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NFL Week 13 Thoughts – Inside The Wheelhouse

Andy Reid, DeSean JacksonLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Week 13 in the National Football League!

– R.I.P. to the Dream Team and farewell to Andy Reid & DeSean Jackson from Philadelphia. It’s time for a change of scenery for Philadelphia when it comes to their head coaching position and Andy Reid will easily find a job pretty quickly next season once this marriage comes to an end. As for DeSean Jackson the Eagles will be better without this prima donna of a player who hasn’t really completed ANYTHING.

– Marshawn Lynch has been an absolute beast the last couple of weeks for the Seahawks. He has been a great Fantasy player for anyone who took a chance on him for their fantasy team. I’ll be interested to watch if this is a fluke or if he is for real against some pretty hard rush defenses.

– The Titans continue to make things interesting in a very tight AFC Wild Card battle and Chris Johnson continues to play as if the season just started two weeks ago. I like the Titans chances in their division since the Texans really don’t appear to be that much of a powerhouse as they would be with a healthy Matt Schaub AND Andre Johnson. They could shock the world by season’s end.

– I’m starting to question if Ryan Fitzpatrick is a good quarterback and something the Bills could build their franchise around. Once the midway point of the season hit so did Ryan Fitzpatrick’s inaccuracy.

– I cannot get over the Kansas City Chiefs won in Week 13 thanks to Brian Urlacher tipping the Hail Mary pass to Dexter McCluster. That’s the only reason why the Chiefs scored a TD…unbelievable.

[adinserter block=”1″]- Put a fork in Chicago and the 2011 season, you can’t lose your star QB & RB and still make the playoffs. But wackier things have happened…

– Miami is the team nobody wants to face now; they are playing with house money and seriously dangerous to face for ANY team in the NFL. I actually wouldn’t be shocked if they played the Green Bay Packers at this point and beat them.

– Oakland is not in Chicago Bears territory yet but they needed to be the Dolphins as they play Green Bay next week. They are not completely out of it yet but I do not like their chances especially with the way Tim Tebow has been playing lately.

– Speaking of which, Tim Tebow is 6-1 as a starter this season and the Broncos are leading the AFC west & currently the four seed in the AFC playoffs if the season ended today. Holy s***…

– With nothing much left to play for I would not be shocked if Adrian Peterson’s season is over. That’s not good for Fantasy owners but great for Vikings fans. Take the bad draft pick, rest up your franchise running back so nothing else happens to him and play for 2012 or at least mediocrity.

– We know New England’s offense is good but their defense suffers from the same thing the Packers currently suffer from and that’s just not being good. Had the Colts defense played slightly well we might have seen them win their first game of the season.

– Oh and for Jim Caldwell, there is no way he is brought back next season, unless they win their final games of the season from here on out of course.

– Pittsburgh is playing well but still inconsistent. I really don’t think they are the AFC powerhouse that their record shows. Still plenty of question marks with this team as we get closer to the season’s end but then again the same could be said for the other top AFC teams (New England, Baltimore and Houston).

– C’mon Cincy! You couldn’t have kept the dream alive for at least another week? Job well done this season but I was hoping you’d make things interesting in the playoffs. There is still hope but it appears there isn’t a lot of steam left in this team.

– Congrats to Cam Newton on breaking the single season recording for rushing touchdown’s by a Quarterback. Who saw this production coming at all from the rookie? If he keeps his ego in check he will be a future megastar for this league, but I still believe that ego check is a huge IF.

– There is nothing good to say about the Bucs right now. They are digressing as I expected but not as bad as they have this season. They needed this bump in the road to grow as a team, I’ll be keeping a close on their progress in 2012 and if this is a team still with potential for success.

– The New York Jets are the worst team currently making a run at the playoffs so far this season. The score doesn’t show it but they did not play well against the Washington Redskins at all. I still believe they make the playoffs but not sure if they can find that same magic from the last two seasons.

– I don’t know what to write about Washington. They are a team that continues to disappoint despite the amount of money the ownership continues to dump into it. When do you reach the point of just saying “maybe it’s time to reboot and start from scratch?” They might have to do that to save the Redskins.

– Houston goes into Week 13 with their 3rd string quarterback leading them the way for the rest of the year and wins against the team who had the best record in the NFC last season. Unbelievable for this team and their defense looked tremendous against a very good offense. I don’t know how much longer this will last with Andre Johnson hurt again but it’s a miracle run right now.

