bye team if they can get everything together simply because of their division. Good win for them in Week 9 but I still wonder if it continues.

– Cleveland please say goodbye to Peyton Hillis. They should have traded him when he had more value.

– The Bengals are for real and I love it. They can easily pull a sneak attack on the Steelers & Ravens in the AFC North if they continue to play this well.

– Tim Tebow is now 3-2 as a starter and 2-0 on the season. Enough said. Keep him as the starting quarterback.

– Carson Palmer looked good in Week 9 but then again it was against the Denver Broncos. I really expect the Raiders to go on a losing streak for a while here. They were a good story but unfortunately will have a bad ending.

– The New York Giants are for real. Let’s stop the discussion here. They very well may be the #2 team in the NFC.

– Amazing how that Giants/Patriots game in Week 9 paralleled the Super Bowl 42 game, I believe the Pats are in deep trouble right now.

– Arizona beats St. Louis and wins their 2nd game of the season. Nothing else of note from this one except the Cards may be better without Kevin Kolb after all.

– Green Bay defeats San Diego in a great game in Week 9. The Packers could be a much more dominating team if their defense catches up to their offense. They are 8-0 and still the top favorite in the NFC, but they could pull away from the bunch if their defense steps up for the rest of this season.

– Baltimore gets a big victory over the Steelers and sweeps them in the AFC North season series for this season. My Super Bowl pick for the AFC continues to look good while the Steelers are competitively inconsistent.

– The Ravens need Joe Flacco to do what he did in Week 9. He looked like a franchise quarterback against a great Steelers defense.

[adinserter block=”1″]- In a battle of turning point games in Week 9 the Chicago Bears defeated the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night in a big win. This game really means a lot to both these teams as it could define the rest of their 2011 season. The victory puts the Bears in hunting distance of the Detroit Lions while the Philadelphia Eagles are hanging onto this season & a hopeful playoff berth. Big win for Chicago in this one and if Philly wants to stay competitive they need to win badly in Week 10.

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