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NFL Power Rankings Ending Week 10

Tom Brady and the Patriots top this week's NFL Power RankingsWith 10 weeks behind us, we still continue to see some amazing things in the NFL. How many of us thought that Michael Vick would transform himself into a QB that could actually pass as well as he can run? The Dallas Cowboys made Jerry Jones look like a mastermind as they played like world beaters and handled the New York Giants, seen by many as the best team in the NFC. It continues to keep us guessing, and shaking out heads at the same time.

So, as I promised last week, the NFL Power Rankings were sure to be all shaken up, and a lot of moving around was bound to happen. As I bring you the newest version of the rankings, it will be like a “Where’s Waldo” game as you try and locate your team, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Hey, treat it like one part great reading, one part game it’s more fun that way. So sit back, read and relax as I send you through the wonderland of all 32 NFL teams, and of course, good luck in week 11.

NFL Power Rankings 32-1

32. Carolina Panthers ( 1-8 ): By the end of the year, they may need fans to come out and play. Or are they just faking injuries to not take the field?

31. Buffalo Bills ( 1-8 ): If you listen closely, you can hear the chants ( We are 31!, We are 31! ). It’s not quite Manning/Leaf, but Pryor/Locker can get interesting at least.

30. Detroit Lions ( 2-7 ): Just when we thought it would get better, they put up a true Lions effort, ending Buffalo’s winless season. No team travels worse than the Lions.

29. Cincinnati Bengals ( 2-7 ): Did I hear the word “Bungles” being revived? Where is Corey Dillon?

28. Arizona Cardinals ( 3-6 ): The good news this week was they didn’t have to pay Donovan McNabb $78 million, but they better pay some QB to do something.

27. Denver Broncos ( 3-6 ): The NFL’s oddest team shines through again. Who was that team pounding on the Chiefs anyway?

[adinserter block=”2″]26. Dallas Cowboys ( 2-7 ): There they are, my pre season Super Bowl contenders. This past week may have been their Bowl or the start of something good, but not likely.

25. Minnesota Vikings ( 3-6 ): And we all think Brad Childress is an evil coach. Did no one hear him tell Sidney Rice ” Hey Sid, don’t bother”. It may not be the Tarvaris Jackson era, but someone new will be needed soon.

24. San Francisco 49ers ( 3-6 ): Troy Smith has seen this before, late season audition for a job turning into wins. He makes the 49er offense much more dangerous.

23. Cleveland Browns ( 3-6 ): Sadly the best hitter they have is Peyton Hillis, but he plays offense. Poor late tackling cost them major upset.

22. Washington Redskins ( 4-5 ): I will make you a $40 million dollar guarantee that Dan Snyder is sick to his stomach after last night’s game. Hey, an idea, throw billions at Randy Moss this off-season. I mean what is 1 more heavily over-paid, once was?

21. Houston Texans ( 4-5 ): I am done defending anything Gary Kubiak touches. If everything Midas touched turned to gold, then everything Kubiak touches turns to, well you know where this is going.

20. St. Louis Rams ( 4-5 ): In true NFC West fashion, a team with a chance to take control of the division, falls flat.

19. Seattle Seahawks ( 5-4 ): If only they could play Arizona 2 more times. They are the leaders of the bizarre NFC West.

18. San Diego Chargers ( 4-5 ): Bye week makes them healthier, and a big one with the Chiefs looms heavy. Are we ready for another late push?

17. Jacksonville Jaguars ( 5-4 ): Just to prove how bad the Texans pass defense truly is, Garrard got sassy and showed you can beat them for 50 easy yards in a mere second.

16. Tennessee Titans ( 5-4 ): Randy Moss only makes you a better team if you get him the ball, oh and play defense a little bit.

15. Kansas City Chiefs ( 5-4 ): The downfall we all expected could be in full form right now. The Chargers game is the biggest Chiefs game in a few years for sure.

14. Miami Dolphins ( 5-4 ): Pennington, gone, Henne, down, and it now lies on Tyler Thigpen. I have some advice, that guy Marshall, yeah he is pretty good, throw it too him.

13. Chicago Bears ( 6-3 ): I see a trend. The Bears had 3 good games, 3 bad games, and 3 good games. Are they now ready to drop to 6-6?

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( 6-3 ): They certainly can handle the bad teams. A very interesting meeting with a hot 49ers team comes up this week. The 3 losses by the Bucs this season to the Steelers, Saints, Falcons, are nothing to be ashamed of.

11. Oakland Raiders ( 5-4 ): Game this week vs. the Steelers will let us all know what we have here. Fell into first place in the AFC West by standing still this week.

10. New Orleans Saints ( 6-3 ): They will need to find some kind of running game to beat the big teams, but they are on track now.

9. Indianapolis Colts ( 6-3 ): The defense actually showed they can win games too. Everyone get ready for the Colts vs. Patriots showdown.

8. New York Giants ( 6-3 ): Did they look right past the Cowboys in anticipation of the Eagles? Not sure, but that was just bad.

7. Baltimore Ravens ( 6-3 ): Roddy White pushed them right down the rankings, as well as pushed off for the game winning TD. Real champs don’t blame the refs however.

[adinserter block=”1″]6. Philadelphia Eagles ( 6-3 ): For all of you who wanted Kevin Kolb, and wanted to fire Andy Reid, welcome to the NFL’s answer to Disney World. Vick is “the ride”, and the league better strap in. McNabb, who made the mistake now?

5. Green Bay Packers ( 6-3 ): Not only would a win this week keep them very much in the playoff hunt, but they can seal the deal in putting Brett Favre and his career to rest.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers ( 6-3 ): The defense was shredded, but by one of the games very best. They will need to regroup, as a revived Oakland team is up next.

3. Atlanta Falcons ( 7-2 ): They play with a winners poise, and an angry snarl. I, for one, had no doubts even near the very end of Thursday night’s game.

2. New York Jets ( 7-2 ): It’s like the hottest girl wearing the ugliest clothes. It just looks bad at times, but we all know it’s good.

1. New England Patriots ( 7-2 ): Are you sure Bill Belichick is not some kind of higher power? Does he have mind control power over the NFL? They looked scary good against a real good Steeler team, and if they take down Indy, we may be talking Super Bowl.

So many great games are on tap for this week. We have Eagles/Giants, Steelers/Raiders, Colts/Patriots and on and on. We should expect another crazy shake up in the ranks next week, or can the top dogs finally take control of all this? Tune in to the games to find out!

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