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NFL 2011-12 Divisional Round Playoff Thoughts – Inside The Wheelhouse

Vernon Davis NFC divisional gameLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from the Divisional round of the playoffs in the National Football League!

– What can you say about that San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints game? It may have been one of the greatest NFL playoff games we have ever seen. Both teams brought it and left everything they had on the field. The outcome proved to be towards the team that had the most heart that day and it was the San Francisco 49ers who returned to NFL playoff action in style.

– I have to finally apologize to the San Francisco 49ers. I have not believed in this team 100% for the entire season. They looked like an elite team but would do something that would make you believe they cannot hang with the likes of the New Orleans Saints. Well they proved me wrong today and showcased to the world that they are for real & deserve every single amount of praise they have had all season long. I owe Alex Smith an apology as well as he gutted out a terrific quarterbacking performance in this one. Vernon Davis was the games MVP and showed up in the clutch. Do not sleep on this San Francisco 49ers team as they could shock the world for the rest of this postseason.

[ad 6]- The New Orleans Saints turned the ball over 5 times against a fantastic defense. Every time you do that you don’t give your team the opportunity to win. Had they played flawless they could be the winning team in this scoreboard but they were not as their season has come to an end. This is a team that I believe could be reaching a turning point in the next season or two, they are getting older and for the 2nd straight season they are not advancing to the prestigious NFC Championship game where the NFC’s top teams play. They will be fine next season but that window may start to close soon and this is a team that should be winning championships, tough break to end the year for the Saints.

– Unlike the Saints/49ers game, Broncos/Patriots were nothing to talk about, as expected. The Patriots looked good and theoretically got a bye week again in a divisional round game. The offense looked great for New England and as did the defense but I am still concerned on how this team will play when they are tested. The Patriots schedule has continuously been weak for almost 2-3 months and they don’t want that test in potentially the next two games because they may not be ready for an elite team game like the NFC has had. I will be interested to see how the Patriots play in the AFC Championship Game next weekend, if it’s like the way they played against the Broncos then you better get ready for another Patriots championship parade.

– The Tim Tebow run is over and Tebowmania can rest easy for now. He wasn’t the greatest quarterback this season but he helped the Broncos win. We knew the Broncos weren’t a great team and that when they would play New England it wouldn’t be anything more then a beat down, which it was. Not sure what to think of this team yet because despite being one of the final 8 teams playing this season, they were not the best and probably the worst of all 8 teams. Offseason moves and Tim Tebow’s development early on next season will make me wonder if the Broncos can consistently be a top notch AFC mainstay again, as of right now I think this may have been nothing more then a miracle season.

– Baltimore advances to the AFC Championship Game and I don’t know if it was rust or not but they did not look that great against Houston at all. On paper this team should have stomped the Texans (similar to the Patriots did Denver) and did not. The defense played great to no one’s surprise but the offense never really got going in this one and survived off of big plays by their receivers. Ravens fans better hope they shook the rust off against Houston and shows up to play next week against New England.

– As I watched the early Sunday game I really was wondering how well Houston could’ve done had Matt Schaub been healthy. This may be a different outcome had he been as that offense sans T.J. Yates did everything they could do to win against Baltimore. Arian Foster came up big against the Ravens and when the receivers got good throws they did something with the ball to put the Texans closer in scoring range. Bad break for Houston, still a team on the rise; I like their chances on improvement next season.

– The New York Football Giants roll continues on past Green Bay after getting a huge win against the now former best team in the NFL in their home stadium. Like I said at the start of the playoffs, the Giants have the momentum and are the most dangerous team in Football right now. Giants’ fans have every reason to think this team is just like the 2007 Super Bowl team. Momentum in the playoffs is so huge and the Giants have it. They played well against Green Bay all around and made them look like a team that did not win 15 games during the regular season.

[adinserter block=”1″]- The Packers never showed up against the Giants and outside of Aaron Rodgers, no one really looked like they cared on the field this past Sunday. This was a team that turned the ball over six times and watched the Giants capitalize on every single one of them. It was a tough loss for the Packers but one I believe this current team needs to go through to motivate them back to the top of the NFL Mountain again. They loss but this isn’t it for the Packers, they will learn from this and continue to grow as a top NFL team like other teams before them have (New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts etc.). Learn from it and move on Green Bay, they will still be a top NFC team for years to come.

– Don’t forget to check out my NFC & AFC Championship Game preview & predictions blog later this week here at Camelclutchblog.com!

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