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NFL Week 2 Preview: New England Patriots (-1) @ New York Jets

Tom BradyThe reason the sports betting experts have the New England Patriots as only one point favorites over the New York Jets in their week two game is the New York Jets defense. The Jets defense was all over the Baltimore offense in the opening game of the season, and the NFL football betting world took notice. If the Jets could bring their offensive play up to match their defensive play then they truly would have a Super Bowl contender on their hands.

The New England offense looked poised and dangerous in their opening game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Patriots offense is one of the most veteran units in the league, and it has a lot of all-pro caliber players on it. The trio of quarterback Tom Brady and receivers Wes Welker and Randy Moss would be enough to keep any defensive coordinator awake at night. Now add in running backs Fred Taylor and Kevin Faulk and you have a championship caliber offense.

[adinserter block=”2″]The football betting world is still not completely sold on the young New England defense just yet. The Patriots won their opener against the Bengals, but Cincinnati scored 24 points and quarterback Carson Palmer threw for 345 yards. Both of those statistics are not typical of the New England defense and definite areas of concern for New England head coach Bill Belichick.

The NFL predictions that have the Patriots only favored by one point in this game may be a bit generous. This is the kind of game that Bill Belichick and his defense need. The Jets have an effective running game, world-class wide receivers but they also have an indecisive quarterback and a bad offensive line. Belichick uses games like this to get his defense on track to challenge for the AFC title each year. This game will be no exception.

The Jets do have one advantage working for them; their secondary. With Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie playing corner, the Jets pose quite a threat to Brady and his offense. Cromartie had a difficult time in the Jets opener against the Ravens, but he will rectify those issues and come back ready to pl ay against the Patriots. With two shut-down corners on the field for the Jets, Brady will have to rely on his running game and underneath passing to score points. Expect to see a lot of Wes Welker and Fred Taylor in the New England offense in this game.

[adinserter block=”1″]The New York Jets are going to have problems scoring on the Patriots in this game mostly because the Jets rely on their running game to set up their passing game. Mark Sanchez is still not the downfield thrower that the Jets need, and that will be a problem in this game. The way to beat the Patriots is to stop the long passing game from Tom Brady, and throw the ball deep against the Patriots secondary. The Jets can absolutely shut down Brady‚Äôs passing game, but the Jets offense is not capable of throwing the ball deep.

Pick: New England Patriots 35-20

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