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NFL Players Lose Their Minds, Name Tom Brady Best Of 2011

Tom Brady named top player on NFL 2011 Top 100 listThis just in, NFL Super Bowls and postseason games don’t matter. According to, Tom Brady was voted the top NFL player of 2011 by his peers on a list of 100 players. Brady beat out his “rival” Peyton Manning for the top spot.

Even an NFL lockout won’t stop the NFL propaganda machine from shoveling the love story that is Tom Brady down our throats. Listen, I love his story. Late round draft pick, skinny kid at the combine, finally given a chance and living the dream of NFL dominance and a super model wife. Who can’t relate to that? But to call Tom Brady the best player of 2011 is just an insult to the 162.9 million people who watched Super Bowl XLV and DIDN’T see Tom Brady take a snap.

This is the reason that I can’t stomach the NFL Network anymore. The channel has turned into an outlet specifically for the NFL “media” and players to spin their publicity machine diverting you away from reality and revising history to meet their marketing goals. How can the same league that stresses the importance of the Super Bowl reward a someone as the best player of 2011 that had one of the worst quarterback performances of the postseason? Hell, he wasn’t even the best quarterback of 2011 more or less best player!

[adinserter block=”2″]It isn’t just fans who are outraged at this list. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark immediately took to Twitter to not only question the pick but question the authenticity of the selection.

People. I do not know 1 player personally that voted on NFL top 100 players! Yes not one! @tpolamalu even asked who voted on it! #sham!

For those who may have missed it, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lost in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs to the New York Jets. Heck, the Jets actually won the season record overall winning 2 games to 1 against Brady. Brady played a nice second half against the Jets in the postseason game but he was completely ineffective for the first half. On top of that, Brady was sacked five times throughout the game.

Best player in the NFL in 2011? I don’t think so.

Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, and Joe Flacco all played more postseason games than Tom Brady. Am I going to sit here and tell you that Cutler had a better NFL season than Brady? No, I’m not that big of a hater. I am also not naive enough to believe or tell you that Joe Flacco had a better season than Brady. Did Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers have better seasons than Brady? You better believe it!

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Let’s start with Big Ben. Ben had one of the greatest postseason runs of clutch play seen by a quarterback this postseason. To be fair, like Brady he struggled. The difference is that while Brady brought his team back, so did Ben with the difference being that Ben made plays to win the game. If you look at the overall season, well Ben did miss four games so that can certainly be argued. However, if the postseason matters more than the regular season, Ben was a heck of a better player in 2011 than Tom Brady.

Did Tom Brady have the better numbers? Yes he did but so what. The last time I checked the NFL, successful seasons were determined by Super Bowl wins and appearances not regular season numbers. Michael Vick had great numbers too but is anyone going to argue that he was the best player in 2011 other than those basing their pick on fantasy football statistics?

Oh yeah, how about the quarterback that actually won the Super Bowl for his team? Aaron Rodgers missed a little time but overall was unquestionably the best quarterback last season in the NFL. He went undefeated in the postseason, winning all three games on the road! He brought his team back from deficits to win games. Unlike Brady who was favored against the Jets at home, Rodgers slammed the Falcons as the underdog on the road. And oh yeah, let’s not forget about that brilliant Super Bowl performance. How could anyone in their right minds say that Brady had a better season than Rodgers?

[adinserter block=”1″]If you watched the broadcast you saw comments from Darrelle Revis and Ray Lewis. I think it is funny that two guys that lost to Ben Roethlisberger in the playoffs completely take him out of the equation. Furthermore, I would love to see the list of players that actually participated in this list? Is there an equal share of NFC and AFC players? Is there equal representation among all eight divisions? I could see a player like Revis saying that Brady was the toughest QB he played all season, but what about the players he didn’t play against? This list is really ridiculous.

Check out the top three and have yourself a really good laugh. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Adrian Peterson are 1-3. In other words you have a quarterback upset in the divisional round of the playoffs and two players that didn’t even appear in the postseason in the top three. Are you kidding me?

All of the quotes about Brady elevating his team, being a great leader, or having all of these accomplishments just makes me sick. I just can’t comprehend how anyone can say that someone was the best at something who lost and didn’t achieve his team’s goal.

Hey, you want to do a list of great NFL players of the last ten years and maybe I’d give you Brady but not in 2011.

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  1. Well thats stupid….so basically we define who the best Qb is by who is on the team that wins the superbowl? So in 2000 Dilfer was the bestSo in 2001, Brady was the best Qb in football, in 2002, Brad Johnson was the best, 2003, Brady was the best, 2004, Brady was the best, 2005 Ben was the best, 2006, manning was the best, 2007, Eli was the best, 2008, Ben was the best, 2009, Brees was the best, and 2010 Rodgers was the best….see how stupid this just got? A Qb can play better than any other Qb and not win the superbowl this is due to about 5000 things that prevents all but one team from winning every year. Example Rodgers in the NFC title game had 0 td passes and 2 ints and his team went to the superbowl, but this author bashes brady for having 2 td's and 1 int and losing….Anyone who watched Brady last year knows he was the best player. 36 td's 4 ints??? Are you kidding me.

  2. If you were talking about Basketball, I can completely see you justify a team not winning degrading a players' worth, but in football with over 30 players playing in a game I think it is ludicrious to state that because a player didn't win the super bowl, they aren't to be judged on talent? I personally think Troy Polamalu, Adrian Peterson, Andre Johnson and Aaron Rodgers are the best in the game. But I think it is unfair to hold lack of a super against a player talent wise. Are you telling me that James Jones is a better wide receiver than Andre Johnson because Johnson's team can't play defense for crap and defend the pass?


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