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The Shark’s NFL Power Rankings For Week 3

Well here we go again! It is another early NFL season, with new teams stepping up and some teams, well just not bringing what we are used to.

Through 2 weeks of this new NFL season, some serious surprises and hot new rookies that have been all of the buzz. Who is this kid playing QB for the Panthers? Is Cincy missing Carson Palmer at all? Could the Lions or Bills make a run at the playoffs? Oh and how many more questions will I ask? Hey, it’s the Power Rankings, I have to ask, for your enjoyment and my piece of mind.

So here is the list, 32 to 1, sit back and relax and feel free to comment when you’re done reading. Thanks!

32: Kansas City Chiefs (0-2): And to think, it looked bad with Jamaal Charles, how bad will it look without?

31: Seattle Seahawks (0-2): There is good free-agent dollars, and then there are bad free agent dollars. I think this one is obvious!

30: Indianapolis Colts (0-2): Wow, how much is Peyton Manning really worth?

[adinserter block=”2″]29: Minnesota Vikings (0-2): An aged QB is really getting pounded out in Minnesota, it looks like he’s near the end. Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

28: St. Louis Rams (0-2): It actually looked better last year. The Rams have some nice players but not so much a team right now.

27: Miami Dolphins (0-2): Getting Reggie Bush seemed more important than getting Kyle Orton? This team isn’t very scary right now.

26: Carolina Panthers (0-2): One of the most talked about 0-2 team in quite some time. Is Cam Newton still a bust anyone?

25: Denver Broncos (1-1): The offense can get some stuff done, the defense is another question.

24: Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1): “Dear David Garrard, we are very sorry, love, the Jags”

23: Cleveland Browns (1-1): You think Chuck Norris is tough? Peyton Hillis could strangle the “Madden Curse” all by himself! Now, who else wants to help?

22: Cincinnati Bengals (1-1): Andy Dalton isn’t Cam Newton, but he’s pretty good so far. They could be better than advertised.

21. Arizona Cardinals (1-1): Washington is supposed to be so good, yet this team ran with them. Larry Fitz looks to be back.

20. Tennessee Titans (1-1): Chris Johnson hasn’t warmed up yet, and still they look alive.

19. San Francisco 49ers (1-1): Far from great, but Jim Harbaugh has this Cali team playing hard. He’s done that before.

18. Oakland Raiders (1-1): Darren McFadden is proving himself worthy at last, too bad he can’t play defense too. That was an epic collapse last week.

17. New York Giants (1-1): They look good enough to beat the bad teams, and bad enough to get pounded by the good teams. This is a big game for them this week.

16. Chicago Bears (1-1): I started to get sick to my stomach for fear of Jay Cutlers life. They should feed Forte every down and hope for the best. This is a hard team to figure so early.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1): LaGarrette Blount was Bruce Banner in week 1 and The Hulk in week 2, looking angry!

14. Dallas Cowboys (1-1): With everyone healthy they can be tough, but is anyone here healthy?

13. San Diego Chargers (1-1): It’s September in Norv Turner land again. You can’t judge these guys until late November.

12. Buffalo Bills (2-0): Yes they are 2-0, but this is still the Bills. Talk to me at 5-0, if they survive the Patriots.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1): They can’t be this poor against the run and still be the “Dream Team” can they? They need Young if they have no Vick.

10. Atlanta Falcons (1-1): Is there any way they can play all 16 games at home?

9. Washington Redskins (2-0): Rex Grossman said they would win the NFC East, and he looks like he meant it.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1): Maybe a good beating in week 1 is what they needed to wake them up. They do look a bit aged on defense though.

7. Detroit Lions (2-0): They play good defense and good offense, with some good fire power. I wonder if anyone in Detroit can believe it?

[adinserter block=”1″]6. Baltimore Ravens (1-1): You can be sure they are more the team from week 1 than the team from week 2. A let down was inevitable.

5. Houston Texnas (2-0): Arian Foster isn’t even ready to start yet, and the offense still looks sharp. This Texans team is playing mad defense too.

4. New Orleans Saints (1-1): Drew Brees does with his role players what Tom Brady does for his. You don’t need superstars, just a good system with great leadership, oh and some defense, maybe?

3. New York Jets (2-0): It took a few years to build, but Rex Ryan has a team that can play both sides of the ball. Ryan talks Super Bowl, his team is listening.

2. Green Bay Packers (2-0): They survived a ” we can just show up” moment to get to work in week 2. The real tests are coming and they will be ready.

1. New England Patriots (2-0): How can a man make it look so easy? Tom Brady looks as if he can knock a beer out of a fans hand in the upper deck. Such the well oiled machine here so far.

Well not many of us had the Lions, Redskins, and Bills at 2-0, but that is why we play the games. Some big changes can come week to week, so stay tuned. Enjoy NFL week 3 fans!

– The Shark

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  1. GB are the champs, and until they are beaten, deserve to be No. 1. Of course, with a tough road game against Chi-town and the Pats getting the Bills, New England will be No. 1 soon enough.


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