– I really am starting to believe that the Atlanta Falcons don’t make the playoffs. So much talent and not much to show for it, very shocked by their lack of success this year; this is not like the Philadelphia Eagles who rebuilt in free agency. This is a team that had talent and got better in the off-season, very disappointing for the ATL so far this season.

– Baltimore is still my pick to win the AFC Championship and be the Super Bowl representation. They are starting to click the last couple of weeks and proving to be a powerhouse of a team. They may be the only consistent team in the AFC alongside the Patriots right now.

– You know you are having a bad day when your top rusher is also your top receiver. The only problem was Peyton Hillis only had one reception for 52 yards. Ouch.

– Who would’ve ever thought a head coach would lose a game for his team by icing his OWN kicker. Terrible job by Jason Garrett and it cost the Cowboys a victory & what would lead to a commanding lead in the NFC East with just weeks to go and playing the Giants, bad job by the Cowboys in Week 13.

– Hey look, Kevin Kolb does know how to win!

– San Francisco blows out the Rams and in the process captures the NFC West Division Championship and playoff spot all in the same game. The Niners are back in the playoffs and all seems right (for now) for San Francisco. I’m still not sold on them being an NFC powerhouse right now, they are very similar to the success the Houston Texans have had this year. They don’t scare you offensively, they have a great defense and they get the win on Sunday & that’s all that matters.

– Where do you go from here to improve this St. Louis Rams team? Just a horrible season and things continue to not look so bright for the Rams.

– Green Bay and the New York Football Giants had the game of the week & possibly the game of the season in Week 13. It had a playoff type feel and was a great game played by two great teams. Green Bay proved they can play against great teams & get the “W” while the Giants proved they can hang with the “big dogs.” I’ll be interested to see where the Giants go from here and if they can really take it to Dallas next week.

– Aaron Rodgers will hands down be the NFL MVP. The victory in Week 13 also clinched the NFC North Division and of course a playoff spot. 12-0 is pretty big and it’s only a matter of time when the whispers of an undefeated season get louder. I wonder how well Green Bay can take this heat.

[ad 6]- New Orleans is looking very dangerous as the season closes out. Two great convincing wins over the Giants and Lions is proving that the Saints will be the #1 foe for the Packers in the NFC this season. The Saints are for real and can very easily knock the Packers off their current pedestal.

– I’m starting to think the Lions don’t make the playoffs this season; they have hit a real rough patch the last couple of weeks and look like they are hitting a learning curve. If they don’t get it done this season they will be an interesting team to watch next season. Real rough times for Detroit after starting the season 5-0 and going 2-5 since.

– Join me in welcoming back the San Diego Chargers to the NFL. Granted it was the Jacksonville Jaguars but lets face it, if the Chargers played this season like they did on Monday Night it might be a different story for the Chargers & for Norv Turner. It was if the Chargers stepped back into time to play like we are used to seeing them.

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  1. I'm sorry but Reid has been the greatest coach in the league since the turn of the century and it's not close when you consider that the other guy who you could even make an argument for found one of the best, most consistent QBs in a long time. And people want to sh*tcan him for a bad season? Does anyone remember the Eagles winning the division last year? And what, this will only be his 4th time missing the playoffs since he took over? Come on…

    As for Jackson, sure he's a headache but he's still the fastest guy in the NFL with boatloads of talent. His numbers have decreased this year for several reasons, one of which being that he was used a decoy in the passing and running game to open things up for Maclin and McCoy.

    Philly, I urge you to find a way to appease this guy. Keep him on special teams. Throw to him a couple times a quarter. But don't just let him walk away and have him burn you when he's killing kids for Washington.

      • I don't know. Who would you suggest? Dungy? Cowher?

        Look what Reid was able to do with McNabb all those years, through injury and his throwing wormburners 10 yards down the field. He got the most he could out of Terrell Owens and it almost won them the Superbowl. He took his family issues in stride and kept the focus on the team.

        Our Jaguars this year decided to implode the whole team this year, and coming off that drubbing last night, it gets a heck of a lot worse before it gets better. And *maybe* it gets better.

        Sure, the Seahawks and Cardinals losses were bad, but this has been a team with a banged up QB all year and moving pieces, notably on defense, that haven't gelled yet. I just think we as an NFL fan base are far too jumpy and reactionary when it comes to personnel decisions.


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