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Beat The Shark Wrap Up and NFL Week 5 – Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Beat The Shark Girls Ugly! It’s downright ugly! “The Shark” went back to his old losing ways this past weekend with a dreadful 1-3 record,and dropped his third head to head match-up of the season. Contestant Stephanie Mazza finished 2-2 on the day as she showed moxy in picking the Broncos and went with the obvious blow out by the Eagles. Her 2 losses came as both Dallas and Pittsburgh failed to cover the point spreads.

As for “The Shark”, Houston’s one yard fizzle at the end did me in, as did Jacksonvilles apparent missing of the flight to Seattle, and those Jets (how did I know) giving it away to the Dolphins. The only bright spot has been the mainstay as the Colts handled the Titans. Ok so the females now have a 9-7 record in games and are 3-1 vs “The Shark”, whose games record dipped to 7-9. Another tough week lies ahead so it’s time for some serious homework!

So with all of that out of the way, it’s time to go with the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down portion of our article. What did you like in week 5? What didn’t you like? Perhaps some of these items will make you think!

Thumbs Up:

To Johnson vs Fitzgerald
It’s a shame we don’t have players playing both sides of the ball anymore. The showdown of all showdowns featuring the 2 best WRs in the game was all that a true fan could hope for. Both men scored 2 TDs, both showed ultimate size, strength and force. The game ended with a goal line stand by the Cardinals and a 28-21 score. Sadly these 2 smaller market teams only draw to more of a local audience and to the die hard fan that knows what the talents of these guys are about. No talk, just action! I was satisfied, as I expected to be, and think these 2 teams should meet every year, it was good for the game.

To Braylon Edwards
In all circumstances when a true star starts to fall apart the question always arises, “Who’s to blame, player or team?” Edwards looked like that kid again, fresh out of Michigan and ready to be an NFL star. He displayed beautiful footwork, got in the end zone, and looked as if he’d been in Jets camp from week 1. The Browns are just simply awful and now we see who was the fault of this fiasco. Derek Anderson was just 2 of 17 against Buffalo this week, so does he still blame Edwards?

To Bengals Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer
This story makes even the biggest tough guy choke up. Zimmer lost his wife just days before his teams game against the Ravens, which was a big game at that. While some would choose not to participate, Zimmer had known his wife would have wanted it this way. His team fought hard, beat the odds and won the game. Through it all you saw moments of pain on his face, but knew it was all he could do to try and move forward. After the game in the locker room, head coach Marvin Lewis gave Zimmer a game ball and made way for him to speak to the team. “She loves you guys, she loves each and every one of you guys, my wife does, and this was for her,” Zimmer said with tears in his eyes. Sometimes you have to step back and realize it’s just a game, then step forward again and realize that the game is our break from the painful realities of life. One of the best moments of the year, and I am sorry for coach Zimmers loss.

Thumbs Down:

And way down to Rams WR Donnie Avery
I know scoring TDs are a big deal in the NFL, and I know crossing that goal line must feel like heaven, especially when you’re losing 31-3 but come on Donnie! Avery scored a TD in the 4th quarter to make the score 31-9, and pushed teammates to the side to make way for a ridiculous dance routine? I’m sorry to players everywhere, but if i’m this coach, Avery takes a seat next week and thinks about just how silly he had to have looked. If your team even had a win this year, maybe we would let it go, but the Rams are possibly the NFLs worst team, and this moment just stinks.

To Texans coach Gary Kubiak
Today’s sporting world has gone totally mad. In baseball a pitcher who goes 6 innings and lets up 3 runs or less is called quality? And the game is filled with “specialist” and such. Here in the NFL they have this pathetic thing known as goal line specialist? Some oaf of a running back who is bigger then the regular back that coaches trust to punch it in from close range. Ok so here’s the problem! Usually these guys touch the ball some 4 or 5 times a game, and are usually cold or rusty coming in. So with seconds left on the clock and at the 5 yard line, Kubiak decided to ignore his talented RB Steve Slaton, his ultra super WR Andre Johnson, even a quality TE in Owen Daniles and force Brown on the Cardinals. On first down Slaton got 4 of the 5 yards and put the ball on the 1 yard line. Ok so 3 more chances, and 2 of those are straight ahead lunges by a journey-man RB who’s health issues and talent issues are as week to week as a soap opera romance? Sports are becoming ruined by these (not to) specialist, and this game is the tell-tale sign! No reason on Earth these should have been the play calls, oh but they were.

To the Titans coaching staff
During another awful performance Sunday night, we had heard that the coaches took Chris Johnson off the field and were “Disappointed in his dancing around instead of hitting the holes?” Ok so what holes, where is he supposed to run, really? Johnson is the only highlight of this awful 0-5 club and he is asked to sit down and re-think his strategy? So Kerry Collins is not to blame right? The terrible defense is good right? What a joke! Maybe this is why this team is 0-5. Make way for stiffs like LenDale White and keep passing to has beens like Alge Crumpler, and use Johnson as your scape goat. It’s time to get Vince Young back on the field and see what you have there, and toss this commitee crap and let Johnson be a force. He has good hands and good speed, and if Young can perform and mix it up a bit then opposing defenses may actually have to think on the field. This team is getting it all wrong, and has no hope in sight!

Hey fans thanks for reading and don’t forget as always my Flash and Crash every Thursday and Beat The Shark every Friday, always great reading!

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