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NFL Playoff Preview – Quarterbacks That Will Make a Difference This Weekend

Will Tom Brady and Matt Ryan be the differences this weekend?The sports betting world knows that the quarterback is an important part of any football team. But NFL football betting enthusiasts also know that a team can game plan to win despite the play of their quarterback. Trent Dilfer was never called on to win games for the Baltimore Ravens but he wound up being a Super Bowl champion. Last week, the Jets beat the Colts despite a poor game from quarterback Mark Sanchez.

But the play of the quarterback always figures into Super Bowl betting in some way. So before you call your betting services representative to place your bet, spend some time becoming familiar with the quarterbacks that will make a difference in this weekend’s divisional playoff games.

[adinserter block=”2″]Tom Brady – New England Patriots
It could be said that Tom Brady could take a high school team to the Super Bowl, so long as Bill Belichick was his coach. Brady makes use of whatever weapons he is given, and he has an uncanny ability to sense when to call a running play and when to call a pass. Brady has some of the shortest receivers, and one of the smallest running backs, in the league but yet he can still get the ball downfield. His team has absolute confidence in Tom Terrific, and he will be one of the deciding factors in the Patriots playoff game against the Jets.

Mark Sanchez – New York Jets
The Patriots front seven on defense will take away the Jets running game. Running backs LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene will get yards, but they will not get the critical yards they got against the Colts. That leaves Mark Sanchez to win the game for the Jets. Sanchez is improving as a game manager, but his confidence as a passer is shot. He made several bad decisions in the game against the Colts and threw another interception in the endzone. The Patriots have a secondary that can be beaten, but that secondary is also improving. Mark Sanchez versus the Patriots young secondary will be an interesting battle. The Jets chances of winning will depend on how well Sanchez carries himself in this game.

[adinserter block=”1″]Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons
Matty Ice rolls into the playoffs after having a great season. The loss in week 16 at home to the New Orleans Saints was a bad thing, but Ryan has the ability to put that in the past. He has several effective weapons to choose from, and running back Michael Turner takes some of the pressure off Ryan by stretching out the defense from time to time. Ryan’s cool demeanor will be essential as the Packers defense is flying around him at top speeds.

Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears
The New Orleans Saints took the Seattle Seahawks lightly at the beginning of their wild card game against Seattle last week. The Saints defense played terribly, and Drew Brees actually lost a shoot out to the Seahawks. But Jay Cutler takes everything lightly, and he is unlikely to change his ways for this game. Cutler seems very comfortable in offensive coordinator Mike Martz’s scheme, and if Cutler can pull himself together then the Bears could blow out the Seahawks in this divisional playoff game.

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