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Eli Manning Super Bowl 46 MVPLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from Super Bowl 46 in my final edition of the 2011-2012 NFL weekly thoughts blog here at the CCB!

– Kudos to the NFL on delivering on another amazing Super Bowl and another amazing season. This is why the NFL is the best sport in the United States!

[ad 6]- The New York Football Giants are World Champions again after defeating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl…again. This was a 7-7 team on December 17th who was one loss away from their season ending. They had their backs up against the wall and stood up when the pressure was on winning their final six games, all “must win” games mind you, enroute to a Super Bowl Championship. Congrats to the Giants and their fans on another amazing Super Bowl victory.

– If Eli Manning isn’t considered an elite QB now then you need to hand in your NFL fan card immediately. He came up huge, yet again, and led the New York Giants to their 2nd Super Bowl in 4 years. He continues to step up when it counts most and is never rattled. He is a complete gamer, amazing how much he has grown into his own throughout his career.

– The Giants top to bottom was the better fundamentally sound football team. They kept the pressure on Brady all game; they never got mentally behind and were in it no matter what the score was. The pass to Mario Manningham was historic and the drive was legendary. This team had the momentum and finished the season strong; at the end of the day they had the heart of a champion and earned that title at Super Bowl 46.

– I truly believe we are seeing the slow end of the era of dominance in New England. Every sports franchise goes through it and I believe we are now seeing it with the Patriots after they lost their third straight game against the Giants, two of which were in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is still a dominant quarterback don’t get me wrong but unlike other franchises we are seeing this one unravel slowly rather then fast like other teams in various other sports go through.

– I was never a complete believer in the Patriots this season. I believed the AFC was weak and their schedule to end the season was even weaker. They were still a great team but were never “battle tested” like the Giants were to close out the season. Now going through that affects a team greatly and I believe we saw that with New England to close out the year.

– Will the Patriots be in the Super Bowl again under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? I certainly won’t bet against them but time is not on their side anymore either. This team will be under a microscope next season on whether or not the seams are slowly threading away in New England. This loss will be a tougher pill to swallow then Super Bowl 42 when they were going for perfection.

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  1. I can understand where you are coming from but the better team is the one holding the trophy at the end of the game. Pittsburgh had a better regular season record then Green Bay last season but the better team won the Super Bowl, as is the same in this case.

    Tom Brady is a terrific quarterback, one of the greatest of all-time, but he did not have the best game either on the greatest stage. The safety call was a huge mistake and after he settled down in the 2nd & 3rd quarters he never bounced back from what I would expect was a left shoulder injury. The pass to Welker was overthrown lets face it, had Brady got the ball to him in the open field where Welker could catch it he would have.

    I think the Patriots not playing a team with a winning record until the AFC Championship Game really hurt them as the NFC side of the playoffs was above and beyond better then the AFC's side of the bracket. New York stepped up when it counted and have earned the right to be Super Bowl Champions today. You can't take anything away from them, no matter what their record was, who their QB is and who's the coach on the sidelines they are still the 2011 Super Bowl Champions.

  2. Great job, Jeff. I was "all in" on both teams. I was not buying into a lot of the national media saying the Patriots weren't all that. No offense, Jeff because I know that's how you feel here. However, IMO, the Patriots beat themselves here. There is no question about it. The much maligned defense "did its job," especially against that high powered offense. They are the only defense to hold opponents less than 27 points. No other.

    It was the OFFENSE's failure to execute. Both Brady and Eli had pretty good games, with Tom have the 1 INT if you check their stat lines. However, Brady's receivers did not help him out. Dropped passes and such. The Pats defense had several chances to recover fumbles as well.

    Pats were the better team by virtue of their record and QB and coach, but they just made too many mistakes.


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