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New Madden 2010 Roster Update Details

madden2010 Madden 2010 video game players may have noticed that their roster is a little outdated. EA will fix that with a new Madden 2010 Roster Update. EA released the details of the next Madden update. The update will bring rosters up to date with NFL opening day lineups and recent transactions.

I tend to wait until opening day before buying Madden video games for this reason. The real NFL rosters will be dramatically different than the ones you get out of the box. Madden usually ships in the beginning of August. That means you are playing with rosters and guesswork going into the third NFL pre season game. Why would I start a franchise mode with guys that won’t be even playing in the NFL in three weeks?

So far EA has been in the game (some pun intended) when it comes to roster updates. EA had Michael Vick in the newest roster update less than a week after he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. The same roster also included Brett Favre 24 hours after he signed with the Minnesota Vikings. EA also wasted no time removing Plaxico Burress from the game as soon it was announced he would be unavailable for the next two years.

Now that final rosters have been set, EA should be releasing their next update within the next few days. The roster update will reflect all of the set 53-man NFL rosters. The roster update will also include any recent transactions such as Richard Seymour being traded to the Oakland Raiders and moved Vernon Gholston to the starting linebacker spot to reflect Calvin Pace’s suspension. All in all, the new Madden roster is stacked with changes.

Here are some highlights of the lengthy roster update according to EA Sports blog.

• Bengals Chad Ochocinco KPW/KAC increase
• 49ers Glen Coffee rating increase after leading preseason in rushing thru 2 games
• James Davis rating increase (CLE)
• Jamal Lewis rating decrease (CLE)
• Removed Tedy Bruschi from Patriots (retired)
• Made Omar Gaither MLB1 in Philadelphia
• All player heights and weights updated according to each NFL team website
• Michael Crabtree removed from 49ers depth chart
• Kelley Washington (WR – BAL) now WR3 and rating increase
• Marshawn Lynch removed from Bills depth chart – Fred Jackson now HB1
• Michael Matthews traded to Pats from Giants
• Alex Smith removed from Patriots (to FA)
• Joey Harrington removed from Saints
• Paul Spicer removed from Saints (to FA)
• Zach Thomas removed from Chiefs (to FA)
• Antonio Chatman removed from Bengals (IR)
• Richard Seymour traded to Raiders from Patriots
• Hakeem Nicks jersey change to 88
• Removed David Martin from Dolphins (IR)
• Added Alex Smith to Eagles
• Updated Calvin Johnson name to Calvin Johnson Jr.
• Chris Baker moved to TE1 (Patriots)
• Justin Hartwig new contract (Steelers) – 4yrs/10MIL
• Cadillac Williams made HB1 (Bucs)

The roster update will also include several increases in player ratings as a result of a great pre season. Whoever said NFL pre season was meaningless doesn’t play Madden.

To get the update, go to the online mode and try and start an online Madden game. The game will then offer you the chance to download new rosters. Download the rosters, save them, and you now have your update. Make sure you save them after they are downloaded, or you will have to do it all over again. All in all it is a pretty painless process and works the same for all consoles.

For details on the entire roster update and the latest Madden news, visit EA’s Madden Blog by clicking here. for some of the info.

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