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NFL Week 9 Recap, Week 10 Predictions and Headlines

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  • Have you ever been hanging out with your friends and you ask one another “If you were the #1 pick, who would you least want to play for?” Who would you say this year? The typical answers have always been the Browns, Raiders and Jaguars. What would my answer be? It would be the Washington Redskins. Every week there is an epic power struggle between the Jets and Redskins for most disastrous franchise currently. This week the Redskins have won. They have been publicly protested and verbally destroyed over the use of the nickname Redskins. Let’s combine that with the fact that their 3rd year Quarterback that they mortgaged the current franchise to get has proven to be the definition of a prima donna and he just reminds me week after week of Vince Young. If you remember, Vince Young capitalized off one good college football season, finished 2nd in Heisman voting and arguably single handedly beat USC for the National Championship. Riding an unbelievably high draft stock, Young was selected 3rd overall by the Tennessee Titans.
  • Despite an overall career winning record, Young’s off the field issues, to include a questionable maturity level lead to a short NFL career with several teams. Robert Griffin III is on this same path. He was drafted to a team that had no identity and Griffin instantly became “the man”. He has been in almost as many sponsorship ads as Peyton Manning and has only played in a handful of games due to injury and talent level. Griffin didn’t help himself much by not trying to distance himself from the spotlight of the team. In Griffin’s first season him and only him was the only player and or staff member invited to owner Dan Snyder’s home for Thanksgiving dinner. How blind could you be to accept that and not know the internal consequences? Let me clarify that I am not rooting for Griffin to fail, I want him to succeed and add to the value that is the NFL but he needs to get out of Washington and to a team that is established, where he is instantly not bigger than an entire billion dollar franchise. Take a page out of established veterans on how to handle interviews and actions during the day. Griffin has never had the elder, established Quarterback to do that for him. The RGIII project has failed in DC.
  • I don’t blame John Harbaugh’s decision to go for the win on Sunday against the Rams. Of course it backfired, it almost always does. Week after week the Cardinals are now extending the division lead and the 49ers needed to do something to stay strong in the division. Harbaugh clearly saw that Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers offensive line was being dismantled throughout the game and he wasn’t going to risk more unnecessary hits to his franchise Quarterback that still has the rest of the season to play. But as per the usual Harbaugh will be critically crucified by media throughout the week. Rumors are growing and growing now that Michigan has fired their AD and the next bulls eye is now on Brady Hoke. The 49ers would be out of their minds to lose Harbaugh but similar to my written frustrations in my blog a few weeks ago about the short and quick hooks for Quarterbacks, the NFL head coach is right behind them. Ultimately I see Harbaugh and the 49ers breaking up this off season unless they win the Lombardi.

Recap from last week:

Bold Prediction from Week 9: Texans over the Eagles – WRONG – This loss showed me a lot about the Texans. Even with the Eagles losing their starting QB to shoulder injury at a moment when the game was tied they couldn’t overcome Mark Sanchez’s best efforts as the backup to lose the game. This offseason the Texans need to invest something into a better QB.

Guaranteed Lock from Week 9: Patriots over the Broncos. –RIGHT – When picking this game it bottled down to basically the game being in New England and that ended up only being a minor part of the blowout victory. Peyton Manning never plays well in New England. I don’t know, must be that “dirty water.” Whatever it may be, the Broncos’ better hope the rematch is in Denver again this year in the playoffs.

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Bold Predication for Week 10: Titans over the Ravens. Similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers (and actually the entire AFC North) the Ravens always have huge let down games rather constantly. Theoretically one week they would beat down the Denver Broncos but then lose the next to a winless team. Coming off a bye for the Titans that I expect the Mettenberger Instagram show to take over the game and lead the Titans to the upset.

Guaranteed Lock for Week 10: Saints over the 49ers. Very tough to pick against the Saints when they are in the dome. To me it’s more mythical than the Seahawks and their home turf. 49ers defense is still not whole, Saints coming in off a big divisional win last week, I like the Saints.

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  1. Great job. About the Broncos winning in Foxboro, I wish that would not be uses as an excuse. The better team won. I don’t discount home field advantage (see Heinz Field, Century Link, Etc), but every time Peyton loses some sort of big game, there’s always some excuse. Besides, last year in the playoffs against the Broncos, I think many forget that the Patriots went in with no Gronk and a decimated defense. I think that provided Gronk stays healthy etc, even if they have to go to Denver, the Patriots can have a better chance of winning. Just saying.


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