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Netflix’s Service in Russia Has Been Suspended

Streaming Platform Netflix has taken a huge stance amidst the Russia-Ukraine war. While various countries are boycotting and putting sanctions on Russia, Netflix has stepped into the same arena. American production company Netflix has suspended all its services in Russia. The news broke in when the US Media reported the same in the public domain.

The US-based platform had already ceased its purchases and development of original shows in Russia earlier this week. Netflix had four Russian originals in development. This also includes a criminal thriller series that is helmed by Dasha Zhuk that was already filming but has since been canceled.

Netflix recently declined to carry 20 Russian free-to-air propaganda channels that were mandated by Russian legislation. The corporation is now going a further step by completely shutting down its service. “We have chosen to discontinue our service in Russia due to the situation on the ground,” a Netflix spokeswoman stated.

The tensions between the two European countries have put the whole EU into a tussle. An international disability has occurred. Russia specifically is facing a major economic downturn through the same. Not the only United States and the UK, but several other countries like France, Germany, etc have put some or other sanctions leading to a huge loss to Russia.

In the spree of trade sanctions, organizational sanctions have also stepped in. Microsoft, Apple, and Dell have all indicated that sales in the nation have been halted. On similar lines, Ikea has closed locations and Nike has stated that it would no longer fulfill online orders. In the realm of entertainment, all of the big studios have stated that they would no longer release films in Russia.

All these repercussions come instead of the invasion Russia has done on Ukraine. Seemed like no peace assurances given by Moscow worked. Netizens have also argued that the suspension of Netflix is a trivial step in Russia as it is a minor player in that country. Further in Russia, Netflix is a relative newcomer.

With around one million customers, it debuted its service in 2016 and has a tiny footprint. Globally, the streamer has 222 million subscribers. The service is run in collaboration with Russia’s National Media Group. But this might not be the case as this suspension could work as putting lentils on fire. Netflix also just announced that it will offer “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom,” a 2015 documentary, free to view.

The documentary focuses on the Euromaidan demonstrations in Ukraine, which were started by former President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to forego signing an agreement with the European Union in favor of strengthening ties with Russia. Yanukovych was deposed as a result of the demonstrations. It also heightened relations with Russia, with Vladimir Putin claiming the upheaval as justification for invading and annexing Ukraine’s the Crimean Peninsula.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 has resulted in a humanitarian and refugee catastrophe, as well as rising worries of a nuclear war.



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