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NFL Week 11 Thoughts – Inside The Wheelhouse

Tim TebowLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Week 11 in the National Football League!

– Tim Tebow is now 4-1 this season when he has started for the Denver Broncos. Denver is now 5-5 and in the mix for the AFC West. This is amazing.

– The New York Jets have been extremely inconsistent this season and do not look like they have it to make the AFC Playoff race. Things need to heat up soon in Jets land or the New York press will start questioning the longevity of both Rex Ryan & Mark Sanchez with Gang Green.

– The Browns defeated the Jaguars in the most anticipating game from Week 11. Can sense sarcasm? I can. Who would have thought Ogbonnaya would rush more then MJD in this one?

– Detroit gets a must needed win over the Panthers heading into the big Thanksgiving matchup against the Green Bay Packers. It’s a big win for the Lions despite it being against the Panthers cause had Detroit lost this one they would be in big trouble from backpedaling out of playoff position.

[adinserter block=”2″]- Alright this is the official farewell to the Buffalo Bills, everybody wave goodbye to the great early run the Bills had this season. I look forward to them building off of this in the next 2-3 years.

– I can’t believe I’m saying this but the Miami Dolphins can be what the Buffalo Bills were in the 1st half of the season for the rest of this season and be a pesky competitive team. They aren’t playing for Andrew Luck anymore (but could be playing for USC’s Matt Barkley) and they are playing pretty darn good right now. I actually like their chances against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.

– A couple weeks ago I wrote off the Oakland Raiders after losing two straight and now they are leading the AFC West…by two games. I take back everything I said before about this team. This is a playoff team…from the AFC West, but still a playoff team. Doesn’t matter what they do though because that Carson Palmer trade was horrible.

– As an Adrian Peterson fantasy football owner in both leagues I play in I hope he is able to play next week. Oh and welcome back to the NFL Percy Harvin.

– I have loved the Dallas Cowboys the last couple of weeks. They were becoming a #3 team in the NFC behind the Green Bay Packers and creeping up on the Giants in the NFC East & then they have their game against the Redskins. Sure they got the win and that’s all that matters at the end of the day but they did not look good at all. I would not be shocked if the Dolphins beat them on Thanksgiving.

– Washington isn’t playing for Andrew Luck so they need to be playing for Matt Barkley from USC…and their current head coach’s job…

– Tampa Bay was tough but Green Bay gets the victory and improves to 10-0 on the season. This was a typical Green Bay game from this season as they have a pretty decent lead and have a team come back to make it a game in the end. Green Bay’s defense needs to step it up or they are looking at 1 or 2 losses before the season ends. These next two games (against Detroit & the New York Giants) will be pretty big for the defending champions.

– Maybe Josh Freeman isn’t the guy for the Tampa Bay Bucs after all or hopefully it’s just a sophomore slump…

– It’s been a pretty exciting run to watch thus far but this was the final nail in the coffin on the Cincinnati Bengals really surprising run this season. Had they gotten a win over either Pittsburgh and/or Baltimore then it would be a really exciting underdog story we could be writing about. Instead they are a team that is surprisingly above .500 in Week 11, they will hang in there but they are an 8-8 team at best now.

– It wasn’t a blowout win but just like the Dallas Cowboys, a win is a win. The Ravens get a much needed win and now are back in the hunt of things in the AFC North. They need to turn it up from here on out to prove if they are Super Bowl contenders or pretenders.

– In the 2nd most anticipating game this season, the Seattle Seahawks defeat the St. Louis Rams in Week 11. There is nothing really to note from this game except that the Seahawks can’t lose another game this season if they want to win the NFC West…once again, catch the sarcasm in this one.

– I wonder who the Rams will focus their first round pick on in this year’s draft. They could use weapons for Sam Bradford but it wouldn’t be a bad idea continuing to build that defense. With a defensive minded head coach I’m guessing they go the defensive route, I like this team’s defensive chances in the next 2 years.

– The San Francisco 49ers can clinch the NFC West with a victory in Week 12 over Baltimore and a Seahawks loss. Once again, in Week 12!

– So much for John Skelton impressing people as the starting QB in Arizona eh?

– Tennessee please welcome yourselves to the Jake Locker era and don’t sleep on this team just yet from winning the AFC South or even getting a playoff spot. Despite the loss, the team currently in 1st place in the AFC South (the Houston Texans) has Matt Leinart as their starter for the rest of the year.

– Welcome back to the NFL Roddy White. Despite the win I’m really leaning towards Atlanta missing the playoffs still. I just don’t know if this team is as good as we thought they were, the critics are still out on this team.

– Da Bears got the win but they lost Jay Cutler for the rest of the regular season. While it’s easy to now scratch them out of the running for a playoff spot I wouldn’t just yet. Cutler isn’t an elite QB and he got Chicago to 7 wins this season. They will side step a bit but will be in the playoff fold.

– Another week and another loss of the Chargers. They have completely given up once again. Oh and by the way, I can’t wait to see what injury Phillip Rivers played with all season because he is not playing normally.

– The NFC East is starting to heat up again as the loss for the Giants now puts them in a tie with the Dallas Cowboys for 1st in the East. The Giants should have won this one and needed to put the Eagles away but couldn’t do so. This is a typical Giants season as they go on a streak of wins and losses…much to the chagrin (and health) of their fans.

[adinserter block=”1″]- So I guess we can’t count the “dream team” out just yet. They still can go 10-6 and stranger things have happened…

– Everyone needs to get used to the way the Patriots are playing because this is how it will be for the rest of the season leading into the playoffs as their schedule is extremely soft to wrap up the year. This Patriots team should slide into a first round bye as I don’t see them having much trouble barring any major injuries.

– Do you think the Chiefs got a taste of their own medicine on Monday night as the Patriots kept pounding up the scoreboard?

– I just want to take the time out to wish everyone reading & their families a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day.

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