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NFL Divisional Round Thoughts – Inside The Wheelhouse

Mark Sanchez is one win away from Super Bowl XLVLets take a look back at this past weekend’s NFL Divisional Playoff Round games as we gear up for the NFC & AFC Championship Games!

– The Baltimore Ravens had the Steelers game in the bag in the 1st half. All they had to do in the 2nd half was to have there amazing defense hold the struggling Steelers offense in the 2nd half and they could not. The Ravens only themselves to blame in this one.

Ben Roethlisberger is one of the best NFL Playoff Quarterbacks of all-time in my opinion. No matter how you feel about him as a person, he shows up when it counts and is a true leader in the Steelers organization.

[adinserter block=”2″]- Tough loss for young Joe Flacco but he has to go through these types of games to push himself to overcome situations like this. Minor setback in his career but he will for sure bounce back.

– Mike Tomlin is one hell of a coach, whatever he said to his team at halftime must have been some very inspiration stuff as that was a different Steelers team in the 2nd half. Hats off to the Steel city.

Aaron Rodgers had the best game of his career this past Saturday night after going 31 for 36 with over 350 yards, 3 passing touchdowns & 1 rushing touchdown. If he continues this performance in the NFC Championship Game then watch out for the Green Bay Packers.

– No one saw the game the Packers would have against Atlanta on Saturday night. The Falcons were one of the most dominating teams at home this season and got rocked by Green Bay in their house. Tough loss for Atlanta.

– Similar to the Baltimore Ravens, it’s just a set back for Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. This is a quarterback who will take the his team to a Super Bowl very soon in his great young career. Just like Joe Flacco, just use this game as a learning experience.

– Are the Green Bay Packers the hottest team in the NFL? I think so.

– Is Aaron Rodgers the best offensive player in the NFL Playoffs so far this year? Yes.

– Is Tramon Williams the best defensive player in the NFL Playoffs so far this year? Yes.

– Should those two variables equal a trip to the Super Bowl? You would think so.

– The Seattle Seahawks that I thought were going to show up against the Saints showed up against the Chicago Bears.

– I have not been sold on the Chicago Bears all season long but I will give the devil it’s due and give them the credit they deserve as being in the NFC Championship Game. They are a great team with an amazing defense. I am just not sold on that offense.

– Will having a bye week and then beating the Seahawks in convincing fashion in the Divisional Round effect them against the Packers? Stay tuned for my Championship round preview blog later this week on Camel Clutch Blog.

– I still feel like a team led by Jay Cutler can’t make the Super Bowl. I can easily be chewing crow a week from now. Cutler can make me a believer.

[adinserter block=”1″]- The Chicago Bears defense vs. the Packers defense is going to be a hell of a matchup. One thing is for certain the defense that makes the least mistakes will be the team that wins the NFC Championship.

– Whether you love them or hate them, the New York Jets backed up all the trash talk they had leading into the game with the New England Patriots.

– I feel like this loss to the Jets in the Divisional Round is more devastating for the New England Patriots then the loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl. There was A LOT more personal stuff riding on this game.

– It’s been back and forth all year from me, are the Jets for real or aren’t they. Well, the Jets are FOR REAL. Even if they lose to the Steelers, case closed, the Jets are for real.

– I feel like the Jets got inside the Patriots head by the way the Pats played on Sunday.

Tom Brady looked to struggle out there with a team of a bunch of players with little playoff experience. The Pats will be back. Don’t fret yet New England. It’s rough now, but you’ll be back quickly.

– Amazing how the final four team left in the NFL are probably four of the best defenses in all of Football. Defenses win championships and the best defense out of these four will win it all. I can not wait for this Sunday.

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