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Everything in the 2014-15 NFL Season all comes down to this, my readers. The regular season is over. The playoffs are over, and two teams are left to compete for the Lombardi Trophy in the last game of the 2014-15 NFL Season, Super Bowl 49, which will air on NBC, February 1st. The two teams in this year’s edition are the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks, for the NFC, and the New England Patriots, for the AFC.

Both the Seahawks and the Patriots are very exciting and tough teams. The Seahawks are famous for their quick and relentless defense. The team is lead by the unflappable QB Russell Wilson. Their defense includes the excellent CB Richard Sherman and SS Kam Chancellor. Even though Wilson is awesome at QB, the offense goes through RB Marshawn Lynch. The Patriots are lead by QB Tom Brady, along with his arsenal of weapons, such as TE Rob Gronkowski, WR Brandon LeFell, and others. The Patriots defense is excellent, and includes NT Vince Wilfork, DE Chandler Jones, and star DB Darrelle Revis.

[adinserter block=”1″]In this blog, I will be discussing these two teams, and will be making my prediction for Super Bowl Sunday. Even though both of these teams are polarizing, I will not be discussing any of the distractions that have been dominating the discussion surrounding both teams in the Super Bowl . If you want to hear about that rubbish, you can watch ESPN. I’m all about the game and these two teams who worked their rear ends off to get here.

So, without further ado, here’s my prediction for Super Bowl 49. I hope my readers will enjoy this blog. As both teams hail from cities that have produced great musical artists, I may sneak in a few musical references. I plan to examine each team, their respective conference championship game, game plan, and end the blog with my final prediction.

SUPER BOWL 49: The Seattle Seahawks vs The New England Patriots

Date: February 1, 2015
Network : NBC
Kickoff : 6:30PM, EST
Stadium : University of Arizona

The Seattle Seahawks

Analysis: The Seahawks are the defending champions for a reason. One being resiliency. They were left for dead in the regular season due to injuries and the Percy Harvin trade. Somehow, they kept going. They lost at home to the Dallas Cowboys. They lost to the San Diego Chargers. People were losing their minds. However, late in the regular season, guys, like Bobby Wagner, came back from injury , and the team gelled. The Seahawks had the number one defense by the time the season ended. Where are the Cowboys and Chargers?

The Seahawks NFC Conference Championship Game:

This resilience showed in the Seahawks’ win over the Green Bay Packers. I will say that I am still not sure if this was a case of the Packers losing the game, or the Seahawks winning it. I mean, Packers Coach Mike McCarthy made some strange calls. The Packers should have been more aggressive offensively. I know about Brandon
Bostick, and his mistake on the hands team, but it shouldn’t have come to that.

Anyway, in that game, QB Russell Wilson, had a very bad game. He threw several interceptions. Did he and the team give up? They didn’t, and got Marshawn Lynch going. Wilson made some key plays, and ran in for a touchdown himself. The Seahawks took advantage of the mistakes that the Packers made, and walked away with the victory. Also, CB Richard Sherman badly injured his elbow, and valiantly kept playing. This team is tough physically and mentally.

The New England Patriots

Analysis: In a very similar storyline as the defending champions, after a devastating 41-14 loss in Week 4 to the Kansas City Chiefs, the New England Patriots were also written off by such illuminaries such as ESPN’s crack reporter, Trent Dilfer, who said, “The New England Patriots can’t win.” (Dilfer has since apologized. )The Boston area media, along with the talking heads on the NFL Network and ESPN were saying that QB Tom Brady’s no longer a great QB. Calls for backup QB Jimmy Garropolo came as well. After the loss though, led by head coach Bill Belichick’s mantra, “On to Cincinnati,” the Patriots demolished the Bengals, pretty much never looked back. This is an excellent team that has a lot of resiliency. This team is as physically and as mentally tough as they come.

The AFC Conference Championship Game.

The Patriots pretty much destroyed the Indianapolis Colts at Gillette Stadium. The score was 45-7. The reason that the Colts got 7 was because of the interception by DeQuell Jackson in the first half. The Patriots led 17-7 at half time. They scored 28 more after halftime. They used LeGarrette Blount as their main RB. The man ran in for 3 TDs. The Colts defense was just beaten and battered. That Colts team was not ready for prime time.

