NFL 2014-15 End Of Regular Season Review


The 2014-15 NFL Season is over. What a crazy season it was. Off the field issues just dominated the news. Every time NFL fans turned on a sports channel, they hear about domestic violence, child abuse, and the like. NFL fans heard about investigations, debates over conduct policies. There were lively debates among pundits and fans on social media as to whether Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson should play. I thought ESPN turned into CNN .

[adinserter block=”1″]Of course , there was some great playing on the field also. Let’s not forget that. There was also a bit of drama, much of it manufactured. The New England Patriots shook off a rocky start to the season, and wound up the #1 seed in the AFC. If my readers remember, after that Kansas City Chiefs game on Monday Night Football, ESPN’s Trent Dilfer said, “The New England Patriots are not good anymore.” “They’re weak.” All the pundits (NFL Network , all the ESPN shows, the Boston media) wanted Tom Brady benched. They said Brady was declining, and he should be traded. Again, the Patriots are the #1 seed.

Even the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks got off to a somewhat rocky start. However, for the last five or six weeks, they’ve looked just as good as they ever had. QB Russ Wilson is awesome, and even HE had to deal with some manufactured drama. When WR Percy Harvin was traded to the Jets, there were some Seahawks players who were not happy with the move, namely Marshawn Lynch. Well, according to a Bleacher Report by Mike Freeman, there was fear that Harvin (who already was getting into fist fights with teammates) would start an anti-Wilson faction. The reason was because some of the black players thought Wilson was not “black enough.” ( I thought that it was ridiculous. Their defense wasn’t healthy at that point (they were 3-3), and they weren’t playing well. Now, they are, and look very formidable

The Cleveland Browns still manage to mess things up. They were fighting for their playoffs lives in week 15, and then they start Johnnie Manziel? I am stunned. From listening to Manziel’s remarks, and hearing Browns Owner reaction, it sounds like the Browns have a case of “buyer’s remorse.” Well, Manziel has a past as far as being a partier. Manziel partied hard in college, and had a penchant for being somewhat irresponsible. He got suspended in college for 1/2 a game because of signing autographs. He had character issues. Why does everyone think that Jameis Winston is likely going to fall on Draft Day? Why the Browns drafted Manziel, I don’t know.

Congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys on winning the NFC East. I’m glad to see that the team got the December monkey of their backs. I have always liked QB Tony Romo. I always felt that he was the scapegoat for the Cowboys going 8-8 or not doing well in the playoffs. Hey, he’s thrown bone headed INTs. However, all QBs have, but Romo can’t play defense. It’s very hard to blame all of the past failures on Romo when his team has had terrible defenses, offensive lines, and a meddling owner in Jerry Jones. However, with RB Demarco Murray’s incredible year, and the defense under defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli coming together, less pressure was put on Romo. The team is much more balanced. We’ll see what happens in the playoffs this weekend.

Not all is bad in the AFC North, asthe division sent not one, not two, but three of its teams to the playoffs (sorry LeBron James ). The embattled Baltimore Ravens got the #6 seed as they beat the Cleveland Browns on Week 17, and got the needed help when the San Diego Chargers lost. The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals on Week 17 to win the AFC North Title. The two teams had secured playoff spots in the previous week (Steelers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Bengals upset the Denver Broncos.). All three teams play this week, but I find the accomplishment in and of itself awesome.

The AFC West was a one team division. The Denver Broncos showed their dominance. Yes, the Chargers started out great, but when they ran into tough teams (Patriots, Broncos), they fell apart. The Oakland Raiders were a mess, and Kansas City and their inconsistant play caused them to miss the playoffs altogether.

I want to discuss Denver and how they have been looking lately. When they played against the Rams, something didn’t look right. Peyton Manning didn’t appear to be the Peyton Manning I have come to know. I saw the Rams were hitting him and knocking him around, but something seems wrong. It was not just him. It was the entire team. They had a hard time with the hapless Raiders
The Broncos nearly lost to the Miami Dolphins at home. They lost to the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football. I know they’re more physical on defense, and they are more of a complete team with C.J. Anderson as the bell cow RB. Peyton Manning is still the one driving the car, so to speak.

Of course, the day after the season ended was “Black Monday.” I dread this day. I may not like the team or the coaches, but I take no joy in seeing folks losing their jobs. Families are affected, and have to move. These coaches are human beings, after all. As a blogger, it is fascinating to see what the fired person and what the team do next, nonetheless.

The ax has fallen fast and furious. The New York Jets fired GM John Idzik and Head Coach Rex Ryan. The Jets owner should fire himself. What a joke of a press conference. Mr. Idzik should have been fired. Coach Ryan was hamstrung by decisions made by Idzik. The San Francisco 49ers and Head Coach Jim Harbaugh have mutually parted ways, and Harbaugh is now the Head Coach of the University of Michigan.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Atlanta Falcons fired Head Coach Mike Smith. I think Smith’s clock mismanagement against the Cleveland Browns sealed his fate. The Chicago Bears fired Head Coach Mark Trestman and GM Phil Emory. The Bears also fired both the offensive and defensive coordinators. QB Jay Cutler may or may not be traded. Why he was given that contract, I don’t know. Jay Cutler is Jay Cutler. He will always attract folks with his physical skills and his huge arm. However, he doesn’t have the brain to be a great QB like Brady or Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers. Cutler never will. Anyway, the Bears are cleaning house. Doug Morrone of the Buffalo Bills just opted out of his contract, so the Bills need a new head coach.

I want to end this by saying that I hope that everyone at and all of you readers had a great holiday season. I want to wish everyone, especially my editor, Eric Gargiulo, a Happy New Year. If you are going out to celebrate, don’t drink and drive. That being said, I hope that 2015 will be a great year for everyone. Thank you for reading my blogs and I hope to have more in the new year.

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