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NFL Week 11 Recap and Week 12 Picks

I’m fairly certain that the one thing I find absolutely infuriating in sports is when athletes quit. This past weekend we had 3 examples of football players quitting within 2 days of each other. 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks started the theme on Sunday when he took himself out of the 49ers game due to what he felt was inadequate playing time.

[adinserter block=”1″]The 49ers have had an emerging star in Chris Borland at Linebacker and he has been given his fair share of opportunities this season. A lot of his chances come because of Aldon Smith’s suspension and Navorro Bowman’s recovery from knee surgery. Bowman has found his plays down this season and reacted on Sunday by sitting on the bench, pouting. A multi-millionaire baby…..sat there….on the bench….in front of thousands in attendance and millions watching around at home…..and he pouted.

He pouted like a 2 year old when they spill their milk. And then, in a bizarre game of “whatever you can do, I can do better,” Legarrette Blount and Ben Tate quit on their respective teams Sunday and Monday. During the 2nd half of their Monday Night Football game, Steelers Running Back Le’Veon Bell was stomping the Titans into oblivion. Back-up Running Back Legarette Blount decided that the 4th quarter was the opportune time to go check his fantasy lineup score and proceeded to leave the bench, shower and get ready to leave the game….with it still going on! Blount was unhappy with his usage (no pun intended) and proceeded to get on the Brooks cry train and left the field.

Thankfully the Steelers cut Blount promptly the next morning and now the man who once punched another player in the face at the end of the game and was lucky enough to even have a job in the first place, finds himself looking for his 5th team in as many years. How about Ben Tate, formerly of the Browns and now of the Vikings? Tate had some solid years as a back-up to Arian Foster in Houston and that led to him being one of the hottest Free Agents this past off season. Tate had a few personal injuries and the emergence of a trio of great rookie Running Backs led to the “pout train” taking a trip through Cleveland before its trip down to Nashville. The Browns would cut Tate on Monday morning.

I have no sympathy for these guys who put themselves over their team. The 49ers, Steelers and Browns are all winning currently and look like they can cause some major noise in their respective conferences. You don’t want to be here? Fine, pack your bags and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. What happened to the days when players would do whatever it took in the name of winning a game? The Steeler game was close at the end. What if Bell would have suffered an injury in the middle of the 4th quarter?

“Hey ah…anyone see Legarrette?”…..”Hold on coach, he’s in the middle of this crucial mission of Call of Duty and it couldn’t wait”.

“Hey ah…anyone see Legarrette?”….”Hold on coach, he thought he left his stove on back in Pittsburgh, he went to go check on it”

It’s ridiculous! I saw reports that one vocal Steeler player didn’t even want Blount on the bus on the ride back to the hotel / airport after the game. I wouldn’t either, I’d toss him 50 bucks and a Mega-Bus schedule. The 49ers should have reacted in this same way that the Browns and Steelers did. I am tired of these multi-million dollar athletes who put themselves above other guys over a silly thing as their plays being reduced or things just not going their way. Kudos to the Steelers and Browns. Hopefully this sends a message to the other players in the league thinking about taking a seat for their own better good.

Week 11 Recap

Bold Prediction from Week 11: Texans over the Browns. – RIGHT – Pretty simple result here. I don’t believe in the Browns. I am happy that one of the worst teams in the history of the NFL seems to be on the rise but until they get into the playoffs and have some major wins, I more or less will always favor the opponent.

Guaranteed Lock from Week 11: Raiders over the Chargers. – WRONG – 0-16 here we come Raider Nation! Their remaining schedule has them facing the Chiefs, Rams, 49ers, Chiefs, Bills and Broncos. The ONLY game I think they have a remote chance of winning would be the final against Denver (due to Denver resting starters for playoffs). However, I’m fairly certain Peyton Manning will have something to say about potentially losing to a 0-15 team.

[adinserter block=”2″]Week 12 Predictions:

Bold Prediction for Week 12: Giants over the Cowboys. – This is what Eli Manning does. He brings all us suckers in close with poor play, lulls us to sleep like little babies and then boom, he throws for 300, 3 TD’s, no picks and the team wins. I like it to happen against the Cowboys Sunday night.

Guaranteed Lock for Week 11: Broncos over the Dolphins. – Denver has been fairly mediocre the last 3 weeks. It would not be surprising that the red hot Dolphins could pull the win off but I believe Manning ends any questions to his play on Sunday with an absolute beat down of the Dolphins.

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