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NFL Power Rankings ending Week 12

Tom Brady and the Patriots top this week's NFL Power RankingsWhat a great week for NFL Power Rankings! We had some nice Thanksgiving day games, some big teams doing big things, and we also can finally eliminate some pretenders. All in a week’s work for the NFL though.

This week coming up should be even more amazing, as 4 of my top 5 teams go head-to-head this week, and some on the bubble face some very big task. As we start to head for the home stretch every game means so much, and many teams are still in the hunt. Where will your team finish? Do they have the stuff to climb the Power Rank ladder? The only way to know is to keep watching, but in the meantime, read and enjoy the NFL Power Rankings!

NFL Power Rankings 32-1

32. Carolina Panthers ( 1-10 ): Do you think they told John Kasay to miss that winning field goal, for fear of losing the number 1 pick in next year’s draft?

31. Arizona Cardinals ( 3-8 ): It is clear that Derek Anderson was smiling because he knows his time here will soon be over. I was not sold on the rant however.

[adinserter block=”2″]30. Cincinnati Bengals ( 2-9 ): Were they not 2-1 at one time? What a way to spend Thanksgiving, being spanked by the Jets.

29. Detroit Lions ( 2-9 ): Beating the Patriots at half-time is still better then what the Bengals do, so here they are.

28. Buffalo Bills ( 2-9 ): An end zone catch away from the big upset is rough, but does anyone really want to play them right now?

27. Denver Broncos ( 3-8 ): Smile, you’re on Candid Camera, or at least McDaniels-Vision!

26. Cleveland Browns ( 4-7 ): They like to keep it exciting. The “Jake Delhomme Revenge Bowl” ended with a whimper not a bang.

25. Dallas Cowboys ( 3-8 ): Much improved, but still some sloppy play. Garrett should keep this job.

24. San Francisco 49ers ( 4-7 ): If only they played the Cardinals every week huh? They still can be good enough to win the NFC West.

23. Minnesota Vikings ( 4-7 ): Imagine if they unloaded Brad Childress when they should have? The players actually looked like they wanted to play.

22. Washington Redskins ( 5-6 ): Brutal offense does not help struggling defense, at all. Perhaps Portis should retire now.

21. Tennessee Titans ( 5-6 ): How the once mighty have fallen. Vince Young just may stay here, because Jeff Fisher may not. Even Chris Johnson is struggling.

20. Seattle Seahawks ( 5-6 ): At one point they seemed ready to run away with the NFC West, until they realized, they just are not that good.

19. Houston Texans ( 5-6 ): Rumor has it the Johnson/Finnegan fight started over what team wanted to win less. Maybe Andre should play defense too, he knows how to hit at least.

18. Oakland Raiders ( 5-6 ): You just had the feeling a winning record was too good to be true, didn’t you? The Raiders looked slow and lazy against Miami.

17. St. Louis Rams ( 5-6 ): If this team finishes 9-7, and wins the West, does anyone vote for Sam Bradford for MVP? When was the last time we saw anything like this from a rookie QB?

16. Miami Dolphins ( 6-5 ): Chad Henne to the rescue! How many thought they would say that phrase?

15. Indianapolis Colts ( 6-5 ): Is it possible that this team won’t make the playoffs? If so, can former Colts coach Jim Mora Sr. give us an encore performance of his “Playoffs?” press conference rant?

14. Jacksonville Jaguars ( 6-5 ): Had a chance to get some separation before letting the Giants steal one. The Jags are, however, still in first place.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( 7-4 ): Still not ready to beat a top notch team, and the Falcons will keep that trend going. Coach Morris spoke to soon about the “Best in the NFC”.

12. New York Giants ( 7-4 ): How they pulled this one out last week is beyond me, but it is typical November/December Giants football.

11. Kansas City Chiefs ( 7-4 ): While we are talking MVP candidates, how about Dwayne Bowe? Do you think Todd Haley likes him yet?

10. Philadelphia Eagles ( 7-4 ): The league is solving the Mike Vick problem, and it does not look as pretty when he is contained. Secondary is slumping too.

[adinserter block=”1″]9. Green Bay Packers ( 7-4 ): Very tough loss in Atlanta in a game they could have had. Like they say, “you have to beat the man, to be the man”.

8. Chicago Bears ( 8-3 ): As crazy as it sounds, it may be time to believe in the Bears.

7. San Diego Chargers ( 6-5 ): The record no longer fools anyone. Offense and defense playing awesome and Rivers is terrific at QB. Oh and do they own Indy or what?

6. New Orleans Saints ( 8-3 ): I was never in doubt this past Thursday, never. Brees seems to do it whenever he needs to.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers ( 8-3 ): Tisk, tisk, for overlooking Buffalo as they wait for Baltimore. This week, it’s for real!

4. Baltimore Ravens ( 8-3 ): They took care of business just a little better this past week. Do you hear me Steelers? This showdown ought to be huge.

3. New York Jets ( 9-2 ): Now this defense is showing they can make huge plays, not just shut teams down. Patriots have a game this Monday night is for more than just the division lead.

2. Atlanta Falcons ( 9-2 ): Beating every team put in front of them, including the real good ones. If they get home field through the playoffs, they may be clear to the Super Bowl.

1. New England Patriots ( 9-2 ): Great practice on Thanksgiving fellas! We keep hearing that sound-bite about Brady saying he “hates the Jets”. Is it because he can no longer beat them? This week tells all!

Well fans, we have 2 massive showdowns Sunday night and Monday night. My advice, turn off the cell phones, clear the plans and get free, get on that couch and watch some serious football. This will be the most exciting week so far this year. Good luck everyone!

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