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New WWE Deal Allows For Lengthy Brock Lesnar Title Reign

[adinserter block=”1″]The WWE Night of Champions 2014 main-event just got a bit more unpredictable. According to a new report, the WWE and Brock Lesnar have come to terms on an agreement that could keep the WWE world title around Brock’s waist for a very long time.

Dave Meltzer has the scoop in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. When Brock returned to the WWE in 2012 he signed a deal for limited dates. The deal called for 3-4 matches per year and limited television appearances. That arrangement has led many to believe that Brock’s reign of terror could be a short one. The Meltz says not to worry.

There is the deal in place as far as money goes but the agreement is WWE can book him as champion for Monday’s and PPVs based on when they feel they want him. Essentially he can work every PPV until Mania if that’s what they want and agree to pay whatever price it is, or they can use him only on a few shows between now and Mania. There is an agreement in place that allows them to increase dates on a pro-rate basis.

That is great news for many of us who feared that Brock’s reign would last one month. That is not to say that it won’t, but this news does open up the door for a lengthy title reign. In my opinion, I think that Brock should hold the title through or even past WrestleMania. Brock going into Mania would be expected to lose the title. I wouldn’t be opposed to having him break Punk’s last 400+ days title reign going past Mania and into next fall.

Unfortunately this is not going to be that easy. Lesnar makes a lot of money…a lot of money. Lesnar signed his deal when the economics were different in the WWE. The WWE Network has changed the game and not necessarily for the better when it comes to high-ticket guys like Lesnar. As perfect of a choice as Lesnar is as champion, there may be a point where it just doesn’t make fiscal sense to continue.

I hope that is not the case. I think the WWE world championship means more today than it has in several years. Lesnar is a difference maker and truly unique to the spot. He is the most recognizable champion the company has had to mainstream audiences in years. He is seen as a legitimate tough guy and he and Heyman are without question the most entertaining group in the business today.

[adinserter block=”2″]But what happens at Night of Champions? Cena took a beating, the worst a champion has probably ever taken in a WWE ring. Is Cena going to get squashed two shows in a row? I highly doubt it. Was that beating all for nothing and will Cena regain the title? That would make absolutely no sense at all. Quite honestly I am not sure where they go here. The only plan that makes sense to me is the Lesnar and Heyman plan but that said, it’s not my money.

Regardless, the good news here is that the company has options. Options which many in the industry didn’t think were on the table. Hopefully this all leads to one of the greatest WWE title runs of this era. Anything less would be one of the biggest disappointments in recent memory.

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