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NFL Week 2 Thoughts & Recap – Inside The Wheelhouse

gostowskiLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Week 2 in the National Football League!

– So it looks like Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall’s trash talking motivated the Packers defense. I wonder if the Packers defense will now turn the corner from their 2011 ways and look more like the 2010 defense that helped them win a Super Bowl.

– Jay Cutler is one of the most overrated Quarterbacks in the NFL and he clearly showed it this past Thursday night. He entered the game “talking the talk” and left the game “limping the limp.” If you want to talk like a top notch QB then you need to play like one.

[adinserter block=”2″]- Buffalo carried over that 2nd half against the New York Jets into their game with the Kansas City Chiefs with a good bounce back victory in Week 2. I really think when the time comes for Fred Jackson to be healthy again he won’t be welcomed back into the offense like he used to. CJ Spiller is the real deal (finally).

– What is with Jamaal Charles this week with six carries and three yards rushing? Are the Kansas City Chiefs just taking it easy with their star Running Back coming off of a torn ACL or is it something more? It’ll definitely be worth keeping an eye on the next couple of weeks.

– Cincinnati was in a must-win situation as a young team in Week 2 and they got the win they desperately needed. Despite being a playoff team last season they need to prove that they are for real yet again.

– I love what I am seeing from the Cleveland Browns the last two weeks, granted they are 0-2 to start the season but they have pushed both the Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals to the limit the last two games to start the season. They may become that really bad team that no one wants to face.

– Congrats to Andrew Luck on getting his first win as a starting Quarterback in the NFL. The “monkey is off his back” per se and now he can focus on continuing to make the Colts a competitive team once again.

– Minnesota obviously still has a ways to go but nearly going 2-0 to start the season shows that they are headed in the right direction no matter the competition they have been playing to start the season. Once again Adrian Peterson proves he is above the normal human being by giving a solid game eight months after tearing his ACL; why do I feel like this will be a common trend with him?

– Ladies and gentlemen please meet the Miami Dolphins and their explosive offense! Reggie Bush shows flashes of what many people thought he would do when he entered the NFL many seasons ago. The only question I have with Bush is if he can keep this going, if he can then he will be one of the best Running Backs (especially for Fantasy owners) in the NFL this season.

– Oakland continues to show that no matter how much they improve they are still the Raiders. This is not a good team at all and for them to reach the near .500 plateau yet again will be a very difficult challenge.

– The Arizona Cardinals win the award for the biggest upset of the week as they defeated the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Not only is it shocking because the Cards beat the defending AFC Champions at home but because Kevin Kolb was their starting Quarterback throughout the contest. I really liked what I saw out of the Cardinals defense this week as well.

– New England’s loss is obviously a very shocking one and shows that there could be some weaknesses in a very dominant franchise. Obviously anytime a dominant team for the last decade loses a game like this you have to wonder what they will be like at times during the regular season.

– The New York Football Giants stepped up in a big way on both sides of the ball in the 2nd half of the Week 2 game because they needed to or face a horrific way to start their 2012 season after winning Super Bowl 46 last season. Eli Manning played like he did all last season and that’s a great sign for the Giants. Also another great sign was how dominant both Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz were catching the ball for #10.

– Tampa Bay almost pulled off a huge shocker and nearly improved to 2-0 for the start of the season. I like what I saw out of the Bucs and see them as being a pretty decent threat this year in the NFC South. If they can get their defense under control then we could be looking at a surprise team in the NFC this year.

– The Philadelphia Eagles are 2-0 to start the season and a win is a win but they are the worst undefeated team in the NFL right now. They have not looked dominant at all and are just barely beating their opponents. If they can control the ball and not give up turnovers then this could be a much better team then they currently are.

– Baltimore should be 2-0 at this point in the season but they are showing flashes of their inconsistency that plagued them all last season. I blame that inconsistency clearly on Joe Flacco as his leadership skills have still not improved. Hopefully this is a wakeup call for a team that could be AFC Championship bound yet again if they can get themselves under control.

– As heard on Friday’s edition of The Bower Show I really liked Carolina in completing the upset of the New Orleans Saints this week and putting them at 0-2 to start the season. The Panthers did such and now the Saints are in a really bad place to start their 2012 season.

