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NFL Week 10 Thoughts & Recap – Inside The Wheelhouse

Let’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Week 10 in the National Football League!

– First off I’d like to thank Eric Gargiulo and the rest of the Camel Clutch Blog community for allowing me to have the last two weeks off due to Hurricane Sandy. I spent nearly the last two weeks responding and helping with recovery efforts due to the storm hitting my community (I am a volunteer firefighter). I appreciate the time away and look forward to getting back to “normal” with this week’s Week 10 thoughts blog!

– I really am enjoying what I am seeing from the Indianapolis Colts in recent weeks. They are 5-1 in their last 6 games and I really believe they are this season’s Cincinnati Bengals in the fact that no one thought they’d be where they are currently. This is a Wild Card playoff team in the making if the stars continue to align as they have in their last 6 games.

– So do you think the Jaguars will consider drafting USC Quarterback Matt Barkley in the 2013 NFL Draft?

[adinserter block=”1″]- Cincinnati looked like the greatest team in Football on Sunday against the New York Football Giants. They dominated the defending Super Bowl Champions offensively and defensively throughout the game as they got their 4th win of the season on Sunday. If the Bengals can play like that on a consistent basis then good things could be coming the way of this young team, just an absolute incredible performance in Week 10 for the Bengals.

– What is going on with the New York Giants lately!? It’s really starting to make me wonder if there is truth to the “Eli Manning has a tired arm” rumor.

– Imagine if the Tennessee Titans played like this on a consistent basis where Chris Johnson was actually a determining factor in their victories? While this team isn’t “amazing” I certainly believe they have been playing below their potential all year long.

– Miami, seriously? They are another one of my favorite stories this season where they had a chance to further their playoff chances and they failed against a pretty bad team this season in the Titans, a very disappointing loss for the Miami Dolphins in Week 10.

– Great bounce back win for the Minnesota Vikings in Week 10 against the Lions. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Vikings and many people, including myself, believed this was just all part of the “come down” that they were riding on to start the season. While I don’t believe this team to be a playoff contender you have to tip your cap to them for giving it a really good competitive shot.

– Detroit has been an extreme disappointment this season. They currently sit at 4-5 on the season and are last place in the NFC North. If things don’t improve I think the Lions should consider letting Jim Schwartz go at the end of the season as there would be a line of coaches waiting to coach this very talented team.

– For whatever reason the New England Patriots always seem to struggle against the Buffalo Bills. I don’t know if the Bills have the Patriots # or if the Pats just aren’t that dominant anymore but Buffalo always gives them a fight and we got such in Week 10. A win is a win but there are still looming questions regarding the dominance of the New England Patriots in 2012.

– The Bills always seem to give it a good shot in beating the Patriots lately but failed to do so in both opportunities this season. I really believe that this team could be a force in 2013 but with a different head coach. It would not shock me if this squad is able to beat the Patriots in both matchups next season should a head coaching change occur.

– Don’t sleep on the Saints yet! They are 4-5 on the season and 4-1 in their last 5 games. New Orleans is making this one-time doubter into a believer.

– People questioned how good Atlanta was due to their lack-of competitive opponents this season. When you are 8-0 and your combined opponents winning percentage is near .350 people will question how good you truly are. Now with the loss against the Saints that belief will continue to grow stronger until this team knocks off some big time heavy-hitters in the NFL.

– Tampa Bay continues to be one of my favorite teams to watch this season. Believe me when I say this: they are a better team then their 5-4 record shows. Don’t believe me? Look at their schedule and notice the margin of victory for their opponent.

– It’s time San Diego. Just fire Norv Turner already won’t you? Andy Reid is waiting for you in 2013.

– Quietly the Denver Broncos continue to have a good season and rumblings of Peyton Manning being an MVP candidate are starting to get louder. They will be a very interesting team to watch come the Postseason should they make it.

– So who is wondering if that Cam Newton rookie season was nothing more then a one-hit wonder now?

– What was the real reason the Baltimore Ravens put up 55 points against the Raiders in Week 10? Was it the Ray Lewis pre-game speech or did it have more to do with the Ravens just playing the Raiders?

– Oakland isn’t the worst team in the league, that honor goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars, but they are certainly going to be a top-3 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft at this point. Could USC’s Matt Barkley stay in California when the 2013 NFL Draft rolls around?

– Seattle looked very strong yet again as they dismantled the New York Jets in Week 10. Russell Wilson is quietly emerging as another rookie-of-the-year candidate in the already crazy rookie-of-the-year race. Should Wilson lead this team to the playoffs or even the NFC West title would that automatically make him the favorite to win the award?

– I know everyone likes to jump on these “bandwagons” when a team is underperforming but Rex Ryan should not be fired nor should Mark Sanchez be traded from the New York Jets. Yes they are playing horribly at the current moment but lets face it, Mike Tannenbaum did not field a team that would give this squad the best chance to win. If anyone deserves to take blame for this terrible season it’s Tannenbaum and not Rex Ryan or Mark Sanchez.

– Congrats to the Dallas Cowboys on winning the Week 10 “toilet bowl” matchup that has resulted in at least one week of reprieve for Jason Garrett and Tony Romo. For the time being, their jobs are safe. Of course that’s until their next loss.

– There’s no way Andy Reid and/or Michael Vick return to the Philadelphia Eagles next season right? Either way the Eagles franchise needs to make a change now or this team will continue to spin their wheels. For whatever reason, it reminds me a lot of when the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball started to make their slide into a fledging franchise. This franchise is just too good to be playing this poorly on a consistent basis.

– How come in 2012 an NFL game can end in a TIE!? Seems to me that the NFL needs to really consider having the ability for a tie to end a game…absolutely ridiculous that the Rams/49ers game ended that way.

– The Houston Texans got a big victory in a potential Super Bowl 47 matchup on Sunday Night and they needed this victory pretty badly. It wasn’t because they have been struggling or anything but because they needed that victory to prove they belong to be at the top in the AFC. Houston got that victory as they went into Chicago and walked out with the “W.”

– On the other side of the coin we will now question how good Chicago is as they lost to Houston in a game they needed to win for a “statement game.” The Bears are similar to the Atlanta Falcons in the fact that people are questioning if they are as good as their record shows and after a tough loss to the Texans that’s where we will stand for yet another week. To make matters worse we will now have to wonder if Jay Cutler will be healthy to play in the near future.

– Pittsburgh won but did it really feel like a win on Monday Night? I mean you lose Big Ben to what we assume could be a pretty lengthy injury AND the Kansas City Chiefs took it to you for most of the game. A win is a win but it certainly didn’t feel like the Steelers won.

– Kansas City gave it a good shot on Monday Night and at least they had a lead for once. Add Kansas City to the list of the worst three teams in the NFL along with the Raiders and Jaguars.

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