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New WWE Pop Quiz Trivia Deck Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

I am delighted to officially announce a project I have been working on since October. I have written a WWE trivia book which is now available for pre-order on The questions span the entire history of the organization going all the way to back Bruno Sammartino through current day events. Whether you were watching in the golden era, the Monday Night Wars, or just jumped into the madness recently, I think you’ll find the game to be a lot of fun.

It was important to keep the book challenging but playable on all levels whether you are a casual fan who has never heard of the Monday Night Wars or you are an avid wrestling history buff looking for a fun game to play on a road trip or with some friends. The game is published by Insight Editions with cooperation from the WWE.

About the book…

Do you think you know the WWE? Put your knowledge to the test with hundreds of WWE-based trivia and questions with the WWE Pop Quiz Trivia Deck.

WWE Universe, are you ready? The WWE Pop Quiz Trivia deck has hundreds of intriguing questions, from historical facts on the WWE to trivia on your favorite Superstars of the past and present. How many total days did Bruno Sammartino hold the WWE Championship? Who were the three WWE Superstars that gave The Shield their first defeat? What was the year Stone Cold Steve Austin gave his infamous “Austin 3:16” speech? And can you name every single member affiliated with the nWo?

With loads of questions at a range of difficulties, you’ll have fun challenging your friends and quizzing yourself to see if you can answer the questions on the spot. The deck is printed on sturdy cardstock and held together with a pivot, making it easy to read and perfect for on-the-go fun. A must-have for all WWE fans, prepare to rumble with the WWE Universe and find out who is the undisputed champ of WWE trivia.

Check it out now and available for pre-order on



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