– Since 1990, 12% of teams that start 0-2 make the playoffs. Now that doesn’t mean the Saints won’t make the playoffs but it definitely is an uphill battle for this team. It’s amazing to see how poor they are playing WITHOUT Sean Payton on the sidelines. I was expecting Drew Brees to step up as a leader but he has failed to do such yet.

– Anyone who read my articles last season and my NFL preview this season knows how high I am on the Houston Texans. They play in a very weak division and are a pretty good team. Those intangibles can lead them to the AFC Championship or beyond. Houston continues to play well and has started the season off on the right foot; great things could be brewing in Houston.

– Jacksonville is a team that isn’t going places. They have very little talent on their team and appear to potentially be the worst team in the NFL so far this season.

– Jeff Fisher gets his first win as the St. Louis Rams head coach and he did so against a pretty good underrated team. Sam Bradford is starting to come into his own and looked very strong against Washington in Week 2. They could be a surprise team in the NFC this season.

– So let’s reel in everyone after the “love fest” RGIII received last week after a huge win against the New Orleans Saints. This team is good but they are 2-3 years away from fully competing in the NFC East. If you are a Redskins fan you should be very happy right now despite the Week 2 loss to the St. Louis Rams.

– Entering this season the Seattle Seahawks were one of those teams that many people liked to potentially shock teams in the NFC West. They didn’t do that in Week 1 but after a win against Dallas in Week 2 they are certainly looking like there is still hope to reach that potential, impressive job on both sides of the ball from the Seahawks in this one.

– “The Tony Romo era” for the Dallas Cowboys can be summed up in the last two games from this season so far. You get a really big win against a tough team the week before but get blown out from a team coming off of a loss in the next week. I still don’t know what to think of Romo and Big D just yet.

– Think Pittsburgh heard the whispers that their team was getting old and their window may be closing? Good win for the Steel city against a team they needed to beat in Week 2. While I still think their window is closing they certainly helped me insert my foot into my mouth this week.

– Just like Dallas these last two games for the Jets could be the tale of their entire season: huge offensive explosion the week before and then huge letdown the week after.

– Really like what I have been seeing the last two weeks from Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers. I was a big fan of them having a comeback season from last year’s disappointment and so far they are living up to that potential. Rivers has a lot to prove to the rest of the NFL when it comes to his skills, especially as a leader.

– How are Chris Johnson Fantasy Football owners feeling after this 2nd consecutive horrible week? This could be a long season for the Titans…

– Yep, the San Francisco 49ers is the team to beat not only in the NFC but in the NFL as well. I have seen no weaknesses with this team in the first two games of the year.

– Detroit had their chances to try and make this game close on Sunday Night but Matthew Stafford looked like the pressure from the Niners defense was making him force poor decisions throughout the game. Had Stafford stayed even keel throughout the game maybe it would be a different story for the Lions offense.

– The biggest challenge to the San Francisco 49ers this season may be the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons, like the 49ers, appear to be the most complete team not only in the NFC but in the NFL as well.

[adinserter block=”1″]- After a great game against the Pittsburgh Steelers the Denver Broncos struggled against a pretty underrated Falcons defense; looks like we need to “pump our brakes” on welcoming the “old” Peyton Manning back to the NFL.

– Please NFL, make a deal with the “regular” refs and bring them back!

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  1. hard to be a top notch qb if you are always being sacked or running for your life trying to avoid it. he has proven he is a top qb when given time. look at the bears record the last 2 years. nfc championship game in 2010 and had them on the way to the playoffs with a 5 game winning streak untill he got hurt. what happened after that? oh yea their season collapsed. as for talking the talk he just answered a questioned about what would happen if the packers went with the same coverage the colts did in the bears win. obviuosly the packers didn't. why is he judged differently than any other qb? put cameras on them the whole game and see their reactions when things do not go their way. his job is not to be the most popular player but to win. and he has done that with only Matt Forte as help on offense up till this year. now that he has talent to help him he has no time to use them because of the worst line in football. let brady or rodgers get hit as often as he does and see how they handle the abuse.


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