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New Owner of Monday Nights: Donald Trump goes Raw and Owns Monday Nights

Donald Trump On the special three-hour Raw, in the seventeen years it’s been ruling every Monday night, Mr. McMahon announced that there’s a new owner of the longest running show of the WWE, none other than Donald Trump!

At time of the news, I was Frisbee Golfing with friends to past up the nice warm Minnesota summer night, and I get about a dozen text messages and a phone call, friends telling me about the news, and if I was watching it live. Obliviously, I wasn’t.

After receiving the news, I started to laugh. My four friends looked at me and gave me a confused looked, then one asked, “Darsie, what’s so funny?”

I responded, “I don’t think you guys wouldn’t understand, you guys don’t follow wrestling, but I just received news that Donald Trump owns Monday Night Wrestling.”

This is huge news, kayfabe or not. If this is kayfabe, that it’s a storyline, this is great. A great way to shake things up and actually bring “competition” to the wrestling business, no offense to TNA. Now we have Trump’s wrestling show every Monday Night, we have McMahon’s wrestling every Tuesday and Friday night. If the storyline writers do this better than the WCW/ECW ‘Alliance’ invasion storyline, this storyline could very well bring in fans into watching wrestling, once again.

But if it’s actually true, Trump bought out Monday nights from McMahon, Trump had to fork out some mega-bucks (no, not the ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant tag team) to buy McMahon’s premiere show and his baby. If this is true, like the paragraph above, this will be a real competition and will bring back, in sorts, another Monday Night Wars, but a different name. Maybe the ‘Week-Day War’ or some other name.

But just think on how huge this is. How much news coverage this will get from news outlets that Trump is taking part of “owning” wrestling. Trump could help bring wrestling out of the slump that it’s going into after the transaction of WCW and ECW into the WWE. We could very well see Jack Black teaming up with Triple H to take on Will Ferrell and Randy Orton.

This could, like said, bring fans that once were watching the sport, or even bring in fans who never watched the business before, into watching wrestling because of Donald Trump taking part of “running” one of McMahon’s shows. This has sparked a new interested in my heart on wanting to watch Raw every Monday night. Even watching the last hour of Raw, it has a different feel for me watching it.

I’ve been watching wrestling for over two decades. I don’t remember having this kind of interest since the ‘Monday Night War’ back in the mid-‘90’s to early 2000’s. This feeling has been gone for almost a decade. So I wanted to say “thank you” to Mr. McMahon and Mr. Trump, for this kayfabed storyline, or even if this is a true story, thanks, because it’s something that I am going to work hard on tuning in every Monday Night and Friday Night, to see if they try to outdo one another.

I may now say that I love the sports-entertainment. I love Monday Night Raw . I will love the commercial-free Raw, a first in over seventeen years, a first in over 800 plus episodes. Thank you Vince, and thank you Donald.

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  1. How long does everyone think Trumpy will play?

    2 Years max before he gets bored/trumped by wrestling politics/strategy/grind.

  2. definately explains why the show was a 3 hr spectacular – for complex story explanations, you need free to air, so everyone understands. This cant be done on PPV.

    It also maintains sufficient regular wrestling time.

    But is dependant on the carrying stations wanting the extra content – which if the WWE sold the extra hours footage for free is not a bad win win


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