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NFL Week 5 Thoughts & Recap – Inside The Wheelhouse

Andrew LuckLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Week 5 in the National Football League!

– The St. Louis Rams are an underrated team at the moment. That defense looked absolutely fantastic against the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night and they are starting to make me into a believer of what they can accomplish this season. At this moment I like this team to be competitive in 2012 and really competing for the NFC West division title next season.

– Arizona: what happened to you? For the last 4 weeks of the season you have made all of us into believers in what you are trying to accomplish this season and then you play like that? The Cardinals looked like the way they did in preseason and not the way they looked the last four weeks. This Cardinals team will only be as successful as their offensive line allows them to be and if they can’t stop the Rams defensive line then how will they stop the dominant 49ers defensive line?

[adinserter block=”2″]- I really have liked the way Miami has played in the last couple of weeks, makes you wonder where this team would be if it wasn’t for a couple overtime losses…

– This really could have been a good “statement victory” for the Bengals at they continue to fly under the radar so far this NFL season but it wasn’t meant to be. I wonder if this is the start of the predicted “real” Bengals team to come out.

– What isn’t there to say that’s already been said about this victory for the Colts? Indianapolis played on emotion and had the heart of a champion to get the “W.” Indy could go winless for the rest of the season and still consider this season a success after the Week 5 win.

– Green Bay is in trouble. The offense has looked depleted without Greg Jennings all season and the injury to Cedric Benson didn’t make it any better. This is currently a 2-3 team taking on a very good Houston team in Week 6, a record of 2-4 on the season is a good possibility at the moment.

– I know its Postseason Baseball season but did the Orioles and Royals have a game on Sunday? Baltimore wins 9-6!? What happened to elite QB Joe Flacco playing as such? A win is a win but the Ravens are very lucky heading into Week 6.

– Shame on the Chiefs fans for cheering a knocked out Matt Cassell. Sometimes fans take things way too seriously…

– Atlanta is 5-0 on the season and while they are looking like the best team in the NFL at this moment I have to wonder if they are better served as the hunter rather then the hunted.

– No RGIII heroics in Week 5 like I predicted there may be. Washington kept the game tight and you’d have to wonder if it would be a different story if he was healthy.

– How many Giants fans are breathing a sigh of relief after the Browns jumped out to a 14-0 lead? I know many Giants fans were worried but c’mon this is the Browns we are talking about!

– Cleveland is 0-5 on the season, no real surprise there. The only shock about this team has been the heart they are still playing with. I know I say this every week but I really like the future of this franchise and where it’s going.

– Pittsburgh is healthy (for the most part) and played like the Steelers team we remembered when they are a healthy squad. Sure they won with a last second field goal but it must feel nice to get back on the right foot; looks like there is still some light peering through that window after all.

– Do you really think Michael Vick is going to stay as the starting QB for the Eagles this season? Philadelphia is a .500 record away from becoming the New York Jets of the NFC with all their QB issues.

– Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks on making it another week without us being concerned about this team and questioning their personnel. It’s nice when a win can by you sometime…

– While on the other hand we are once again questioning Cam Newton. I think it’s safe to say that he is currently in a “sophomore slump” now, right?

– So is Chicago benefiting from a good schedule or actually being a good team? I believe that to be a toss up at the moment.

– Jacksonville lost 41-3. This is why they are the worst team in the NFL.

– The Minnesota Vikings are 4-1 heading into Week 6! This has to be the most surprising story of the season right? Even more so then the Packers and Saints decline?

– Congrats Chris Johnson Fantasy Football owners, you can now put CJ2K back on your bench!

– New England is back in the driver seat after falling to 1-2 a couple weeks ago. No surprise that they are climbing back atop the AFC throne. While some may think it’s happening there is no window “closing” in New England anytime soon.

– Denver had way too many missed opportunities to make this game in Week 5. The Broncos could’ve tied or made the score closer had they jumped at the opportunities presented to them. Hopefully this is a loss Denver can learn from.

– Not only does San Francisco have an incredible defense but their offense has looked pretty good the last two weeks. Remember when I said them losing to Minnesota was the best thing that could happen to them?

– I thought the Bills were supposed to be competitive this season. Talk about disappointment. Maybe Chan Gailey just isn’t the right coach for this team…

– Congrats to Drew Brees on surpassing Johnny Unitas in the all-time consecutive games with a passing TD streak and congrats to the Saints on getting their first win of the season in Week 5. Who would’ve thought that!?

– Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve. That’s the story of the San Diego Chargers and will be until this monkey gets off their back. Every time I think they are bouncing back they pull off a game like this.

– Houston improves to 5-0 on the season but didn’t do so in convincing fashion against a hurting Jets team. A win is a win but you have to question if it could be a sign of things to come for the Texans. By the way, Arian Foster is an absolute beast.

– You can’t say the Jets didn’t try but trying isn’t what the Jets need right now. It’s amazing that this team was in the AFC Championship Game two straight seasons and considered one of the best teams in the NFL.
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