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NFL Week 3 Thoughts & Recap – Inside The Wheelhouse

Monday Night Football refereesLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Week 3 in the National Football League!

– The New York Football Giants looked like the best team in the NFL against Carolina on Thursday. If you are a Giants fan then you deserve to be excited after that win…wow.

[adinserter block=”2″]- I know I’m not the only one to question Cam Newton’s ability to lead after that loss to the Giants on Thursday Night. Can you say “sophomore slump?”

– Chicago defeats the Rams in Week 3 despite looking like a team that had some offensive troubles for most of the game. Thankfully for Chicago they are a team that relies on their defense.

– I really liked St. Louis being a surprise team early on in this season but when they don’t have any type of offense going it’s tough to get a win. Part of me is starting to question the longevity of Sam Bradford not only in a Rams uniform but in the NFL.

– While Buffalo did get the win the biggest loss was CJ Spiller. Hoping Fred Jackson comes back soon and that Tashard Choice can “hold the fort down” will be Buffalo’s biggest concerns at the moment.

– I really wish Cleveland would be good or show flashes of being good this season. Sadly we all know that isn’t the case and they are still trying to improve for the future. All things considered they are appearing to be heading in the right direction.

– After Sunday’s win I questioned if the Cowboys defense was really good or if the Bucs offense was just that bad. That was a tough game to watch between Dallas and Tampa Bay.

– Josh Freeman could’ve won that game for the Buccaneers but when you can’t capitalize on winning challenges and taking the lead then you deserve to fall to 1-2 on the season.

– Heading into Week 3 I felt like the Titans were the worst team in the NFL this season, they clearly proved me wrong…despite Chris Johnson’s troubles.

– Is it possible that the Lions don’t make the playoffs this season? That team does not look like the same team from last year at all. Just like the Saints it’s quite possible the off-field distractions got the best of them.

– Hey look, Maurice Jones-Drew is back!

– C’mon Colts you couldn’t be the Jaguars at home? Really felt that Andrew Luck could’ve made this team a 2-1 team heading into Week 4.

– The New York Jets narrowly escape the Miami Dolphins in Week 3 and need to be thanking the “Football gods” for letting this game swing in their direction. New York is fortunate to be 2-1 at the moment.

– I’m sure the Dolphins wish they could play the Raiders every week after that loss to the Dolphins. The fact that they were still in it till the end is amazing to me because their offense looked horrible all day long.

– Minnesota is 2-1 and tied for 1st in the NFC North heading into Week 4, who saw this happening!? Despite not having “mind blowing numbers” Christian Ponder looked like a leader on the field for the Vikings on Sunday.

– This Week 3 loss is the best thing to happen to the San Francisco 49ers, believe me. It’s good to see them come back down to earth after potentially letting their ego’s get the best of them. They are still one of the best teams in the NFL and a Super Bowl favorite despite the loss.

– Welcome back to the NFL Jamaal Charles! If you are a Fantasy Football owner of him (like I am) then you are a pretty happy person after this week’s performance.

– The New Orleans Saints are 0-3 to start the season. I just want that to settle in for a bit. Next week they play Green Bay…could they really fall to 0-4?

– Either the Bengals have an offense that can really be explosive this season or the Redskins defense was just really bad. I’ll be interested to see how this Bengals team plays next week.

– RGIII: Your first game at home in your career and you couldn’t get the “W?” As the great Cris Carter once said: “c’mon man!”

– Start taking the Arizona Cardinals seriously.

– I said it last week and I’ll reiterate it this week, the Philadelphia Eagles were the worst undefeated team in the NFL heading into Week 3. Now they are a 2-1 team and they don’t look like a NFC East team that could compete with the likes of the Giants & Cowboys at the moment.

– San Francisco step aside, the Atlanta Falcons is now the new best team in the NFC.

– San Diego could not get anything going against that Falcons defense. While I still believe in this Chargers team having a bounce back year they are just not as good as the Falcons on any side of the ball.

– My prediction for the Houston Texans to be the AFC representative in the Super Bowl this season is looking pretty solid after three weeks. They are really good in every area of the game at the moment. This is all obviously pending on this team’s overall health in the coming weeks.

– The Broncos are one more loss away from questioning signing Peyton Manning and letting Tim Tebow go…believe me.

– Oakland gets their first win of the season and comes back in the 2nd half to show case the flaws of this declining Steelers defense. I don’t know if the Raiders were good or just lucky.

– If this was 2-3 years ago this type of comeback would not have happened. The Steelers offense did their job in Week 3 but their aging defense did not. I still believe that the window is closing in Pittsburgh.

– Sunday Night’s victory for the Ravens was all about Torrey Smith. The circumstance he was placed in is unexplainable for most people to continue forth with their job but he was able to overcome adversity on Sunday night to give us one of the most memorable player performances of the 2012 season. Thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family during this tough time.

– New England falls to 1-2 on the season and it’s the first time they’ve been below .500 since the 2003 season when they started 0-1 after a Week 1 loss against the Buffalo Bills. I have no doubt in my mind they will bounce back just fine but seeing them be 1-2 heading into Week 4 is pretty surreal.

– What do you want me to write about the Monday Night game? The replacement refs finally cost a team a game. If you want this to end then just stop watching the NFL because if they don’t bring the regular refs back then I don’t know if I can watch this great game until they do.

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