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Tom BradyLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Week 6 in the National Football League!

– Hey how about the Tennessee Titans shocking the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday Night in the closing seconds of the game? On “any given Sunday” anyone could win in the NFL and the Titans certainly proved that as they were the underdogs against the Steelers. In my opinion Matt Hasselbeck earned at least one more week as this team’s starting QB until Jake Locker is fully healthy.

– Pittsburgh…seriously? Every time I think the window isn’t closing on this team they go and do something like that on Thursday Night. This may be at best an 8-8 team if they continue to get hit with the injury bug.

[adinserter block=”2″]- The Atlanta Falcons are on this incredible rollercoaster this season where they simply cannot lose. How many times have we watched their opponent drive down the field to take the lead or tie the game this season only for Atlanta to win the game in the end? This finally may be this team’s season after all.

– Oakland gave it a good shot but it just wasn’t meant to be. Many things still need to be fixed in Raider Nation but getting the big “W” this Sunday would’ve prevented that discussion at least for one week.

– Nice to see this current crop of Cleveland Browns getting their first win of the season. I’ll say it now and I’ll say it again; I really like the direction the Browns are headed in.

– Cincy, what are you doing to yourselves lately? They have a great opportunity to go under their radar again in the NFL and sneak into the playoffs only to botch it up in consecutive weeks. Maybe all that luck has finally run out for the Bengals.

– Speaking of teams going under the radar this season how about the Miami Dolphins? They get a pretty nice win over a young and hungry St. Louis Rams team to improve to 3-3 where they are now tied in the AFC East.

– I really believe the Rams are a better team then the one we saw play against the Dolphins on Sunday but that’s how the NFL rolls. I still like this team as a sleeper in the NFC playoffs at the season’s ends.

– Congrats to the New York Jets on prolonging another week of media craziness. Wait, what? They are playing New England next week? Oh, nevermind.

– While they played with a ton of emotion last week we learned that this week the Colts still have a lot to learn. Will be a good team soon enough but still lots to grow on in Indy.

– Detroit got their first loss in Week 6 last season and appeared to have finally woken up in Week 6 of this season. I’m still concerned by the way their offense played overall in the game but it’s a step in the right direction for a very underachieving team at the moment.

– What is going on with the Philadelphia Eagles!? Talk about inconsistency so far this season! Imagine if those one or two point wins were actually losses now…

– Baltimore is winning games against teams they should be heavily competing with like the Dallas Cowboys but it appears they may have lost their defensive captain and leader in the process in Ray Lewis. Great win but a bigger loss for the defensive unit.

– Remember when Dallas won that Week 1 kick-off game against the New York Football Giants?

– Still not really sure what to think of this Tampa Bay Buccaneers team. I’m under the impression that they are better then their record shows and help me agree with that theory after a nice win over the Chiefs in Week 6.

– Maybe the Kansas City Chiefs fans shouldn’t be cheering for Brady Quinn over Matt Cassel after all?

– Everyone’s favorite sleeper pick entering the 2012 season (except me) was the Buffalo Bills and now they are tied for 1st in the AFC East in Week 6…along with every other team in their division. They still got a good shot at that playoff berth but I believe still have an uphill climb this season to compete with the other AFC East teams.

– What has happened to the Arizona Cardinals? Were they just pretending to be that good the first four weeks of the season? Based off of their schedule they could’ve/should’ve been pulling away from the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West.

– If there was an “upset special” game that I liked going into this Week it would’ve been the Seahawks over the Patriots. Well I didn’t go with that instinct, simply because you don’t bet against the Patriots but the Seahawks still pulled it off. This team seems to play really well against good teams and really bad against bad teams. I wonder which Seahawks team shows up against San Francisco next week.

– The fact that New England has 3 losses at this point in the season is pretty alarming. They haven’t looked like that dominating Patriots team we are used to seeing but I’m not counting them out at all. I look for them to bounce back perfectly fine next week against the Jets; if not then the panic alarm shall be sounded.

– Where has this New York Football Giants team been this season? The defending Super Bowl Champions looked dominant in Week 6 against the San Francisco 49ers and the win should strike fear into many top NFC teams. That Week 15 matchup vs. the Falcons is starting to look pretty interesting…

– One of the best things for the 49ers last season was that they were the underdogs and that no one believed in them. Now they are the favorites and everyone believes in them as it makes it very hard for them to have that mindset that carried them last season. I’m very intrigued with their Thursday Night game against the Seattle Seahawks now.

– Would it be shocking if I told you that I’m starting to like the Washington Redskins as a Wild Card playoff team this season?

– The Vikings had the opportunity to go 5-1 on the season and failed to do so in a game that should’ve proven them to be for real. Instead we are left to the belief that the Vikings may be heading back down to the basement in the NFC North as the balance of power is starting shift back to where we are used to seeing it.

– Lets welcome back the Green Bay Packers to the NFL! It took them 6 weeks but the offense we are used to seeing from the Packers torched the very good Houston Texans defense this week. Aaron Rodgers threw for 6 touchdowns and Jordy Nelson finally broke out as the lead receiver the Packers needed. But it still begs the question, are the Pack really back?

– This was the test the Houston Texans needed to pass. While they were 5-0 on the season many people questioned how they would play against an elite team. They didn’t fair too well and now this team will have to live with that burden until they beat an elite NFL team this season.

– Are Eli and Peyton having some sort of “family rivalry” or something? The Broncos were struggling in the 1st half only to have that “Manning-like comeback” in the 2nd half to win the game. Great win for the Broncos and hopefully a step in the right direction for this great squad.

– The San Diego Chargers are without a doubt one of the most frustrating teams to watch this season. They could easily be either 6-0 or 0-6 on the season; they are very inconsistent as a team. I really wonder if Philip Rivers will ever be “that guy” we believe he could be in the NFL.

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