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NFL Power Rankings For Week 14

Troy Polamalu won the game for the Steelers this week13 weeks are in the books folks. This past week was a good one, as some of the top teams showed some would be contenders who’s boss. In a season full of parody, some teams have straightened things out and are cruising while others are finding themselves in big trouble.

Well the week that past saw Tom Brady stick it to the New York Jets, Josh McDaniels get fired and the Pittsburgh Steelers toughing it out against arch-rival Baltimore. Well, we still have a few weeks left and no one is locked into position yet, so this is why I continue to bring you Power Rankings, so you the reader can keep up with the latest movers and shakers. So as always, sit back, read and relax, and thanks for reading.

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32. Carolina Panthers ( 1-11 ): How great does a work stoppage sound to them?

31. Arizona Cardinals ( 3-9 ): How fitting is it that the guy to replace Derek Anderson is named Skelton, since he is pretty much bones compared to what he once was?

30. Cincinnati Bengals ( 2-10 ): If you think they get credit points for playing New Orleans tough, you thought wrong. Marvin Lewis, still the coach?

29. Detroit Lions ( 2-10 ): In typical fashion, play well but can’t finish. There is always next year ( again ).

28. Buffalo Bills ( 2-10 ): Just when it started to look better, they play like that. Oh and why do they take the ball out of Fred Jackson’s hands?

27. Denver Broncos ( 3-9 ): So, firing Josh McDaniels will make this better? I doubt it.

26. San Francisco 49ers ( 4-8 ): Are there some chants for Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh here?

25. Washington Redskins ( 5-7 ): Best move all season by the Redskins? That out clause on McNabbs huge contract extension. Gone by June 1st perhaps?

24. Tennessee Titans ( 5-7 ): Suddenly Vince Young is looking more like the solution rather than the problem.

23. Houston Texans ( 5-7 ): If you watch the games closely, you can’t even see a defense on the screen when opposing QBs throw the football. Gary Kubiak axe?

22. Cleveland Browns ( 5-7 ): A few breaks the other way would have this team in the playoff hunt. Where is that Hillis contract extension?

21. Minnesota Vikings ( 5-7 ): No, I will not say “what if” but you can all figure what I am thinking.

20. Dallas Cowboys ( 5-7 ): If they voted Wade Phillips off the island earlier, they would be in the hunt. They actually play for Garrett.

19. Miami Dolphins ( 6-6 ): So good one week, so bad the next. Quite the enigma here.

18. Seattle Seahawks ( 6-6 ): Pete Carroll’s 6-6 record has Seattle bowl eligible anyway. Now if they can just fight off the Rams.

17. Indianapolis Colts ( 6-6 ): Peyton Manning is actually losing games for his team now? This is news.

16. Oakland Raiders ( 6-6 ): Sweeping of the Chargers puts them here, but still not a better club then the Chargers, they just have their number this year.

15. St. Louis Rams ( 6-6 ): Like it or not people, this is where they are. Still lead the West.

14. San Diego Chargers ( 6-6 ): Not taking care of business against the Raiders may kill the season for them. Need the win over K.C. terribly.

13. Tampa bay Buccaneers ( 7-5 ): They played Atlanta very well again, now they have to learn to finish.

12. Kansas City Chiefs ( 8-4 ): Matt Cassel and the running game are playing really well. This week is the big test, and can put them in the driver’s seat with a win.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars ( 7-5 ): I like this teams spunk. Very blue collar, very gritty. Now can they hang on?

10. New York Giants ( 8-4 ): A home game against the Redskins can cure any football ailment huh?

[adinserter block=”1″]9. Green Bay Packers ( 8-4 ): Aaron Rodgers needs to play hero here, and lift this team to the playoffs.

8. New York Jets ( 9-3 ): Awful blowout loss Monday night makes me wonder if those close games against bad teams means the Jets are not as good as I thought.

7. Baltimore Ravens ( 8-4 ): Really should have sealed the deal. This team can make noise if they make the playoffs however.

6. Philadelphia Eagles ( 8-4 ): Defense needs to get a little tougher, and they need to calm down this Cowboys storm. Vick is still in the MVP talks.

5. Chicago Bears ( 9-3 ): Before you all shake your heads, they beat the Eagles and Packers, and next, well the Patriots at home. If they are worthy of this ranking, we will know it next Sunday.

4. New Orleans Saints ( 9-3 ): You all forgot about these guys didn’t you? Once again, late when it counts, Drew Brees makes it look easy.

3. Atlanta Falcons ( 10-2 ): “Matty Ice” even does it on the road. If they lock up home field they can be real tough.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers ( 9-3 ): Good teams find ways to win, and great players make the plays in crunch time. Forget anyone else here, without Troy Polamalu they are not the same.

1. New England Patriots ( 10-2 ): Give me one reason why they are not number 1. Some pure validation of greatness by smashing the Jets on Monday night.

Plain and simple, here it is. Some people may disagree, and isn’t that the thing that makes this so great?

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