NFL Power Rankings ending Week 11


Tom Brady and the Patriots top this week's NFL Power RankingsThanksgiving week is upon us. A time to share stories and give thanks for friends, family and all that gets us through our everyday lives. It is also a time to watch lots of football, eat lots of food, and ponder what is, was, and could be. Yes NFL teams should be thankful, some anyway, while others ponder a long off-season.

Here I am with another installment of the NFL Power Rankings, my list in order, of the best and the worst of what the league has given us. No, we won’t have any Pilgrims or Indians, but we will have some Turkey’s and also some thankful things too. So to all the regular readers, new comers and friends here is wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. Now, sit back, read and relax as I bring to you week 12 and the NFL Power Rankings.

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32. Carolina Panthers ( 1-9 ): I’m pretty sure Brian St. Pierre wishes he was back being a stay at home dad. Keep an eye on Dave Gettis, good looking WR.

31. Detroit Lions ( 2-8 ): I try to like them harder than they seem to play sometimes. Need to go 6-0 to avoid another losing season.

30. Cincinnati Bengals ( 2-8 ): After all these years, T.O. finally said something I can agree on: “We stink, and when I say we, I mean the team and me included”. Not only did they blow a big lead to Buffalo, they got pounded.

29. Arizona Cardinals ( 3-7 ): At least they can draft a good QB this April. The new QB will inherit Larry Fitzgerald, but little else on offense.

28. San Francisco 49ers ( 3-7 ): Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Really thought they would make a move, but that stink-a-thon last week should spell the end, but it is the NFC West.

27. Buffalo Bills ( 2-8 ): 2 straight wins, Fred Jackson back to form and Ryan Fitzpatrick playing good football? They could easily be 5-5.

26. Denver Broncos ( 3-7 ): It was nice of San Diego to keep viewers interested with that gift wrapped first TD, then Denver quit. Probably time to give the fans more Tebow.

25. Minnesota Vikings ( 3-7 ): If a coaching change can work in Dallas, maybe it can work here. Besides, Jon Kitna is very much like Brett Favre, today anyway.

24. Cleveland Browns ( 3-7 ): Team Ankle Injury dropped another toughie. This team is better than the record, but not great.

23. Dallas Cowboys ( 3-7 ): Forget the new coaching job for Jason Garrett, Dallas seems to want him for Mayor. How good is Dez Bryant?

22. Houston Texans ( 4-6 ): I watched from home, and screamed at the TV to play for that last TD instead of the field goal, and heck I was right. This secondary may be the worst in NFL history.

21. St. Louis Rams ( 4-6 ): This is what happens when young kids learn from TV. Who taught Sam Bradford the shuffle pass? The Rams are just another NFC West team passing up on this division.

20. Tennessee Titans ( 5-5 ): Go ahead and tell your boss you’re quitting on him, and still have a job. Vince Young has worn out his welcome, but yet will still be there next year, but will Jeff Fisher?

19. Seattle Seahawks ( 5-5 ): Luckily for them, no one wants to win the NFC West. This may be the worst playoff team in recent memory.

18. Miami Dolphins ( 5-5 ): Wow, that was awful last Thursday. Where is the Wildcat?

17. Washington Redskins ( 5-5 ): They are 5-5 after all, where else can I put them? Clinton Portis should be wearing an Eagles hat instead of a Phillies hat.

16. Oakland Raiders ( 5-5 ): I think Richard Seymour should have punched Jason Campbell instead of Ben Rothliesberger, and probably wanted too. He will start again according to Raiders’ coach Tom Cable who maybe is also afraid to win his division.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars ( 6-4 ): Maurice Jones-Drew is showing up now, and the no-name receiving corps is coming to life.

14. Kansas City ( 6-4 ): Survived the bye week, oh wait they played the Cardinals. Bowe knows TDs folks.

13. San Diego Chargers ( 5-5 ): In late November, early December we annually think Thanksgiving, Christmas, colder weather, and the Chargers surge. Philip Rivers for MVP? Colts game will show us what we have here.

12. New York Giants ( 6-4 ): Much like the Chargers, we can set our watches by the Giants November/December performance. Injuries at WR will hurt them badly.

11. Indianapolis Colts ( 6-4 ): Showed nice moxy coming back, but still lack that Colts fire. Some big games lie ahead. Could they actually miss the playoffs?

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( 7-3 ): Josh Freeman for MVP? Maybe not, but a playoff appearance should make Raheem Morris coach of the year.

9. Chicago Bears ( 7-3 ): I have to stop doubting as they continue to win. Eagles game this week is a biggie for both teams, but the Bears need it much more.

[adinserter block=”1″]8. New Orleans Saints ( 7-3 ): You can plug in any RB with this type of offense. Drew Brees makes it look easy sometimes.

7. Baltimore Ravens ( 7-3 ): They do make the bad teams look really bad, now they have to bring it against the better teams. It was an off week as they used some Housh and more Ray Rice, just showing you this depth.

6. Green Bay Packers ( 7-3 ): Don’t worry Aaron, Brett will never hurt you again, ever. Talk about a Dragon-Slaying! Jennings is back to being an elite NFL WR.

5. Philadelphia Eagles ( 7-3 ): Vick-tory is theirs, as long as Mike Vick is at QB. Jackson, Maclin and Avant are turning into the top WR corps in the league, and the defense is playing well.

4. New York Jets ( 8-2 ): Over 50 years ago, New York had the “Miracle Mets”, do they now have the “Miracle Jets”? They drop a few places due to tight games against average teams, but they do get it done.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers ( 7-3 ): Where are all the so-called experts who trashed them last week? Come on, speak up! When a Mike Tomlin team has its backs up, they do stuff like smash the competition. Seymour’s punch was the hardest hit all day by Oakland.

2. Atlanta Falcons ( 8-2 ): I have total faith in this team to believe they are this good. How badly would we all like to see Vick vs. the Falcons in the playoffs?

1. New England Patriots ( 8-2 ): The schedule makers tried hard, putting them up against Pittsburgh, Indy then on Thanksgiving in consecutive weeks. This just in, they are that good. They are still my Super Bowl favorites as of right now. Does Terrell Suggs still want to call them out?

3 big games on Thursday fans, so enjoy your meal and your football this Thanksgiving!

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