New Champions at WWE Backlash


edge The big news coming out of WWE Backlash is that there are several brand new WWE champions. Randy Orton pinned Triple to win the WWE championship. However, it was Edge’s WWE world title win over John Cena that stole the show. Two new champions and a fallen hero are among the stories coming out of WWE Backlash.

I predicted Randy Orton’s title win here, so I wouldn’t call it a big surprise. There were no turns in the match as expected from either side. The stipulation was that anyone pinned from Triple H’s team would earn Orton the belt. Orton actually pinned Triple H after a punt to the head. This is Orton’s third WWE championship, and fourth world title.

The big news may be the farewell Triple H received following the match. Any questions about Triple H’s fan appeal were answered. An unconscious Triple H was practically laughed out of the building by the fans. The fans wildly cheered when Orton won, and booed Triple H as he was being stretchered out. It is now without question that this program has killed Triple H as a babyface. Even Triple H’s biggest supporters can’t argue that one anymore.

Edge defeated John Cena in a tremendous Last Man Standing Match for his fifth WWE world title. The match rivaled Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker’s match at WrestleMania in greatness. This match alone turned this from a good show into a great one. One really cool moment was Cena nailing Edge with the Attitude Adjustment onto a group of “fans.” Big Show interfered and threw Cena into a big spotlight. Edge pinned him, won the title, and Cena was also stretchered off.

Another story coming out of WWE Backlash was Ricky Steamboat’s continued comeback against Chris Jericho. Steamboat looked very good, arguably better than WrestleMania. Unfortunately, my fears were recognized and the fans just really didn’t care about him. WWE has a young fan base that has likely never seen Steamboat wrestle. In their eyes, it is an old legend, giving a good effort, against their big star. Jericho beat Steamboat with the Walls of Jericho.

A third title changed hands when Christian pinned Jack Swagger to become ECW world champion. This is Christian’s first world title reign as a singles wrestler in the WWE. A lot of fans have been very upset at the way Christian has been used since returning from TNA. Christian did have some brief interaction with Edge following the match. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two do something before the end of the year.

RAW should be interesting for the next few weeks. Both Triple H and John Cena were stretchered out last night. I would assume that neither of them will appear on RAW for a few weeks. That will probably put the focus on Batista vs. Randy Orton. It should really give RAW a fresh feel, if only for a few weeks. It will also allow some of the drafted wrestlers to transition onto RAW without any distractions.

I wrote about Triple H’s descent a few weeks ago, and it has hit rock bottom. Triple H has been a fantastic babyface for the last several years. The fans have turned against him and see him as a McMahon, which isn’t good. No matter how many times they try, the fans won’t accept the McMahons as babyfaces. The WWE better change this thing up quickly or it is going to get ugly for Triple H when he returns.

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Other results:
Christian defeated Jack Swagger to become ECW champion
Jeff Hardy beat Matt Hardy in an I-Quit Match
Kane beat CM Punk

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