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Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson Fight Night 4EA Sports Fight Night 4 has turned into one of my favorite games. One of the most appealing aspects of the game, are the numerous updates and DLC releases. This week, a tremendous DLC pack will be available featuring new boxers and an exciting rivalry mode. Grab it, because if you don’t it may be the last chance to add new licensed boxers to the game.

I did a comparison article a few months back comparing UFC Undisputed to Fight Night 4. At the time, it was my opinion that UFC Undisputed was the better game. I am happy to say that I was wrong. After a few months of patches, updates, and new DLC, Fight Night 4 has easily eclipsed UFC Undisputed in my Xbox. As a matter of a fact, I wound up selling my UFC disc because I just stopped playing it. EA’s continued attention to the game has won my loyalty and my spare time when it comes to choosing fighting games.

The new DLC is slated to feature three of the most demanded boxers from the Fight Night 4 community. The new update will feature Evander Holyfield, Bernard Hopkins, and Sonny Liston. There are screenshots on EA’s Fight Night 4 blog page, and all of the boxers look tremendous. The amount of attention to detail paid to Holyfield is excellent. For Bernard Hopkins, you are getting the Hopkins-Roy Jones Jr. era Hopkins to compound the Hopkins-Jones Jr. rivalry for the rivalry mode.

[adinserter block=”1″]Additionally, the content will feature a rivalry mode and old school rules. The rivalry mode will adjust boxer attributes to the time of the actual rivalry. For example, Tyson would have his attributes lowered in the Tyson-Holyfield rivalry to represent the skills Tyson lost by the time he fought Holyfield. There haven’t been many details of the new old school rules mode. I can only assume and hope that one of the changes would allow boxers to hover when an opponent is knocked down, rather than be sent to a neutral corner.

[adinserter block=”2″]I have been very impressed with the relationship that the Fight Night 4 developers and producers have established with gamers and the Fight Night 4 community. The team constantly interacts with the forum, and has released several patches as a result of glitches and flaws pointed out by the gaming community. Two of the producers even participated in a Thanksgiving Day online chat. The producers did drop a few interesting tidbits during the chat, which should be of great interest to Fight Night 4 fans. Some tidbits include;

– The future of additional downloadable boxers will be determined by the success of the new DLC. If the DLC is popular, the team will work on another release of additional licensed boxers. If not, the team will focus on putting these new boxers in Fight Night 5.

– The team has already begun working on Fight Night 5. Nothing has moved passed the developing and planning stage, but the initial ground work has begun.

– Fight Night 5 will feature a bigger selection of venues.

– They are still working on getting Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Fight Night 5. The producers said, “The ball’s in his court.”

– Unfortunately, gamers will likely not be able to edit licensed boxer attributes in Fight Night 5. This is something that is often talked about in the forum from disappointed gamers. The producers explained that they have specific licensing deals with the boxers that preclude this. Check out the entire transcript here.

All in all, it seemed like the producers had a great time and really enjoyed the feedback from Fight Night gamers. This is a huge advantage EA has over THQ when it comes to UFC vs. Fight Night. All in all, THQ has released one single patch for UFC Undisputed which applied only to the dreaded disconnect during online game play. THQ had teased downloadable fighters prior to the release, yet have since announced that there will be no such option. The advantage is that THQ is already at work on UFC Undisputed, while EA is only in the planning stages of Fight Night.

So if you want more downloadable fighters and options, grab the update later this week. EA will also be releasing a free patch to adjust game play. The DLC is available for $9.99 in points on Xbox Live and PS3. All in all I think it is a fair price for the new content for frequent Fight Night 4 gamers. Just remember, there is a chance for more downloadable boxers with the purchase of the DLC. The future of Fight Night 4 rests in your hands.

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