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NFL Game Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs (-10)

Maurice Jones Drew The sports betting experts finally get to find out which team is for real. Are the Jacksonville Jaguars real contenders in the AFC South, or are the Kansas City Chiefs really going to challenge for the AFC West title. The Chiefs and the Jaguars both lost their week six games, but it is how they lost them that has made the Chiefs a 10 point favorite in this game.

The NFL betting surrounding the Chiefs has created excitement in Kansas City. The team is in first place in the AFC West, but they are the only team in the division with a winning record. The NFL predictions in the preseason had the Broncos winning the division, but the Broncos have been hit by injuries and bad coaching decisions that have created a 2-4 record.

[adinserter block=”2″]It is the weakness of the rest of the division that keeps the Chiefs going. Kansas City knows that a 10-win season probably means a division title and a trip to the playoffs this season. The few key changes the Chiefs made in the off-season, adding running back Thomas Jones and having wide receiver Chris Chambers in place for the beginning of the season, seems to have helped the offense.

The Kansas City defense has been extremely effective against the run this season. The defensive unit is ranked fifth in the league only allowing an average of 91 yards per game. However, against the pass the Chiefs are 27th allowing an average of 249 yards a game.

Unfortunately for the Jaguars, the Chiefs defense matches up perfectly with the Jacksonville offense. The Jaguars have a potent running game that is ranked sixth in the league racking up an average of 135 yards per game. A large portion of the NFL scores the Jaguars are putting up are thanks to running back Maurice Jones-Drew. The Jacksonville passing game is terrible. The Jaguars are 26th in the league in passing only averaging 166 yards per game.

[adinserter block=”1″]The key to beating the Jaguars is to shut down Maurice Jones-Drew and putting the game in the hands of quarterback David Garrard. When the Jaguars are forced to pass, they have a difficult time winning. Jacksonville is allowing an average of 28 points per game which makes them 31st in the league in points allowed. So far this season, the Chiefs have been very good at exploiting weak defenses.

This game will come down to a battle of the Chiefs’ running game versus the run defense of the Jacksonville Jaguars. With the Jaguars unable to stop Thomas Jones, the rest of the field will be opened up to Matt Cassel and his wide receivers. This is how the Chiefs have been winning this Northbet season; they have been following the running game. There is nothing to indicate that they will stop doing that against the Jaguars. Thomas Jones could very well have 100 yards by the half, and that would make the Jaguars powerless to stop the Chiefs from winning the game.

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