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Bi-Weekly NFL Power Rankings Ending Week 8

Tom Brady and the Pats lead the Power RankingsWow, all I can say is wow. If I was a teacher, and this was school, there would be some really tough mid-term grades to dish out. It seems like no NFL team is really ready to take control. Well, what else should we all expect in a season that has the Dallas Cowboys with just one win, Randy Moss looking for team 3, and the game we showcased in London being the woeful 49ers vs. the equally bad Denver Broncos.

Anyway, that is why we issue Power Rankings so at least you have something to refer to. I mean how else can you know who are real contenders and actual pretenders? It can all change in a week, which is why I ditched the bi-week ranks, and have decided to come at you every week with the new rankings. We have a new number 1, the same number 32, and lots of mess in the middle. So, as always, sit back, read and relax, and enjoy week 9.

[adinserter block=”2″]NFL Power Rankings 32-1

32. Buffalo Bills ( 0-7 ): Here is a message to Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor, stay in school. If he turns pro, he turns Bill, which equals yikes!

31. Carolina Panthers ( 1-6 ): Remember when the joke said “That girl looks like the Cincy Bengals, nice uniform, bad helmet”, well, here is the Panthers. The Panthers have great uniforms (at least Michael Vick thinks so) with bad faces in them.

30. Dallas Cowboys ( 1-6 ): At least they don’t have to worry about celebration penalties anymore.

29. Denver Broncos ( 2-6 ): Is it fair that they had to travel all the way to England to lose yet again? Was it fair for England to get this?

28. San Francisco 49ers ( 2-6 ): Was it fair to England to get this? Didn’t I do this already? Troy Smith was a nice spark however.

27. Detroit Lions ( 2-5 ): Calvin Johnson is a beast! Also it helps when opponents send in Rex Grossman to play QB.

26. Cincinnati Bengals ( 2-5 ): T.O., Ochocinco, and heck, maybe Randy Moss? Would that make it that much worse?

25. Cleveland Browns ( 2-5 ): A bye week made lots of teams catch the Browns. Or did the Browns just pass all the poor teams by standing still?

24. Minnesota Vikings ( 2-5 ): Brett Favre may be done, Moss is done, and Sidney Rice is not even close to coming back. Childress has lost all control of a talented, under-achieving team.

23. Arizona Cardinals ( 3-4 ): Great teams find ways to win. Bad teams find ways to lose. And then there are the Cardinals. They should just run a Wild Cat because the QB play here is dreadful.

22. San Diego Chargers ( 3-5 ): If they show up, they are a formidable foe. Once they get back to healthy, it will be interesting.

21. St Louis Rams ( 4-4 ): Whispers of contacting Randy Moss? Who needs him? Sam Bradford is maturing fast, and how cool was Steven Jacksons “Dickerson Goggles”?

20. Seattle Seahawks ( 4-3 ): Doing whatever they can to give away the division lead. A miserable performance this week by the Seahawks.

19. Chicago Bears ( 4-3 ): I hear Jay Cutler managed to throw an interception on his bye week.

18. Washington Redskins ( 4-4 ): You trade a second-round pick to acquire Donovan McNabb just to bench him for Rex Grossman? That alone deserves a ranking plummet!

17. Jacksonville Jaguars ( 4-4 ): The Cowboys can make anybody look good, and I mean anybody. Remember Mike Sims-Walker? Dallas does!

16. Oakland Raiders ( 4-4 ): Talent at the skill positions? A defense making big plays? Is Al Davis still the owner, because this is a great new philosophy! Just win baby, indeed.

15. Philadelphia Eagles ( 4-3 ): Bye week should heal Vick and Jackson, just in time for red-hot Indy to come to town. The real Eagles will show this week, good or bad.

14. Miami Dolphins ( 4-3 ): All this and Brandon Marshall does not even get TDs. A very underrated opponent.

13. Houston Texans ( 4-3 ): Arian Foster had Indy right where he wanted them, until Schaub let them off the hook. Kubiak’s play calling was questionable to say the least.

12. Kansas City Chiefs ( 5-2 ): Oh the glory days of Chiefs vs. Raiders could be back! Big West division showdown looms for this surprise team.

[adinserter block=”1″]11. New Orleans Saints ( 5-3 ): It was Halloween night, and the Saints defense came dressed as the Steelers defense, to beat the Steelers.

10. Tampa bay Buccaneers ( 5-2 ): Raheem Morris called them the “best team in the NFC”, and by record he is right. Huge match-up with the Falcons is coming up.

9. Tennessee Titans ( 5-3 ): It may be time to go back to Kerry Collins, it’s much more steady. Remember a guy named Kenny Britt? Vince Young doesn’t.

8. Green Bay Packers ( 5-3 ): Defense played like world beaters, and beating the Jets to many is beating the world this year.

7. Atlanta Falcons ( 5-2 ): I love that commercial where the Falcons ride the school bus to the park to play with the kids. This is a good bunch of guys who play loose. The real Falcons can make the Super Bowl in an erratic NFC.

6. New York Giants ( 5-2 ): Now that October is over, do we get the old Giants, or do they stay this Giants team? Pass rush is filling the hospitals with QBs.

5. Indianapolis Colts ( 5-2 ): Manning can win with just about anybody on offense. Pass defense looks strong too.

4. Baltimore Ravens ( 5-2 ): Coming off the bye, they need more running. They need to be more complete to topple Pittsburgh in the AFC Central.

3. New York Jets ( 5-2 ): When your punter is calling his own plays, you may be in trouble. Rex had no idea Sean Weatherford came to the Halloween game dressed up as L.T.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers ( 5-2 ): Losing to the defending champs in New Orleans is not a crazy notion. The Steelers lose one spot, but are still pretty good.

1. New England Patriots ( 6-1 ): Stop me if you’ve heard this before: The Patriots are doing it with unknown players. Suddenly it looks like all roads to the Bowl go through Foxboro again. Bill Belichick said “I’m only worried about my team, not the league”. Word to the wise, that’s how it’s done.

Well, after this week the rankings are sure to shuffle again as many teams face tough opponents. Will we have the same number 1 after Sunday? The only way to know is to watch the games, and read up here. Thanks again for reading.

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