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NFC & AFC Championship Games Thoughts – Inside The Wheelhouse

Kyle WilliamsLet’s take a look back at some of the things that stood out from the NFC & AFC Championship games in the National Football League!

– First & foremost both NFL Championship games were phenomenal. If you didn’t think Football is the best sport in Football before this past Sunday then you were shown that it is after both tremendous Championship games. Super Bowl 46 is set but before we preview & predict that (next week here at the CCB) lets look back at the AFC & NFC Championship games!

[ad 6]- The New England Patriots finally beat a playoff caliber team for the first time in months as they were crowned the AFC Champions against the Baltimore Ravens. Now New England didn’t set the world on fire with the win but they got the “W” and will be representing the AFC in Super Bowl 46. Their defense played great again but their offense never really looked strong like it has the last couple of games dating back to the regular season. Not sure if that’s more of the Ravens defense or that the Patriots were finally tested. The Pats will be entering this particular Super Bowl looking for some revenge against the only team to beat them in “the big game” during Tom Brady’s tremendous reign as QB.

– Joe Flacco did all he could on Sunday, as did Ray Rice and of course the Ravens defense. It’s a tough break when it comes down to the leg of your kicker but that is the game of Football. Not sure if the window on this team is starting to close just yet but some changes will be needed to make this team a potential Super Bowl candidate next season. Plenty to build off of but this offense needs some major confidence if they ever think this current Ravens team will win a Super Bowl.

– I said it once they starting going on their winning streak to close out the regular season and now they have proved it once again. The New York Football Giants have gotten hot at the right time and are now the most dangerous team in Football. The defense held their own and did a great job of making Alex Smith look like pre-2011 season Alex Smith. The offense played “good enough” against the amazing 49ers defense and return to the Super Bowl against what one would call their “arch nemesis” in the Super Bowl. Eli Manning is also an elite Quarterback and Tom Coughlin is a terrific head coach, lets stop with all this disrespectful banter please, they have earned it. End of discussion.

– Hats off to this 49ers team, they have been disrespected by me, by the media and most of the NFL. They are the most underrated team in Football that I have ever seen and will be a team to reckon with for quite sometime if this offense improves. They should look at how the Ravens have done things and improve their offense now while their defense is at their peak. If they do that they will be a Super Bowl contender in no time. Alex Smith will get a new deal from the 49ers because he earned it and deserves. Great season for the Niners, yes you came up short but do not feel ashamed of now making it in the Super Bowl, they will get their soon.

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