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NFL Week 12 Thoughts & Recap – Inside The Wheelhouse

Let’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Week 12 in the National Football League!

– Good win for Houston on Thanksgiving as they need to have these kinds of wins to make them look like a formable contender in the AFC. Houston’s lack-of defense lately is probably a concern right now but not a growing one unless this current trend continues. Obviously if the Texans want to be successful this season it will come from their D.

[adinserter block=”1″]- Detroit gets their 7th loss of the season and is all but done for the 2012 season as it’s an extremely disappointing season when you look at what they were able to accomplish last season and how talented their roster is. They need to give Stafford another wide receiver option heading into 2013 because this offense is looking completely different without Nate Burleson, clearly their #2 WR target.

– Robert Griffin III put on a Thanksgiving show that I’m sure we will be talking about for sometime. The Redskins are becoming a serious threat in the NFC East at this point in the season and may surprise some teams. Despite the below .500 record don’t count out Washington just yet.

– This was your typical “Tony Romo era” Cowboys loss. Dallas needed this win to put some major pressure on the New York Giants in the NFC East and they failed to do so. The Cowboys are a very frustrating team to watch as they are so inconsistent on a weekly basis.

– New England is the most complete AFC team at the moment right now. They looked good on both sides of the ball (clearly) and I wonder if it will continue on against good AFC opponents, something the Jets are most definitely not.

– The 2012 New York Jets are horrible. That game will go down in the ages as one of the worst Thanksgiving performances of All-Time!

– Chicago gets the win over Minnesota in pretty convincing fashion. It was also a good sign for the Bears as Jay Cutler looked pretty good in his first game back from his concussion two weeks ago.

– Minnesota needed this win as they are staying neck-and-neck with teams like Tampa Bay & New Orleans for the final Wild Card playoff spots. Vikings are the team on the “outside looking in” when it comes to being competitive though.

– I’ll say it again: Cincinnati is quietly becoming an AFC Playoff contender yet again. Watch out for the Bengals.

– So if you were the Raiders front office would you draft a QB or RB in the 2013 NFL Draft?

– That may be the last win this season for the Browns but it will be considered a successful season by the Cleveland faithful because they beat the Steelers. Week 12 was Cleveland’s Super Bowl win.

– Ya think Pittsburgh misses “Big Ben” yet? Ouch.

– Indianapolis has 7 wins this season and it’s Week 12. Who would’ve thought that to be possible going into this season? Really enjoy watching this Colts team.

– Buffalo, you disappoint me. Please fire Chan Gailey at the end of this season!

– Based on their schedule, the Denver Broncos may have a very good chance at being a #1 or #2 seed in the AFC at the moment. Tough win for the Broncos as the Chiefs did not play like a “bye week” this past Sunday.

– At least Kansas City gave it a good shot…

– Good win for the Dolphins as the #6 seed in the AFC side of the playoffs is basically wide-open at the moment. A 5-6 team like Miami is still in the running with just 5 games to go but I wouldn’t hold my breath that Miami can be that team right now.

– Seattle needed this win as the Wild Card spots are very tight in the heavily competitive NFC playoffs. If the Seahawks want a shot to play in January they need to win games over teams like Miami as they can’t go up against division rivals in the NFC West, such as the 49ers, and think they can still be playoff-bound.

– Atlanta gets that must needed “statement win” over the Tampa Bay Bucs. For the entire season I have felt like the Falcons weren’t looking like a 10-1 team because they didn’t get that “battle tested” victory. While that is no longer the case after Week 12, I still don’t feel like they are strong #1 seed in the NFC yet.

– Tough loss for Tampa who is a borderline NFC playoff team at the moment. How this team responds to the tough loss will be very interesting to watch for the rest of this season.

– How is Chad Henne breathing new life into this Jacksonville offense!? Nice win for the Jaguars as they have played really well the last two weeks.

– The Titans aren’t “lighting the world on-fire” but they certainly should be beating teams like the Jaguars.

– 4th and 29 saved the Ravens first-round bye hopes in Week 12. I still believe the Ravens need to be more consistent when they are on the road especially if they want to catch Houston for home field advantage.

– How did San Diego let that game slip through their grasps? I just don’t know how or why Norv Turner is still coaching this team, extremely disappointing season for the Chargers and it was all summed up in that loss to Baltimore.

– To me the San Francisco 49ers are the best team in the NFL right now and despite that moniker they have a Quarterback controversy on their hands! This is comparable to the “Twilight teams” as people are either on “Team Colin” or “Team Alex.” Personally I am a “Team Colin” guy but feel extremely bad for Alex Smith.

– I’m very interested to see how this loss will affect the Saints momentum for the rest of this season. It’s a veteran team so you’d have to figure they can shake off this loss but when you start 0-4 on the year you never know.

– Nice to see the Rams bounce back after the loss to the Jets in Week 11. I’ve said it many times this season in the blog but I really like what is going in St. Louis. Not sure if Sam Bradford will ever take the step up to be a franchise QB but they are building something good in St. Louis.

– If you are Larry Fitzgerald do you allow this QB situation to happen again for ANOTHER season? Arizona needs to do whatever they can to draft a top QB in the 2013 NFL Draft or make a play for someone (*cough* Kaepernick or Smith *cough*) in the off-season before they lose their franchise WR.

– Great bounce back win for the Giants as there has been much concern lately regarding this team’s performance. Don’t think that will be the case anymore as this is what the Giants needed…a bye week.

– Tough beat down of a loss for the Packers on Sunday Night. Clearly they could not contain the Giants pass rush all game long and how they handle Minnesota in Week 13 will be under a microscope. I wonder how well this team will play once they are completely healthy because they are looking out of rhythm yet again.

[adinserter block=”2″]- Carolina becomes relevant again for at least one week and Cam Newton won’t emotionally meltdown after a loss during the post-game news conference. Consider that a successful week for the Panthers…for now.

– Just fire Andy Reid already…this is getting embarrassing for the Philadelphia Eagles!

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