Keys to the Game:


On Offense: I would have Russell Wilson use his legs more, when he throws. He appears to be much more accurate when throwing on the run. If he’s to throw from the pocket, make sure that WR Doug Baldwin, or whomever the target, is, where the Patriots are a bit vulnerable, and that’s in the middle of their defense. I also would have Marshawn Lynch do a lot of the work. The Seahawks run a similar run scheme like the Ravens do, which has given the Patriots defense trouble.

On Defense and Special Teams : I would try to get pressure up the middle to test how good injured Patriots C Bryon Stork is. Like all QBs, Brady doesn’t respond well with pressure in his face. I also would get people on Rob Gronkowski. Of course, that’s better said than done. The defense line has to do better with stopping the run. In the team’s four losses, the defense has given up over 100 yards. On Special Teams, I would try to just keep the Patriots deep, so they have poor field position. I’d hope for a score on a kick return as well.


On Offense: I would try to spread the defense out. I would try to have Brady make sure he has the right matchups, so he can get the ball to his targets. The Patriots needs a balanced offense, in order to sustain drives. I definitely would run the ball. As I have said, the Seahawks gave up over 100 yards in their four losses. Brady must be smart concerning Richard Sherman. He can’t totally avoid him, but Brady must pick his spots. As much as Gronkowski is his main target, Brady needs to rely on his other receivers like LaFell, Julian Edelman, etc.

On Defense and Special Teams: Defenders need to watch for both Wilson and Lynch. Defenders must be very disciplined, and tackle well. I am talking about bringing the runner to the ground. DE Chandler Jones and Vince Wilfork need to make sure that if they have Wilson sacked, make sure they do so, because he is very elusive. The Patriots secondary needs to step up in this game. It will be interesting to see where Revis will be on the field. On Special Teams, they need to make sure that they tackle well. I have seen some run backs where the runner got the opposing team in better field position due to poor tackling.

My Prediction for Super Bowl 49:

We are looking at two teams who are pretty evenly matched. Some may say it is strength against strength, but I don’t see it that way. These are two tough minded teams coached by two of the best coaches in the NFL in Pete Carroll (Seahawks) and Bill Belichick (Patriots). You have two awesome QBs, Russell Wilson, who’s on the ascension, and Tom Brady who’s already a legend. Whether you like either team or not, that’s how I see it.

I think we are going to see a very physical game. The game will be a bit of a chessmatch between the two coaches. I don’t expect a high scoring game. While the Seahawks did win its NFC Conference Championship Game, and I respect them as the defending champions, that was also a game they could have lost. The Seahawks are facing a team in the Patriots that I don’t think are a pushover like some may think .

I expect the Seahawks to play well. After all, they play the Arizona Cardinals in this Stadium once a year, as they’re in the same division. I suspect that the crowd will be very pro-Seahawks as well. Therefore, the Seahawks will be used to the noise. As Russell Wilson is so calm, I expect he will have a great game.

As for the Patriots, I’m expecting a very well prepared team to come out on all cylinders. I expect the team to have a great game plan for the Seahawks defense. I am expecting Tom Brady, who’s playing in his sixth Super Bowl, who also said he has been watching tons of Seahawks tape, to have a great game. I expect whichever RB, be it Blount or Jonas Gray, to have a great game. On the defense, I expect Darrell Revis to have an amazing game.

[adinserter block=”2″]My Super Bowl Pick:

As everyone knows, the National Anthem is performed. I honestly wish they would just put up a video of the Star Spangled Banner performed by Seattle’s own Jimi Hendrix ( Jimi Hendrix – The Star Spangled Banner [ American Anthem ] ( Live at Wo…: ), and use that. Fans watch the first half of the game and the commercials. Fans either put up with Or take a bathroom break during this year’s halftime show which is Katie Perry ( Katy Perry – Firework: ) . The game is done. and, as I picked this to win it all in my 2014-15 Pre-season blog, I am sticking with my pick. I stuck with this team despite the doubters. I was very confident that this will be their year. This will will give their city some “peace of mind,” to quote Brad Delp of Boston ( Boston-Peace of Mind: Winner: The New England Patriots by a score of 24- 17.

Of course, as the confetti falls, whether or not my prediction is correct, this song plays:

Queen – We Are The Champions (Official Video):

Well, that’s all. Enjoy the game, even if you just like the commercials.

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