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NFL 2009 Season Week 2 Preview and Predictions

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants Wow is it NFL Week 2 already? If you liked defensive football, you loved the first week in the NFL. The stories ranged from upsets, rookie sensations, veteran busts, tons of 4th quarter comebacks, to quarterback controversies. What the heck is left for NFL Week 2? Let’s break it down and get to work.

Disgruntled NFL fans and fantasy football players need to remain patient. Do not judge a team on its first week. The same goes for Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles fans. A great offensive performance in Week 1 may not mean much around Week 15. Teams can recover from 0-1 starts and still win the Super Bowl. However, an 0-3 team has never won the Super Bowl. Next week may be the week to start panicking.

Philadelphia Eagles fans will get their first look at Kevin Kolb’s first full NFL game. Kolb was the first player drafted three NFL drafts ago by the Eagles. He was taken with the intentions of replacing Donovan McNabb oh say around now. Kolb has only seen real action twice in the NFL regular season. Unfortunately for Philly fans, he has been far from spectacular in those outings. This week he starts against the almighty New Orleans Saints and the God of fantasy football Drew Brees.

I know the Eagles routed the Carolina Panthers, but I am still not a believer. Most of the points came off from the defense and special teams. McNabb had two touchdowns, but McNabb only really had one long touchdown drive. On top of that, I am sure the defense was tired after being on the hot field for lengthy amount of time. The Eagles got short fields most of the time and capitalized. Kevin Kolb was never able to take advantage of those opportunities.

Drew Brees on the other hand had a monster day. My worry as an Eagles fan is that the defense is over confident coming into Sunday’s game. I do believe the Saints are susceptible to the long ball, but Kolb is not the guy to take advantage of that. Tight Ends generally play well against the birds, and Shockey had two touchdowns last week. I predict an ugly scene in Philly and Jeff Garcia starting or playing at some point in Week 3.

The New York Jets and the New England Patriots has turned into one of the best rivalries in the NFL. The teams play one another this Sunday in a very critical division game. The Jets are flying high off of a dominating win over the Houston Texans. The Pats put on one of the greatest comebacks in MNF history against the Bills. Fans of both teams couldn’t ask for better momentum going into Sunday.

I love a Jets win here. For one thing, I am a Rex Ryan believer. He is going to attack all day long. The Jets shut down one of the best backs in the NFL last week in Steve Slaton. I can envision a Rex Ryan speech for the ages and one of the most hyped up Jets football teams you will ever see. Jerricho Cotchery and Dustin Keller should have big days on Sunday for your fantasy fans.

The Pats are not the same Patriot team I expected to see coming into the season. The team was incredibly undisciplined on Monday night. Not only that, the penalties came on third down and extended a couple of drives that ended up in points for the Bills. A fumbled kickoff return and we may be looking at an 0-1 team. Count in the loss of Jerod Mayo and you have a Patriots team that is ripe for the pickings. I am loving some New York Jets magic on Sunday and a big upset in New York City (well New Jersey.)

The other big rivalry game opens up regular season play in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. The New York Giants travel to big D to take on the Cowboys. The Giants have a great opportunity to open up the season 2-0 in the division. Two division games back to back this early may be unfair, but the Giants have the luxury of two down early. This one will be a fun one and is the Sunday night game of the week.

The Cowboys rolled over Tampa Bay in Tampa last week. Roy E. Williams alleviated a lot of Cowboys fans with a score. Tony Romo did a great job of spreading the ball around. Even better, Romo played clutch ball scoring on an 80-yard bomb after Tampa Bay closed the scoring gap to a touchdown in the fourth quarter. In the east, New York handled Washington as they usually do at home and looked good all around in their effort.

I love the Giants in this position. Tony Romo is coming into this season with a ton of pressure. The Cowboys are opening up their stadium in the regular season and are expected to play lights out. The pressure is all on the Cowboys Sunday night. The Cowboys did play well last season at home against the Giants. However, there are things I saw in the Tampa Bay game that would scare me if I was a Dallas fan.

If you thought Cadillac Williams was dangerous, wait until the Cowboys get a double dose of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. Osi Umenyiora is back and looking better than ever. Personally, I wish the two of them would just play to a tie. The Giants shut down one of the best running backs in football last week. I see them forcing Romo to go to the air and winning the turnover game. I love the season split, Giants take it in Dallas and the Cowboys take one at Giants Stadium.

A few other interesting storylines highlight NFL Week 2. If Jay Cutler was terrible against the Packers defense, how do you expect him to play against the Steelers? Other than a fluke play, the Broncos looked inept on offense and should be an easy mark for a revamped Cleveland Browns. Peyton Manning had great numbers but struggled getting points. Miami has a chance at a big day on defense. Don’t blame L.T. for the Chargers offensive line getting pushed around. Hello Baltimore!

Fun NFL Week 2 Fact – Bill Belichick is 5-1 against NFL rookie quarterbacks.

Fantasy Fix – This may be a week where you sit your starting quarterback for a better option. I love Mark Sanchez, but not in his first start against the Jets. I have Matt Schaub as a starter in a couple of leagues, but no way am I starting him against the Titans if I have to. The great news is that there are plenty of options on the waiver wire with juicy matchups.

Trent Edwards is a tremendous option this week against Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay stinks and that team is in complete disarray. They gave up big yardage against Dallas. Green looked real sharp last week and I’d take a shot on him. Joe Flacco is also traveling to San Diego. A better quarterback would have shredded San Diego last week. Flacco is that guy. Either one is a great play this week in this fantasy junkie’s opinion.

Like fellow blogger Jeff Porrini, I am in love with Larry Johnson this week. Ladanian Tomlinson is hurt and may or may not go. Even at 100% I would sit him against Baltimore. LJ is playing Oakland this weekend. He has had big games against them in the past. Darren Sproles was able to find openings against Oakland. If LJ can’t get going against the Raiders, he is truly done.

Fantasy Sleeper – Jeremy Shockey is a great option this week. Shockey went very low in drafts this year after doing nothing last season. He put up two scores last week but it was against the Lions. The Eagles are terrible at defending the tight end. A team with a good quarterback and tight end will shred them every time. The Eagles will probably be more concerned with the deep ball than short dumps to Shockey. I’d roll the dice with Shockey against my team as much as it pains me to say. He has a great chance to dominate the middle of the field against the Eagles safeties and linebackers.

I would like to take a second and boast about my 12-4 record last week picking straight up. Thank you, thank you. Now for the Week 2 Picks (Picks in BOLD)

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons
Minnesota Vikings
at Detroit Lions
Cincinnati Bengals at Green Bay Packers
Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans
Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs
New England Patriots at New York Jets
New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles
St. Louis Rams at Washington Redskins
Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills
Seattle Seahawks
at San Francisco 49ers
Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Bears
Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers
Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts at Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football League Standings

Division 1
Team We Own You (Erik Espenberg) 1-0
Dusty’s RedBellySpot (Eric Gargiulo) 1-0
Team Nuetral Zone (Brett Clendaniel) 0-1
Havertown Spoilers (Bryan Riegel) 0-1
Team Wheelhouse Radio! (Jeff Peck) 0-1

Division 2
1st Place (Derek Sabato) 1-0
…Not You!!! (John Yomtov) 1-0
Team The Nice Guys (jeff porrini) 1-0
Team Rowland (Justin Rowland) 0-1
The Kings of Krista (Josh Usher) 0-1

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