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Nine and Dine – NFL Thanksgiving Game Memories

Okay, so Thursday is Thanksgiving everyone so first off a Happy Holiday to you and your families from “The Shark” and everyone here at CamelClutchBlog.com. This week, I give you a little Thanksgiving Day treat. I call it, “The Sharks Nine and Dine”. So why the name, well it is some of my favorite Thanksgiving Day NFL game memories. Okay maybe not the best, but nine that I remember for one reason or the next so there’s the Nine and the Dine, well what else do you do on Turkey Day…you eat!

So in no real order enjoy some fun memories from the past:

November 24th, 2005 Denver Broncos 24, Dallas Cowboys 21 OT
The Broncos came in with an 8-2 mark to face the 7-3 Cowboys
The Cowboys were seen as the favorite and many thought the Broncos were nothing more than a team with an inflated record due to a bad schedule. The Broncos started the scoring with a 65 yard interception return for a TD by Champ Bailey. The offense was led by Ron Dayne who was a throw away picked up in desperation, and for it he delivered 98 yards and a TD including a 55 yard run. Dallas scored with 1:14 left in regualtion, but the Broncos managed to prevail in overtime.

[adinserter block=”1″]November 25th, 2004 Indianapolis Colts 41, Detroit Lions 9
The Colts entered at 7-3 and the Lions were 3-7
“I’d rather be home cooking,” was a sign held by one of the Lions fans in attendance. True Story! Colts QB Peyton Manning threw 6 TD passes, 3 to Marvin Harrison and 3 to Brandon Stokley, and that was just in the first 3 quarters. Manning broke the NFL record by throwing 4 or more TDs in 5 straight games, in which he managed to accomplish by half-time. Before the game, the Lions honored greats Barry Sanders, Billy Simms, and Lem Borey, all of which wore number 20 for Detroit. Hmm, some honor. They should have let them stay home on the holiday with family instead of this.

November 26st, 1998 Minnesota Vikings 46, Dallas Cowboys 36
The Vikings came into the game an NFC best 10-1 and Dallas at 8-3
This was quite the air show on this day. Some kid named Randy Moss catches 3 passes for a total of 163 yards. The even bigger news, they were all for touchdowns of 56, 51, and 56 yards. Randall Cunningham ended with 4 TDs total, and haunted the Cowboys on turkey day again.

November 23rd, 1995 Detroit Lions 44, Minnesota Vikings 38
An NFC playoff position showdown with the Lions at 5-6 vs the Vikings at 6-5
This one was like a heavyweight showdown. Big play after big play, score after score. Scott Mitchell goes 30-45 for 410 yards and 4 TDs. Warren Moon goes 30-47 for 382 yards and 3 TDs. Barry Sanders rushes for 138 yards and a TD which was a 50 yard run in the 4th quarter. 3 Lions go for over 100 yards receiving as well as 2 Vikings. A beautiful and poetic brawl on Thanksgiving. 2 teams laying it all out there and giving it every last bit of what they had! Oh yeah, and, “The Shark” bet the over! Cha-Ching!

November 23, 2006 Kansas City Chiefs 19, Denver Broncos 10
Denver at 7-3 had a one game lead over the Chiefs at 6-4 in 2nd place in the AFC West.
The NFL throws NFL Network a bone (no Turkey pun intended) and now makes a third game for the holiday. The inaugural one is this snoozer! You thought tryptophan made you tired after eating Turkey, then you didn’t see this game. Wake me when Grandma is leaving please.

November 23rd, 2000 Detroit Lions 34, New England Patriots 9
The Lions came roaring in at 8-2 while the Pats were slumming at 3-7
Long before the days of Brady and Belichick the Pats were this bunch. Charlie Batch led the charge for the Lions with 1 passing and 1 rushing TD. Drew Bledsoe was picked off twice including a 101 yard run back by Bryant Westbrook during a 21 point unanswered fourth quarter by the Lions. Ok so why is this such a big deal? Well it was the last time to date that the Lions have won on Thanksgiving. Eight years ago for those of you counting at home.

November 25th, 1993 Miami Dolphins 16, Dallas Cowboys 14
Miami came in at 8-2 to face the defending Super Bowl champs who were 7-3
Snow, yes snow was present in this one. The Dolphins stormed out of the gate with a 77 yards TD run by Keith Byars and the Dolphins seemed ready for a big day. Cowboys WR Kevin Williams then stole the show with a 4 yard TD catch then a 64 yard punt return for a TD. Miami battled on and QB Steve DeBerg (yes THAT Steve DeBerg ) outpassed Troy Aikman 287 to 181. The game however will be remembered for, “The Botch.” With 14 seconds left in the game Dolphins kicker Pete Stoyanovich was lining up for a go ahead field goal for the ‘Phins. With the snowy conditions he got little on it and it was blocked by Cowboy Jimmie Jones. Simple, Dallas leaves it alone and they win right? Wrong! Lineman and Cowboy goat Leon Lett, in the heat of the moment attempts to pick it up but instead kicks if down field all the way to the Cowboy 1 yard line, where the Dolphins fall on it. Since it is touched by a Cowboy player the Dolphins were able to regain possession and as time expired Stoyanovich used his second chance to nail the 19 yard field goal, and nail the Cowboys coffin on this day. This game has been renamed “Lett-It-Be,” by many disheartened Cowboys fans in the years since the blunder.

November 24th 1977 Miami Dolphins 55, St. Louis Cardinals 14
As just a 6 year old boy, this was my first real memory of a Thanksgiving day game. Mom continues to yell my name and tell me it’s time to eat, but I’m glued to the set to watch this massacre. Bob Griese throws for 6 TDs, the Dolphins rush for 295 yards as a team and held the Cards to just 210 yards of total offense. Still fairly new to the sport, it made me wonder why guys would do this on a holiday if they thought they would be beaten so badly? It is tied for the most points scored by one team and tied for the largest margin of victory in Thanksgiving day history, and it was my first that I can have a sniff of memory about. Okay mom, I’m coming!

November 23rd, 1989 Philadelphia Eagles 27, Dallas Cowboys 0
[adinserter block=”2″]The Eagles came to big D 8-3 while the young Cowboys were just 1-10
“The Bounty Bowl,” as it will always be remembered as it featured the Philadelphia Eagles led by Coach Buddy Ryan smearing Jimmie Johnson’s Dallas Cowboys. Troy Aikman was picked off three times and Hall Of Fame Receiver Cris Carter caught two td passes. Oh, and there is more! Eagle Jessie Small nailed Cowboy kicker Luis Zendejas (a former Eagle cut by Ryan) during a kick off and Zendejas was forced to leave with a concussion. After the game Johnson stated that Ryan, “Played dirty, and that was truly tasteless of him. I would have said something but he ran his fat rear back to the locker room too fast.” Ryan’s reply, “I’m offended by that, I actually lost a few pounds and thought I looked good.” Zendejas had said when he was with the Eagles that Ryan had offered money to his players to take out opposing players, a statement that Ryan denies to this day. It is still the only shutout in Thanksgiving history and yes another black mark on the great city of Philly. We can’t even be civil on Thanksgiving!

So thank you all for reading and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget this and every Friday to check out “Beat The Shark”, my NFL pick em contest as well as my fantasy football start and sit article “Flash and Crash”.

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at phillyphan1971@yahoo.com

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  1. LOL You forgot about the Referee Sid Luckman (I think that was his name) screwing up the coin toss with Jerome Bettis of the Steelers and one of the Lions. LOL I THINK that was on Thanksgiving. The Leon Lett goof never gets old though. Good job


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