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New Show Ideas for the WWE Network

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Since the WWE Network initially launched back in February of 2014, there has been a great deal of content added. From newly created original series to old school wrestling from generations past, the network offers a solid variety of programming. However, it’s likely that WWE was only scratched the surface in regards to their plans for content expansion. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to put on my imaginary WWE marketing cap and pitch a few show ideas;

Firstly, I think the female roster has enough depth, for the ladies to warrant their own one-hour weekly show. This show could feature women from both WWE and NXT. You could even showcase some talent from the independent circuit on occasion. This show could allow the girls some additional time for longer matches. It would also provide creative an opportunity to further develop the characters for some of the more underutilized competitors, like Naomi and Tamina. Lastly, providing additional screen time for the ladies might alleviate the need for thrown together six woman tag matches on other shows, just to get everyone on TV.

My second show idea is a little more off the beaten path. For show idea number two, I’m going to suggest bringing back roller derby. To be clear, I’m talking about professional roller derby, like the late nineties show Roller Jam. Professional roller derby features simulated combat, colorful characters, and storylines to accentuate rivalries. When you really look at it, it’s not hard to see how roller derby might appeal to some wrestling fans.

You could even throw a wrestler or two out on the rink, every once in awhile. This could be a good outlet for some wrestlers who aren’t doing much on WWE TV right now. Why not have The Ascension throw on a pair of skates? Roller derby probably wouldn’t be a flagship type show, but it might be a nice way for the network to subtly transition into other forms of sports entertainment, and possibly expand their subscription base.

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We’ve already had Legends House, so why don’t we take it in a little bit different direction? Why not have The First Annual Legends Arm Wrestling Championship? We all know Professional Wrestling is a tough business and it’s taken a toll on many of our hero’s from years past. However, even many of the legends who are no longer in the type of physical condition required to compete in a wrestling ring may still be able to do a little choreographed arm wrestling.

I’m picturing a half hour long show with career highlight packages and promos in order to re-introduce the legends to some of the newer fans. You could even add some nice video packages to their entrances and maybe even some remixed intro music. Moreover, you could even bring back some classic rivalries like Larry Zybsko versus Bruno Sammartino , or maybe even Sgt. Slaughter versus the Iron Shiek. With some good production quality and a few motivated legends, a show like this could be entertaining for fans who are feeling a little nostalgic.

What type of shows would you like to see added to the network lineup?

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Jacques Martin
From 1999-2003 Jacques performed on the Florida independent wrestling circuit. He also has an amateur wrestling background and currently holds a level 2 certification in Krav Maga. Jacques graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2003, with a bachelors degree in Political Science. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.


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