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NFL: It’s Tom Brady’s World; We Are Living in It

If I want to talk about college football, I talk to Elicia Moore. If I want to talk about professional wrestling, I reach out to Tom Clark or Eric G, or Mike Mooneyham. I’m not name dropping, just saying there are plenty of knowledgeable friends to help me with my sports fix.

When it comes to the NFL, well that’s a different story. I’m a bit on my own when it comes to my opinions on the professional pigskin, especially when it comes to my Jaguars. And when my team loses like it did on Sunday, a 51-17 loss at the hands of the New England Patriots, it becomes an incredibly tough pill to swallow.

There is a fine line between being a fan and being a sports writer – this is one of cases. The fact is, whether football fans like it, this is Tom Brady’s world – the NFL is liking it and we are all living in it for the time being.

Brady is still the marksman we all have come to know, as he used his arm and veteran savvy to aim and fire at the Jaguars secondary, leading to his 400th touchdown of his career. And in vintage Brady style, he played well into the fourth quarter, with the game well in hand.

The Patriots are on a collision course and with another run toward the Super Bowl and there is nothing that you or I or any of the 31 other teams in the NFL can do about it. The Patriots are real and the pain they inflict is real as well. Just think what Bill Belichick will come up with, having a week off and the Dallas Cowboys on the schedule on Oct. 11?

I’d be afraid – very afraid.

Did the NFL do this one purpose? Did the league that is the most powerful set this up with the “Deflategate” issues that saw Brady suspended and then given a reprieve? Is this the soap opera being played out so the Patriots can prove they can win with purity while setting records in their wake?

It sure as heck looks that way.

“The Patriots haven’t looked this sharp to start a season in some time,” said Mike Reiss of “There’s a long way to go, but the defending champs once again look like a top NFL contender. Their next game is Oct. 11 at Dallas against the Tony Romo-less Cowboys.”

This was supposed to look like a pre-Super Bowl matchup. Not hardly right now. The Cowboys lost the Falcons, who look real as ever in 2015 (another story for another day).

Brady is the best quarterback in the moment, the best quarterback in the playoffs and has taken is place in front of a man named Montana, who I used to think was the best quarterback in the playoffs and the game was on the line.

The game was never in jeopardy on Sunday, but Brady was as precise as ever, with weapons like Rob Gronkowski, LeGarrette Blount and Julian Edelman, it’s no wonder all No. 12 has to do is pick his syringe and apply the poison.

The Jaguars proved they are not ready for big time competition, but it also proved it does not matter who the Patriots come up against. I had hoped my Jaguars would have played loose, looked better and at least showed some respectability. It did not happen. It’s a somber day for me as a fan, the one who did wear a Steve Grogan jersey as a kid in of all places Miami.

Yes, that’s a blog for another day as well.

Brady will continue on his mission. The Patriots will still try to prove they are a team of destiny and purity. The fans will watch in awe as this team marches to a fifth ring. And the NFL will continue to cash in on Brady’s magic. It’s the way things go in the NFL. It just so happens the Jaguars got in the way today.

They were nothing more than a yield sign. All other teams will find that out as well.

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