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NFL Week 3 Thoughts – Inside The Wheelhouse

Buffalo Bills New England PatriotsLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Week 2 in the National Football League!

– In last week’s blog I thought the Bills would give New England a run for their money but not get the “W” at the end of the day. I was partially as Buffalo did give them a run for their money but they ended up getting the “W” at the end of the game. Good win for Buffalo, happy they are 3-0 and atop the AFC East but I’m not a believer yet.

– Despite the loss New England is still one of the best teams in the AFC. The Patriots need setbacks like this to bring them back to earth from time to time.

[adinserter block=”2″]- The 49ers are one Tony Romo comeback failure away from being a 3-0 team right now. They beat the Bengals who once again look competitively impressive and now the Niners are sitting alone in the NFC West. Maybe the “glory days” are back in San Francisco after all?

– Cleveland is one of the surprising 2-1 teams out there right now while the Dolphins may be one of the best 0-3 teams in Football. Not a lot of good things coming out of Miami right now, maybe a bad season and a good draft position can lead them to the Quarterback their fan base so desires.

– Matt Hasselbeck once again impresses as he throws for over 300 yards and leads the Titans to victory. Tennessee is 2-1 and this is without Chris Johnson making any kind of impact at all this season. Kyle Orton loses once again and the Tebow chants will certainly be ringing throughout Denver all week. I can’t recall ever a time when a 3rd stringer has been so popular…

– Minnesota had Detroit right where they wanted them and they let the game slip away after leading 20-0. The Christian Ponder clock in Minnesota is getting closer to zero as the final days of Donovan McNabb being an NFL Quarterback appears to be ending soon. Detroit is 3-0 but still hasn’t been battle tested yet; hold off on the Lions love until they get a big win against a consistently good team.

– Drew Brees will lead the Saints to try and outscore your offense by any means necessary. The Saints improve to 2-1 and are still the #2 team in the NFC if the season ended today in my opinion. No matter how many points their opponent scores they are coming to beat you.

– If Houston won this game then I would start to pencil them in as early favorites for that first-round bye in the AFC Playoffs. When you are in a division with no real strong competition and start off 3-0 you are in pretty good shape, that wasn’t the case today and maybe the Texans aren’t the AFC South favorites after all.

– The Philadelphia “Dream Team” once again had a let down loss this week as they were defeated by a depleted New York Giants team in their own home stadium. If the Eagles ever needed a bounce back win it would be this week against the team they like to knock around in “Big Blue.” Vick keeps getting knocked around and getting more injuries piled up week after week. Trouble could be brewing in Philadelphia.

– Cam Newton comes back to earth this week after throwing for just 158 yards but gets his first NFL win. I still don’t understand what is going with the Carolina running game but it isn’t good for Fantasy owners. If the Panthers don’t plan on running the ball then why pay D’Angelo Williams the amount of money you did in the offseason?

– I’d like to personally apologize to Maurice Jones-Drew as I didn’t see him making any type of fantasy impact this season and thus far he has. MJD talks a big game and backs it up. Doesn’t appear any injuries are bothering him at this point.

– The high powered offense of the Oakland Raiders took it to the New York Jets in Week 3 in another wacky NFL matchup. The Jets couldn’t stop Darren McFadden at all and that is why “Gang Green” is sitting with New England & looking up at the Bills in the AFC East standings currently. Run DMC may be an early favorite for NFL MVP so far this season.

– “Mr. Inconsistent” Joe Flacco looks great in Week 3 as he throws for 389 yards and 3 touchdowns leading the Ravens to victory. Ravens need to keep playing this way if they want to prove they are a force in the AFC. A victory against the Jets will help prove that point in Week 4.

– St. Louis may be the let down team of the year as they start off 0-3. Bradford doesn’t have many weapons and the Rams are just plain struggling. Despite all that you cannot write them off in the horrible NFC West.

– San Diego barely beats possibly the worst team in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3. I’m sure Chargers fans are now questioning their team after back-to-back games where the Chargers weren’t dominant at all despite being 2-1 on the season. I’m starting to think that maybe the Oakland Raiders could take over the AFC West from the favored San Diego Chargers.

– Talk about disappointing teams thus far this season; the Arizona Cardinals looked like they were returning to promise at the start of the year only to struggle throughout most of the season thus far. A loss to Seattle proves that point and now people in Arizona have to be questioning the Kevin Kolb deal after just three weeks.

– The self proclaimed “greatest show on turf II” Atlanta Falcons maybe the best 1-2 team in Football and the most underwhelming team in the NFL after Week 3. A legit NFC favorite and they are a 1-2 team who could have been 0-3 if the Michael Vick didn’t get hurt last Sunday night; Atlanta is clearing a disappointment so far in 2011.

– Green Bay improves to 3-0 after defeating the Chicago Bears and they have officially introduced Jermichael Finley to the American Football audience after he caught all three of Aaron Rodgers touchdown passes on Sunday. Despite some early defensive troubles the Packers haven’t lost a step since their streak to end last season all the way to the Super Bowl.

– The Chicago Bears fans let Jay Cutler know how much they appreciated him after they booed him for most of the game. Cutler struggled greatly against a depleted Green Bay secondary and may not be the quarterback that fans were hoping he’d be in Chicago. It’s too early to tell but Bears fans have not let him forget his NFC Championship Game performance.

– Pittsburgh maybe the best inconsistent team in Football as they barely defeated Kerry Collins and the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night. Winning by a field goal against a horrible Colts team does not make you an AFC beast.

– I really wanted the Washington Redskins to win this past Monday Night against the Dallas Cowboys. Not because you want to see the Dallas Cowboys lose but more importantly the fact that the Redskins would be 3-0 and leading the NFC East after Week 3 would be astonishing. Had Washington won that game I’d seriously start considering them to be this year’s NFC playoff team that no one saw coming. Sadly that wasn’t the case and the NFC East has tightened back up a bit.

– Jerry Jones look like he made the right call by publically backing Tony Romo after Week 2 as the QB looked pretty good on Monday night against an impressive Redskins defense. He made the throws when needed and I’m sure he wasn’t feeling a 100% with some broken ribs bothering him. He proved to me he is a tough QB, for now, because there is no telling when or if the Cowboys will need to rest Romo.

[adinserter block=”1″]- Dallas is now 2-1 on the season after another game where they could have ended up 0-3 on the year or even 3-0; this team is so inconsistent that it might be bad for their fans heart. Either way they are 2-1 after 3 weeks and have a better record now then they did last year at this time.

– Week 3 proved to be the wackiest of weeks thus far in the NFL season as we saw some results we did not see coming, some major comebacks and some surprising teams pulling away a bit. I can not wait to see what’s in store for Week 4 in the NFL!

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