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Weekly NFL Power Rankings Ending Week 9

Big Ben and the Steelers are this week's #1 teamRemember when I wrote last week about how it always changes, and that is why I will do this every week from now on? Well more of the same this past week. The Cleveland Browns played spoiler again, the New York Jets barely survived the Detroit Lions and some teams close in rankings beat one another. So, as you can see, the numbers will be changing.

As Jerry Jones showed us, you never know when you will be booted, no matter how much confidence the boss says he has in you, so I better get these rankings straight before I hear on ESPN how I have been ousted from Camel Clutch! So help support your favorite writer, sit back, read and relax and drop some comments at the end, let us know who you think belongs where. Thanks as always readers and good luck in week 10.

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32. Buffalo Bills ( 0-8 ): The commissioner of the BCS rankings called and was shocked to see Buffalo ranked ahead of Auburn. Perhaps next week?

31. Dallas Cowboys ( 1-7 ): Who said the Cowboys and Packers had a small rivalry going? Dallas was giving gifts away this past weekend. Jason Garrett, hello sleepless nights!

30. Carolina Panthers ( 1-7 ): They past Dallas because at least they try, but they still stink.

29. Denver Broncos ( 2-6 ): Best Denver has looked in about a month, as they were on a bye.

28. Detroit Lions ( 2-6 ): If this was baseball, they would need to go out and get a closer badly. They seem to always play a tough 58 minutes of football. Stafford is slowly getting the Lion curse, as he fights through yet another shoulder injury.

27. Cincinnati Bengals ( 2-6 ): If T.O. and Ochocinco yell in a huddle, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

26. San Francisco 49ers ( 2-6 ): The Smiths at QB look much better with Troy then Alex, but still not much going on here.

25. Arizona Cardinals ( 3-5 ): All they had to do was hold on to a 10 point lead in the final 4 minutes to stay tied for first in the NFC West. Failed.

24. Cleveland Browns ( 3-5 ): How many of you would trade Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn right now? Denver’s blunder is Clevelands MVP.

23. Minnesota Vikings ( 3-5 ): Brad Childress said in his post-game press conference that he is “not Brett Favre and does not need a hug”. My question is, who the heck would hug him? Comeback may have salvaged the season however.

22. Seattle Seahawks ( 4-4 ): They are learning from the rest of the West and are trying to give it away. Smoked at home is ugly, and to quote Jim Mora Sr. “I don’t care who ya play”.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars ( 4-4 ): Hot or cold, it is hard to decide, but a win this week has them back over .500.

20. San Diego Chargers ( 4-5 ): Typical mid-season wakening, and still very much in the hunt in the AFC West. Rivers is doing it all right now.

19. Washington Redskins ( 4-4 ): No, you won’t see Rex Grossman getting revenge on the Eagles, that is still Donovan McNabb’s job. Now if he can only keep this one.

18. Houston Texans ( 4-4 ): I tried to be patient, but they still make the ugly mistakes that always keep them from the elite, and this pass defense stinks. Arian Foster is the bright spot, but he can’t do it all.

17. St Louis Rams ( 4-4 ): A million dollars to the person on this Earth that predicted this statement at the mid-way point ” The first place St. Louis Rams”.

16. Chicago Bears ( 5-3 ): A trip to Canada must have made the Bears look pretty good, outside of this country of course. The record is there anyway.

15. Miami Dolphins ( 4-4 ): They are victims of a brutal schedule, but you do have to win some of these tough games to get ahead.

14. Kansas City Chiefs ( 5-3 ): Gave away a game that Oakland actually gave away first. Now the Chiefs are hanging on by a thread in the West.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( 5-3 ): Oh Raheem Morris, so very close, and now so very far. They are playing competitive ball.

12. Tennessee Titans ( 5-3 ): All depends on what they get from Randy Moss, this could be a sleeper team or just fall asleep.

11. Oakland Raiders ( 5-4 ): See what happens when you stop trying to add “once was” players and start an actual team nucleus. The Raiders are making noise again.

10. Indianapolis Colts ( 5-3 ): The injuries are piling up, even for Peyton Manning and his magic wand. They look very beatable on the road.

9. Philadelphia Eagles ( 5-3 ): Michael Vick is playing better than ever, and the Eagles are playing better than expected. Now to solve the Redskins riddle.

8. Atlanta Falcons ( 6-2 ): Beating Tampa was harder than we thought, but they did it, and are looking good in the NFC.

[adinserter block=”1″]7. New Orleans Saints ( 6-3 ): Drew Brees must be using some Cajun voodoo over the Madden curse, as he has the Saints back on track. Don’t feel bad about losing to the Browns, Tom Brady did it too.

6. Baltimore Ravens ( 6-2 ): Slipped a bit as they are not overwhelming anyone, but they keep winning. Tough pass defense humbled Brandon Marshall this past week.

5. New York Jets ( 6-2 ): Teams are starting to figure out the Jets. OT to beat the lowly Lions after being shut out by the Packers. Still talent, but they just can’t show up.

4. Green Bay Packers ( 6-3 ): Playing great through some tough injuries. Clay Mathews Jr. just may be the defensive player of the year. A re-match with the Vikings greet them after the bye week.

3. New England Patriots ( 6-2 ): Easily could be looked at as a trap game against Cleveland as they were most likely looking past them and thinking about the Steelers. You won’t beat the Steelers playing like that however.

2. New York Giants ( 6-2 ): The ship has been righted, for now. They are making QBs cry, and are looking ferocious. They only needed to play a half to thump Seattle on the road.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers ( 6-2 ): Go ahead and try to run on them, I dare you. It isn’t always pretty, but they win.

So with 1 playing 3 this week we can have some more major shake-ups by this time next week. The NFC is finally making a push here too, which makes for very nice balance, and maybe the AFC won’t quite be able to mail in a Super Bowl win yet. Good luck in week 10.

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