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NFL Week 12 Recap and Week 13 Predictions

  • I am not one to be a fan of most of the shenignans and “fluff” that happens in the NFL but I was quite amused by Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin’s performance’s the other day. If you haven’t watched the conference it’s worth it. Just search “Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin cut-out” and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Sherman and Baldwin decided it was best to give the NFL what they wanted. You want us to be mandated to talk to the media? Okay we will do just that. Sherman and Baldwin then proceeded to discuss their current endorsement contracts combined with the ever growing and glaring hypocrisy of the league. Part of this was anger from the two men at the ludicrous fine against teammate Marshawn Lynch for not speaking to the media ($100,000).
  • Sherman continually lashed out at the leagues double standards about talking to the media and preaching player safety but yet continuing to have some teams play two times within 5 days. Sherman’s antics were funny with the card board cut out of Baldwin but they increased the glaring double black eyes that the league had this season due to off the field issues involving Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. Sherman poked fun at a league where if you are caught wearing the popular Beats by Dre’ headphones at the stadium, you are fined $10,000 for wearing unauthorized equipment by the league. A league that has set in stone rules about apparel had no set plan in place for criminal or off the field antics similar to Rice or Peterson?
  • Don’t give me that bull that there wasn’t a “precedent” for those actions. It pains me to say this but domestic violence is way, way too prevalent and common place in today’s society and in the NFL. You are telling me this never crossed anyone’s mind about possible punishment? Oh but some suit making 7 figures a year sure as hell notices when a player wears pink outside the month of October and levies a 10K fine for that with 48 business hours. Lynch was fined an astronomical $100,000 for not talking to the media last week and Sherman will most face the same penalty. Why? Because NFL, that’s why. The league needs to stop with antics of enforcing the smaller rules when they can’t even handle the major issues.
  • How about Legarrette Blount everyone? Quits on the Steelers, arguably signs with a better team and better chance, scores 2 touchdowns and has a great re-debut for the Patriots? Yet another shining example of talent will always outweigh any on or off the field issues. I mean he was literally cut and signed within 24 hours of his release. But hey, the NFL has long been about “winning above anything else”. That’s why you see coaches terminated within 2 years of signing huge deals. That’s why you see quarterbacks being pulled quicker and quicker in today’s league. The league is not about setting examples of great employee conduct or morale. It’s all about “what have you done for me lately” and “what can you do for me now?” The immediate signings of Blount (Patriots) and Ben Tate (Vikings) will now, more than ever, show other players that these antics are okay. I expect a full slew of more quitting and diva antics once teams miss the playoffs and or fail in their bid for a Superbowl.

Recap from Week 12:

Bold Prediction from Week 12: Giants over the Cowboys. – WRONG – UGH so close! I predicted that Eli Manning would have a huge bounce back game and he did…sort of. In the end the Cowboys got the in.

Guaranteed Lock from Week 12: Broncos over the Dolphins. – RIGHT – Sheeesh…..could you have made this any closer Denver? Thanks for bailing me out.

Picks for Week 13:

Bold Prediction for Week 13: Falcons over the Cardinals. Look, I know first-hand that the NFC South is the worst division in probably the history of the NFL. But, they all at least know what’s at stake. Every team is still in the hunt for the division title and even with a poor performance against the Browns at home last week, I like them to rebound this week and upset Arizona.

Guaranteed Lock for Week 13: Eagles over the Cowboys. Mark Sanchez will not let the “Butt Fumble” game define his Thursday NFL career. Huge game for the Sanchise and Eagles come out on top. 

I kept it short and sweet for you guys this week so you’d have more room for turkey! Have a safe holiday and travels.  

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