New WWE WrestleMania 30 Matches Rumored


The WrestleMania 30 match rumors are hotter than ever and we are months away from the big event in New Orleans. A new report indicates that the WWE could go a few ways with John Cena, leaving the title picture open in the main-event.

[adinserter block=”1″]Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer newsletter points to several rumored matches for the WWE 30th anniversary event. Meltzer reports that CM Punk vs. Randy Orton is an idea being tossed around for the WWE championship. The match would indeed be a WrestleMania rematch but the stakes would be much higher than their first match.

The match makes a lot of sense and is something that has actually been built up for a while. Punk has been doing interviews for months about his dream of wrestling in the WrestleMania main-event. Maybe it wasn’t by accident? The report indicates that this is a new idea and far from a lock to be on the books come 2014.

I think it would be very difficult to push Punk back there and keep both him and Orton separated until Mania. I know that most are reporting that The Big Show will be wrestling Orton next but I see Orton and Punk as the next logical program. I could even see a scenario where Daniel Bryan wins the title and works a program with Punk. I just think that it will be incredibly difficult to keep Punk out of the title picture until next year.

This also means that there is something bigger planned for John Cena. The logical destination in the current storyline is for an Orton vs. Cena match at WrestleMania. This idea of a Punk vs. Orton match me something else could be up. Meltzer brings up the idea of Cena vs. Triple H at Mania. I think that is another logical move as well. I am not sure what it accomplishes but I could see that being the direction with even a Cena heel turn in the mix.

The other idea I could see here is Cena vs. The Undertaker. This was something I brought up last April. My original idea would have had Cena holding the title through Mania and doing a streak vs. streak match with the Dead Man. That is obviously out. While the new rumor is Ryback vs. Taker, Cena vs. Taker is big money and works for a 30th anniversary event.

Meltzer also speculates that Daniel Bryan could wind up wrestling Triple H at Mania. I have always thought that those two were going to wrestle at some point. I don’t know that you can hold it off until WrestleMania. After Randy Orton what do you do with Daniel Bryan? I have always felt that they were moving to a Bryan vs. Hunter match in the immediate future. I’d be surprised to see it held off until 2014.

[adinserter block=”2″]The report further indicates that Steve Austin is pretty much out and The Rock is up in the air. That leaves Brock Lesnar with a big question mark. The Rock vs. Brock is the plan but if the WWE is looking at other matches for The Undertaker, what do you do with Lesnar? I still think he winds up wrestling either Rock or Taker no matter what the latest rumors are.

One thing you can’t argue with is that there is a lot more excitement and anticipation for the 2014 WrestleMania than there has been in years.

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  1. 1.Punk vs TripleH
    2.Randy Orton(champion) vs Royal Rumble winner Daniel Bryan
    3.John Cena vs Hulkhogan
    4. Brock lesnar vs Undertaker
    5. Dustin rhodes vs cody Rhodes

  2. HHH vs stonecold for coo post in street match

    cm punk vs orton

    cena vs taker

    rock vs brock vs batista in hell in a cell

    kane vs big show

    6 man mitb ladder match

  3. Wrestlemania Card

    1. Randy vs Punk for WWE Title

    2. John Cena vs The Rock vs Brock Lesnar

    3. Taker vs Kane

    4. Bryan vs HBK vs Triple H

    5. Wyatts vs The Shield

    6. Henry vs Show

    7. Sheamus vs Del Rio

  4. Cena vs hogan lesnar vs undertaker cm punk vs the rock daniel bryan vs Shawn michaels shield vs Wyatts Aj lee vs who gives a shit

  5. the undertaker vs stone cold steve austin wrestlemania 30 buried alive match …. austin 316 ends the streak …. good old j r and the king at the table …. or undertaker wins do to cm punks assistance …. punk comes out the next night and says he did it cus if he couldent beet the dead man no one can especially stone cold steve austin …. that would lay the foundation for a one on one match at the following mania …

  6. Wishful thinking picks: CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin John Cena vs Hulk Hogan. Brock Lesnar vs The Rock Undertaker vs Sting

  7. I think it's as close now as it has ever been, but we will see Hogan Vs Cena. At this point, Cena should work on the dream matches at Mania, because nobody else is in his league anymore, especially at Mania. He would be driven for this match, and promo setting up the match. Especially now with Cena coming back in October, I think it's as good as gold that match is going to happen.

  8. 1) Taker vs Cena

    2) Punk vs Lesnar – wwe title

    3) Austin & Rock w/ Vince vs HHH & Orton w/ Stephenie – control of wwe

    4) Bryan vs Kane & Show

    5) Shield vs Waytts -TTTC

    6) Sheamus vs Del-Rio – WHC

    7) Ziggler vs Axel vs Samy Zain vs Miz vs Ryback vs Barret vs Rohdes vs Cesaro – MITB ladder match

    8) Aj Lee vs ??? – Divas Title

    Kick-off) 30 men “anybody can wrestle” battle royal match


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