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NFL Week 12 Thoughts – Inside The Wheelhouse

Stevie Johnson Plaxico Burress TDLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Week 12 in the National Football League!

– Green Bay improves to 11-0 on the season after a pretty big win against the Detroit Lions. Many people the Lions were the team to beat and this was the game to do it this season. The Lions still have one more chance to knock off Green Bay this season but they can’t let their emotions get to them like they did in this one.

– The Lions defense plays extremely dirty. Case in point, the Suh stomp on Thanksgiving; a very costly immature play for the youngster but he will definitely learn & bounce back from this one.

– Miami is becoming one of the best pesky teams to watch play these last couple of weeks. Ya really can’t knock Matt Moore for the job that he has done in this one, he isn’t a franchise QB by any means but he definitely has proven he is way better then Chad Henne was for the Fins.

– Big D continues to roll and they are looking more & more like the NFC East Division winners for this season in a last second win for the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. They still aren’t playing like they “are setting the world on fire” but they are winning and that’s what counts the most. They still have a little bit to go before I believe in them as NFC elite.

[adinserter block=”2″]- Baltimore gets the “W” in a statement winning game on Thanksgiving against the 49ers and now can say with pride that they are one of the AFC’s best this season. The Ravens played a very good Niners team, held them to 6 points and most importantly got the “W.” I look for this to be the game that sets the proverbial table for the rest of the season.

– San Francisco’s weakness was show on Thanksgiving night in that Alex Smith just isn’t a franchise quarterback. He did nothing to help beat the Ravens defense and he was shown as someone who was just in the right place at the right time. He reminds a lot of the Jake Delhomme from the year the Panthers went to the Super Bowl; amazing defense, mediocre quarterback.

– I actually believe that if Adrian Peterson was healthy enough to play in Week 12 that the Minnesota Vikings might have defeated the Falcons on Sunday. The Falcons didn’t win in convincing fashion and nobody outside of Roddy White really stood out as a big playmaker for the 7-4 Falcons in Week 12.

– Atlanta is outside of the NFC Elite this season and at best is a Wild Card team. I really am looking forward to what kind of Falcons team we will see for the rest of the season.

– Cincinnati struggled for most of the day but the improved to 7-4 on the season and for all things considered are still in on the AFC North. They aren’t eliminated yet but I still believe the ship has set sailed on their playoffs hopes. More power to them making things interesting these final five weeks.

– The Browns played tough all day but it just wasn’t enough. Peyton Hillis returning to action and got most of the carries for the Browns in Week 12; I’ll be interested to see if this is a reunion between the Browns front office & their star running back.

– Tennessee is still making things interesting in the AFC South as they got the big win over the Bucs on Sunday but the real news to note is that Chris Johnson had his first real “Chris Johnson game” of the season as he ran for 190 yards against a historically good Bucs defense. If Johnson continues to play close to what he did in Week 12 I believe the Titans can actually catch the Texans in the AFC South.

– No real bright spots for the Bucs in this one with the exception of Blount being a true power running back in every sense. If they can continue to build their offense I believe this team will be right back in it next season and beyond. They have the tools they just have to grow, learn and use them.

– I swear someone must have radioed to Curtis Painter to throw that INT in the end zone at the end of the game against the Panthers. They must have reminded him that they are playing for Andrew Luck and not wins in 2011.

– Carolina gets the win but does so in a fashion they haven’t been used to all this year. The numbers weren’t there from anyone on offense and the defense was the one everyone was talking about after this one. It was as if the old Carolina Panthers returned for one game and filled the shoes of the 2011 Panthers in Week 12.

– Beanie Wells had a hell of a day as in 228 yards rushing but I don’t know if it truly reflects his “beast mode” since the Rams have one of the worst rushing defenses in the entire league. Despite the explosion of rushing offense from Wells today I still don’t see him as a running back any team in the NFL can build around. Still need to see more out of him.

– Like I said before, the Rams have one of the worst rush defenses in the NFL and they are coached by a defensive minded head coach. They’ve worked really hard building that defense in the draft and it just isn’t performing at the level they should be. I’m really perplexed at what the Rams future will look like in the next couple of years, one week they show potential and the next they show this stink bomb like they had in Week 12; tough to be a Rams fan right now.

– The New York Jets remains alive as they got the big win in Week 12 and basically eliminated the Buffalo Bills from any chance of making the playoffs this season. The Jets got the win and did so in surprising fashion as Mark Sanchez shows that for at least this week, he should be the starting quarterback in New York as he threw for 4 touchdowns in this one. It wasn’t pretty but the Jets got the job done.

– Stevie Johnson’s touchdown dance imitating Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg was very tasteless. I hope the NFL does the proper action by suspending him or giving him a very hefty fine.

– If things couldn’t get worse for a first place team in the AFC they did for the Houston Texans on Sunday as it appears backup quarterback Matt Leinart is out for the season now as well with a broken collarbone. T.J. Yates did okay but he is not a quarterback who should be leading his team to a playoff spot. I wonder who the Texans will sign to lead this team to the AFC playoffs…

– Maurice Jones-Drew leads the team in rushing and receiving in this one & once again I send my apologies to MJD for thinking he may have been done being a productive back in the NFL.

– I can not get over how well the Oakland Raiders have played in recent weeks and they are really starting to look like a potential threat come playoff time. This team really reminds me of the Jets the past couple of years in that on paper you weren’t afraid to play them but you knew they could beat you any given Sunday.

– Calib Hanie seriously didn’t know how to spike the ball properly? Well it blew the chance of the Bears getting one more shot to win it and now the alarm system may be going off in Chicago. They are another team getting ready to patrol the free agent market for some QB depth.

– Rex Grossman threw for 300 yards in Week 12 as the Redskins won their fourth game of the year. Bet you never thought I’d write that this season.

– Marshawn Lynch continues to be a beast for Seattle this season. Had the Seahawks actually have a good offense this team could’ve really given the Niners trouble come season’s end but sadly for football fans out there that won’t be the case. It’s only a matter of time before the Niners win the West.

– New England looked really good this past Sunday as they beat the Eagles in Week 12, I mean really good. They are the best team in the AFC right now by far.

– This is it Philadelphia you are getting your wish granted. Andy Reid will be fired for sure this season after the “dream team” dropped their 7th loss. They can at best right now finish 9-7 which could get you a playoff spot but it’s highly unlikely at this point. I guess people can return their Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles t-shirts now.

– All Tim Tebow does is win, win, win, no matter what; I believe that this Broncos team is playoff bound now and they will at least win a Wild Card spot.

– Just like Andy Reid will be in Philly, Norv Turner will be gone in San Diego. This team has nothing, has had nothing and doesn’t play like they want to be on the field. Some unemployed head coach will be a very lucky person when they take over this team next year.

– Pittsburgh barely beats Kansas City on Sunday night but improves to 8-3. They are like what the Chicago Bears were last season in my mind, not a very good team with a very good record. I still believe New England and Baltimore are higher on the echelon of the AFC right now.

– Do you think Todd Haley join Andy Reid and Norv Turner as fired head coaches at the end of this season? I don’t think as he gets a pass due to the Jamaal Charles and Matt Cassel injuries.

– New Orleans laid the smackdown on the Giants on Monday Night. Great win for the Saints against a historically good defense. The Giants do not have an easy schedule as they play the Saints and Packers in back-to-back games. New York continues to slowly fall out of the playoff race.

[adinserter block=”1″]- I believe Week 12 was one of the most exciting weeks the NFL has had all season. Most of the games were close and whether or not they looked to be appealing or unappealing matchups the games were great. This was definitely one of the best weeks for this season thus far.

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